How to install the best 2019 themes in Magento 2


On the last blog on Magesolution, basing on the sales, rates, and reviews on some websites selling themes, we found the top 10 best selling themes on marketplace 2019. In case you have not read this amazing blog yet, click here to enjoy these themes. 

The installation of the Magento theme is not easy. Magesolution experts supposed that it is difficult to run the theme smoothly if you do not complete the full operation. Therefore, to help clients own their desiring theme precisely and quickly, Magesolution makes a decision in guiding you on installing the best 2019 themes on Magento 2.

For all Magento theme, you have to ensure that your website was installed Magento, it is a very important part to run the Magento Theme on the website. Further reference Top 10 best-selling Magento 2 Themes and Templates


claue magento 2 theme


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On Themeforest, Claue supplier guides their clients not only Theme Installation but the Magento, Theme demo installation and using web setup wizard for installing the theme as well. Nevertheless, on this blog, Magesolution will help you install this theme in case your website has installed Magento already. If not, follow this link

For Claue theme installation, you have to follow 6 steps:

STEP 1: Upload pack via FTP, depend on Magento version to read Readme File and apply its patch to Magento root folder

For example: magento version 2.2.x ( x from 0 to 7 ) → read Readme file and apply patch_for_magento_2.2.0_to_2.2.7 to magento root folder.

STEP 2: Refresh caches

Go to Cache management to select all caches, choose refresh and then click submit


STEP 3: Enable the module and deploy the theme

  • Using SSH account to login the serve
  • Using these following Run Command Line for enable Extensions

claue 2

STEP 4: Install Theme

To be different from other themes, users can install the theme by going to theme setting and click Install Claue theme button


Waiting for successful installation to refresh caches, Claue has been completely applied for Front-end.

STEP 5: Import Home

  • In the configuration, from MGS, go to Install Theme, click Claue to emerge the Import Home Version x button (scroll the screen to choose your desiring homepage).
  • Refresh caches again and complete the installation.

claue 3




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There are 5 steps to install Porto theme successfully

STEP 1: Prepare for installing the theme

  • Duplicate the live store and install it on it like a sample.
  • Backup website’s data
  • Enable caches in Magento.

STEP 2: Install the theme

  • Upload file: you can upload theme file via FTP or CPanel
  • Disable compilation mode and all caches related to the section in your Magento

STEP 3: Theme activation

  • Get purchase code by click DOWNLOAD


  • Paste the purchase code by  System > Configuration > Porto > Activate Theme and save the configuration


STEP 4: Add block permissions for Magento


STEP 5: Install Demo

  • Double click Import  button for preparing demo installation
  • Click Demo x  (x: demo version number) to choose your appropriate version.

Those are the basic steps to complete the Porto installation. To be more detail, click here!

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