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Introducing eMart Jewelry Magento theme for jewelry stores


A successful Magento e-store is what catches shoppers’ eyes right from their first visit. This is especially true for jewelry or accessory store, where customer’s decision to buy depends most on how stunning your site and your products look. In an attempt to bring in a clean yet elegant feel to your jewelry store, Magesolution  team now introduces eMart Jewelry Magento theme featuring modern design and well-built Magento extensions.

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15 Outstanding Magento Blogs for improving your eCommerce Understanding


Blogging is one of the best ways to learn about everything eCommerce. If you need to find information about something, odds are that there is a blog online that caters towards what you want to know. However, trying to find the exact blog you want can be kind of difficult in a ocean of content. To help with those moments, we present a round-up of the biggest and best Magento blogs and resources. Here is a list of  15 Outstanding Magento Blogs for improving your eCommerce Understanding.

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How to allocate your ecommerce marketing budget?

ecommerce marketing budget

In a dynamic world of selling online, you’ll need to readjust your budget quite often, much more often than once per year like a lot of companies do. This article will show how to allocate your ecommerce marketing budget for retailers running smaller websites — those with less than one 500K monthly visitors. If your traffic exceeds that threshold, it’s likely because you have already learned the basics of marketing budget allocation.

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