eMart Fashion Magento Theme


eMart Fashion Magento Theme – An elegant theme of Magesolution specialized for Fashion store which comes with the ability to change the complete look of your website at the front-end without without least knowledge of programming or exploring the backend panel.

eMart Fashion Magento Theme comes with MGS Front-end Builder feature, one of our most useful and best-selling extensions.This Magento theme is expected to bring you tons of options to personalize the theme the way you love. Furthermore, eMart Fashion is built in great color combination to make sure that your customers enjoy the best functionalities, the look and feel from the best fashion apps. It not only helps to best showcase some dresses, pants, shoes or accessories on but also creates a great shopping experience for even the most high-demanding fashion lovers.

Let’s take a tour to discover the hidden beauty of graphic and features that eMart Fashion Magento theme releases.



eMart Fashion Magento Theme

MGS Frontend Builder

It is a front-end Magento pages builder. It allows you to build and configure Homepage, Category page, Product page, CMS page, Shopping cart page… at frontend visually without having to log in the admin back-end.

  • Visually & Friendly: You can see directly which you want to build and change
  • Build Web pages by yourself: You can build or configure the pages on your own basing on available layouts and 15+ available components.
  • Drag & Drop: Simple for you to drag & drop the blocks on the page
  • Grid configuration: It allows you to setup width of blocks with Grid Bootstrap layout (12 columns)
  • Editable CMS content: You can edit/update any content blocks directly at front-end effectively.
  • Website configuration: It’s easy for you to setup all features for your website such as layouts, background, colors, fonts, extensions, catalog… at Frontend
  • Enable/disable Inline translation: Flexible and convenient to directly translate the site content into target languages at frontend.
  • Time saving: Forget about complicating and cumbersome steps to setup a website and login admin panel every time you want to update the pages. With our Frontend builder, you are totally confident to visualize what you dream.

Multi Extension

eMart Fashion Theme supports with tons of Magento Extension from
www.magesolution.com : Mega menu, One step checkout, Advanced report, Product question, Ajax Cart, Quick view,Daily deals, Testimonial, Promo Banner!

Optimized for Speed and SEO

  • Fashion Theme is optimized both for speed and SEO, tested in popular browsers & different mobile devices in order to increase conversion and improve shopping experience.
  • CMS page builder & setting
  • Easy choose different layout for cms page
  • Easy add blocks on left/right sidebar on cms page
  • Easy to add a custom menu on cms page
  • Can edit cms page content on frontend
  • Manage SEO content on frontend
  • Blog Page builder & setting
  • Easy choose blog layout on frontend
  • Can add different block on left/right sidebar
  • Enable or Disable social share on blog post
  • Contact page
  • Easy setting map info on frontend
  • Easy to edit contact info on frontend
  • Checkout page
  • Ability to switch between default checkout and one step checkout
  • Change setting of one step checkout on frontend
eMart Theme is believed to help you create your Magento website with just a click away.
Fashion Theme also allows you to use the theme for every kind of online shop: jewelry, beauty, cosmetics, apparel, fashion store, mall shop and any Magento shop if needed an easy customization theme.
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