eCommerce software market and its trends. Who Rules Games Today and Who Will Gain Power in The Future?

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eCommerce Platforms Survey: Who Rules Olympus games today and Who Will Gain Power in The Future?

The  below Survey was analyzed stores from the Alexa Top 1 Million and now publish the pie chart to illustrate the popularity of different platforms.

Survey Results


It comes as no surprise, Magento Community Edition account for about 30% favored by many newcomers, merchants
Magento Enterprise Edition is in a upward trend, increasing forward from 4.6% in 2012 to 5.8% at the same time the number of EE websites rose approximately 27% .
What caused this progress? Several months ago Magento team announced a big bonus – a free upgrade from Magento CE to EE for a limited time, and turned out, this marketing move bore fruits.
The spread of eCommerce platforms in July 2013:

The nearest Magento rival, PrestaShop, got the 2nd place – 12.3% .Surprisingly: it never came that close to Magento before. As for today, PrestaShop easily outran previous leaders Zen Cart, VirtueMart and osCommerce and moved from 9.8% to 12.3% in a year.
ZEN CART. For Zen Cart times also have some change. It used to occupy the 2nd position at the end of 2012, now decrease to 4th positionwith 7.4% market share.
VIRTUEMART AND OSCOMMERCE. The same drastic downward trend demonstrated VirtueMart and osCommerce. Every months they are losing ground bit by bit to other competitiors

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The circle graph with the most popular eCommerce software in February 2013, revealed at the Imagine eCommerce Conference 2013,show slightly different numbers, yet, the same tendency is observed.

Magento is fully ahead of its competitors, PrestaShop and VirtueMart are in harsh the competition and Zen Cart with osCommerce are left far behind.
Google Trends Analysis
In term of Google Trends and the interest over time Magento, PrestaShop, osCommerce, VirtueMart and Shopify aroused between January 2010 and July 2013. Numbers displays search volume relative to the highest point on the chart,thus graphics below introduce relative dependencies and not absolute values. We will not examine Traffic Flow as we did before, since Google recently disabled this feature.
Worldwide trends show dominant position of Magento .It overwhelmed others and currently no platform have ability to beat Magento demand. Its curve will hardly go down though PrestaShop’s and Shopify’s have tendency to go upward may look threatening.
Initially PrestaShop didn’t look like a leader, but situation changed quickly, putting PrestaShop behind Magento’s back.
The same occured with Shopify. From being not particularly popular in 2010, it climed to heaven in 2013 and outdo eCommerce veteran osCommerce.

Why don’t we also explore statistics from other local markets and their interest towards these platforms?

The United States

United Kingdom











  • National trends are more or less similar to Worldwide statistics. Though, Russia and France are exceptions where Magento is no leader at all. PrestaShop rules in France and VirtueMart is the first player in Russia (in contrast to Japan with zero popularity).
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