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eCommerce software market and its trends. Who Rules Games Today and Who Will Gain Power in The Future?

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eCommerce Platforms Survey: Who Rules Olympus games today and Who Will Gain Power in The Future?

The  below Survey was analyzed stores from the Alexa Top 1 Million and now publish the pie chart to illustrate the popularity of different platforms.

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The influence of Magento websites speed on sales conversion rates

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Magento websites speed has direct influence on the sales conversion rates and SEO and Usability. We all know that, the customers are not patient, but did you know how truly impatient it is?! A few second delays may make your loyal client never come back again!
 Let’s have a look at some facts:

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SEO Tips for Setting Up Magento eCommerce

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Nowadays, Magento eCommerce is quickly becoming a massive eCommerce platform for businesses of all sizes . Appearing in 2008, this platform seems to offer all such as catalog management, mobile commerce, analysis and reporting, checkout ,a free version and a paid enterprise-level version. However, there is the only disadvantage that Magento eCommerce does not get right: SEO.

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