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Set Up Cron Jobs In Magento

Hi audiences, we are back with another article about intersting and useful technique in Magento that you will find it extremely necessary now and then to run some command automatically, ie. How to set up cron jobs in Magento. All Magento seniors agree that cron jobs do help them extensively in terms of time and resource savings. As a beginner, you are fortified to enhance your ability to set up and run your first cron job following our tips shared below. Note that cron only works if the server which your Magento hosts  is already setup for cronjobs.

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MGS Magento Frontend Builder

Magesolution has released MGS Magento Frontend Builder with outstanding features help you build Magento homepage layouts at frontend by yourself and save you time to make a website as you want. It is a front-end Magento pages builder. With  MGS Front-End Builder, you  can build and configure Homepage, Category page, Product page, CMS page, Shopping cart page… at front end visually without having to log in the admin back-end.

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eCommerce software market and its trends. Who Rules Games Today and Who Will Gain Power in The Future?

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eCommerce Platforms Survey: Who Rules Olympus games today and Who Will Gain Power in The Future?

The  below Survey was analyzed stores from the Alexa Top 1 Million and now publish the pie chart to illustrate the popularity of different platforms.

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Useful methods to increase customer loyalty of Magento website


Customers are the most vital asset of any business and the amount of customers determines whether the company would be healthy or not; thus, there are the great number of companies spend a lot of time and money on improving customer services and building customer relationship management. Nevertheless, it takes a huge budget for Magento website owners to investigate, so what is the most economical method to enhance customer loyalty?

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