Optimize The Search Performance of your store with Magento 2 Search Extension

instant search for magento 2

It is clear that every good online store need a reliable searching tool. Luckily, you can make it easy with Magento 2 Search Extension. Provide your customers with the ability to find the product smarter without any headaches, and you will increase conversion rate, sales, and loyalty. Our Magento 2 search offer all advanced techniques for searching online which is much faster, reduce server workload. Thanks for Ajax technology to load and display search result smoothly and effectively.

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Enjoy 10% discount on Aheadworks M2 extensions when purchase Claue Theme


The Claue theme is compatible with the following Magento 2 extensions by Aheadworks out of the box: Smart One Step Checkout, Layered Navigation, Automatic Related Products. So, when purchase the Claue theme you will get the 10% discount on the above Magento extensions .  Please try our demo, feel it and enjoy your success

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Ninth Optimal Magento 2 Theme with New Version of MGS Front-End Builder

Ninth - Optimal Magento 2 Theme

Ninth Optimal Magento 2 theme is a super innovative and rich feature Magento 2 theme which is powered by new version of MGS Front-End Builder allows you to create as many CMS page like Homepage, Landing page, Ads Page, content Page as you want at Front-end.

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Boost your sales with Lookbook Magento 2 Extension

Lookbook Magento 2 Extension

When there’s no way to touch and feel the product, it’s essential to provide your online customers as much visual appeal as possible to facilitate their buying process. Your job, as a website owners, is to show your products in the best and compelling way. In Magento 2, Lookbook is a perfect extension to increase the power of the cross-sell and give  customers a convenient shopping experience.

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Jewelry Magento 2 Theme

Jewelry Magento 2 Theme

Jewelry Magento 1 & 2 Theme is a powerful and fully responsive template running on Magento 2 & 1 framework. Best suited for Jewelry web stores, it can be also adjusted to fit Beauty, Emerald, Perfume, Cosmetics, Accessories, Fashion, and a whole lot of other purposes. We believe that Jewelry don’t need more additional decorations, so our designers created a sophisticated clean theme with an engaging design for your collection. This way the products you present will catch visitors’ eyes and nothing will distract them. Let’s consider this theme to set up an online store with efficient design and ever increasing number of sales.

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