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How to create Customer Attribute in Magento2

As Magento 2 is more and more friendly to user, it is simple to create your own attributes for multi purposes. This blog will help you to create your own customer attributes in Magento 2 programmatically which allow adding more specific properties.

First of all, you should have your own Magento 2 Extension. See how to create your module here.

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How to Manage reports in Magento 2 ?

Manage reports in Magento 2

As we know, Magento 2 platform brings more advantages in comparison to the previous version and one of the amazing fearures is that it automatically show user the statistics of your total orders, orders per customer and the number of new customer accounts opened. In this post, Magesolution will introduce the two important reports in Magento 2, that every store should pay attention to and show the way to manage it Continue reading