How to optimize conversion rate and boost sales instantly

How to optimize conversion rate and boost sales instantly

With the current lifestyle, online business has become more develop all over the world. For online business owners, starting with an eCommerce website can help their brand approach to many clients in different locations. The objectives when building an E-commerce website are to attract visitors and make them leave your store purchase. The process when a visitor becomes a client is called conversion. The conversion rate will illustrate your website work well or not.

When the site performs ineffectively in turning traffic into revenue, the conversion rate of this website will be low. Therefore, the marketers have to remember some proper solutions to optimize conversion rate and to motivate the transaction decisions. 

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August 50% Off Sale | All Magento 1&2 Extension

50% sale Magento Extension

Being with us to celebrate Summer 2019 with a hot sale: 50% off All Magento 1&2 Extension. It’s the way Magesolution says “Thank You” to our valued customers who encourage us during the time. 

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When is the right time to redesign Magento Ecommerce Website?

When is the right time to redesign your Magento Ecommerce Website

It is undeniable that running businesses through online websites nowadays become common all over the world. Almost humans’ daily activities are carried out with the Internet. So, a well-performance E-commerce website helps not only the enterprise boost their products but the clients approach those products conveniently as well

However, because of faster and faster science and technology development, the best websites at this time may not be the best one at another time. Therefore, almost successful businesses try to update their website to attract viewers and increase their conversion rates. So, when should we redesign Magento Ecommerce website?

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Magento Facts & Statistics


Magento was already developed over 10 years ago and has become one of the leading open source eCommerce platforms on the market. Getting to know some Magento facts helps to understand the size and the influence this platform has. Nowadays there are a lot of eCommerce solutions on the market.  So if you are thinking about what platform to use here are some facts about Magento and its big community.

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Top Magento 2 Themes in the UK & US 2019


More than half of the year is already over and a lot of great Magento themes have been introduced in the last 12 months. Not only Magento itself released the latest Version 2.3 and introduced a lot of new features but also the development of themes with great user experience has been improved. Therefore we want to take a look at some of the latest top Magento 2 Themes in the US & UK!

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