The influence of Magento websites speed on sales conversion rates

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Magento websites speed has direct influence on the sales conversion rates and SEO and Usability. We all know that, the customers are not patient, but did you know how truly impatient it is?! A few second delays may make your loyal client never come back again!
 Let’s have a look at some facts:

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How to Set Affiliate Marketing Commissions

How to Set Affiliate Marketing Commissions

Before launching an affiliate program, merchants should establish their default commission structures. This is the base commission rate that will apply to all of your standard affiliates. You will still be able to customize terms for individual affiliates, but your base commission rate dictates how affiliates that do not have negotiated terms are paid.

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Magento Advanced Reports – The perfect solution for your reporting.

Magento Advanced reports extension- a perfect solution for your reporting

You are looking for a perfect report solution to make effectively strategy marketing ? You want to have reports  in back-end of your Magento site with with 8 customizable report types and charts like Google Analytics to get a complete picture of your business situation. It is exactly Magento Advanced Reports by MageSolution. With the help of customer charts and reports, you can follow to customer behaviors and business to attract customers to your Magento store.

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How to increase conversion rate of Magento store

How to increase the conversion rate of a Magento store

How to increase the conversion rate of a Magento store and become a successful online shopping business ? The question is interesting as the conversion rate is one of the benchmark of how successful your e-business is. Top important  success factors to create an interactive online shopping experience and get more sales online for any online shopping business is as follows:

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