How to create order in Admin

How to create order in Admin

Administrator can create order for customers in the back-end.The following instructions will help admin easily manage his store activity when customer doesn’t place order on the website. Today Magesolution will guide you how to create order in admin panel step by step and also mention the way to calculate price when an order is created from admin as well as order state and order status.

1. Steps to create order in admin panel

  • To create a new order in admin, you can follow some steps below:
  • Select Sales > Orders menu
  • Click on the Create New Order button, a customer select page will be shown
  • You can select Customer or Create new Customer for the order. A store select page will be shown
  • Select store where order is placed. Then the page to create order will be displayed. In this page, you need to select product, fulfill customer information (email, address…), select payment method and shipping method.
  • After that, click on the Submit Order button to complete creating an order.

2. Calculating price when an order is created from admin

When you select a product to add to order in backend, you need to choose options (if have) for that product. That’s information to post on sever when you click on Add Selected Product(s) to Order button. The product is added to Order as below:

And when the quote of that order is collected, subtotal is collected first and it calculates the product price:


In the admin panel, you can change the product price when creating order by Custom Price option. When product item calculates the row total, it was get for the product price


3. Order state and order status

Order in Magento has both states and status for the process. Each state may have one or several statuses and a status can just have one state. By default, state are invisible in Magento frontend and backend, but status is visible. You can view the Magento order’s statuses and states in the Sales module configuration:


And you can add custom status and state to the order by adding configuration following the paths global/sales/order/states and global/sales/order/statuses. It may be useful for your custom order process.
This brings me to the end of my tutorial today. For other helpful Magento knowledge, read in our Magento extensions blog.

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