15+ Responsive website design examples: Take a look and discover now!

Responsive website design examples

Responsive website design examples are about web pages that look good on all devices! A responsive web design will automatically adjust for different screen sizes and viewports. It is very important because responsive design largely affects the amount of traffic on your website. Let’s check out the beautiful responsive website layouts below for inspiration in your own responsive web design projects.

Key features of a responsive web design

Fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries are the three technical ingredients for responsive web design. To be considered “responsive,” a website needs

  • The website must be built with a flexible grid foundation.
  • Images that are incorporated into the design must be flexible themselves.
  • Different views must be enabled in different contexts via media queries.

Let’s look deeper into three features to learn how they incorporate to bring users a completely responsive and effective web design.

1. Media queries

Media queries are considered as the most amazing (and most threatening to web designers unfamiliar with them)feature of a responsive web design.

Media queries thus allow designers to use condition checks to alter web designs based on the properties of the user’s device. It enables developers to build multiple layouts using the same HTML documents by selectively serving stylesheets based on the user agent’s features. Other parameters are orientation (landscape or portrait), screen resolution, color, and so on.

2. Flexible grids

When fluid grids are created using CSS, the columns automatically rearrange themselves to adapt to the size of the screen or browser window. This allows developers to keep a consistent look and feel across multiple devices. Besides, it helps you to save time and money by allowing designers to update one version of the site versus many.

3. Flexible visuals

Images that move and scale with our fluid grids is another essential function of a responsive web design. Fluid Images often make designers a bit of a headache. Loading in huge, oversized images that we scale down using width and height HTML attributes when we need more space for text content on smaller browsing devices is not a good practice for faster web page load times.

15+ Responsive website design examples

1. Shopify

Responsive website designs examples

Shopify’s website design is consistent across all devices. Only the call-to-action button and illustrations changed between desktop to mobile devices. Despite this website uses the image carousels to show off their visitor, they’ve managed to keep their page load speed below five seconds, which is pretty remarkable

2. Sparkbox

Responsive website designs examples

Sparkbox displays the basic structure of a corporate website. The layout is pretty simple; it is based on a standard, usually-used set of horizontal stripes that showcase data in a non-intrusive manner. The structure is really easy to adapt to various screen sizes


Responsive website designs examples

WIRED comes with a dynamic layout featuring several columns and a sidebar on desktop devices, which converts to a single column on handheld devices. Besides, flexible images are highlights. The crop on their feature images changes across platforms.

4. Spigot Design

Responsive website designs examples

This Responsive website design provides an online audience with an elegant design spiced up with some amazing effects and full of whitespaces that nicely reflect data regardless of screen dimensions.

5. Arrrrcamp Conference

Responsive website design examples

This responsive website design focuses more on text rather than on multimedia. Thus, a large part of the design is based on a white monotone background that carefully underlines the text and some trendy “ghost” buttons.

6. Treehouse

Responsive website design examples

Treehouse comes with a smooth experience across all platforms. Their menu changes progressively smaller across devices — desktop and laptop computers feature a four-item menu, tablets function a two-item menu and hamburger icon, and mobile phones come with a one-item menu and icon.

7. Klientboost

Responsive website design examples

This website loads incredibly fast at four seconds using 3G connections. More importantly, the look and feel of Klientboost’s website keeps consistent across all devices, yet they’ve managed to adjust their user experience to each device.

8. Earth Hour

Responsive website design examples

This is another fantastic example of responsive website design examples.  Earth Hour is a really advanced and complex site that includes lots of multimedia including both videos and eye-catching photos.  Moreover, it is also an online infographic that utilizes some nice graphics and perfect transitions in order to gain attention

9. Adaptive Web Design

Responsive website design examples

The website is focused on adaptive issues. To be more precise, this is a promotional design that advertises a book that will answer all your questions.

10. El Sendero del Cacao

Responsive website design examples

El Sendero del Cacao is another amazing example of a mobile responsive web design. It comes with a calm and warm atmosphere and integral features as

  • responsive layout;
  • cross-browser compatibility;
  • easy navigation;
  • multi-language support.

11. Dropbox

Responsive website design examples

Dropbox offers a fluid grid and flexible visuals. Not only does the font color change to adapt the background color when shifting from desktop to handheld devices, but the image changes orientation as well.

12. MGSM

Responsive website design examples

MGSM’s design makes perfective use of the background hero photo, something that generally makes or breaks. It’s high definition, bold, and loud, like the fashion it’s trying to convey and operate smoothly when scaled down to a smaller resolution.

13. Magic Leap One

Responsive website design examples

Magic Leap One is one of the great responsive website design examples. The visitor is treated to a rich and detailed graphical display when scrolling up and down through the website, with a design technique that feels similar to parallax scrolling but with an extra dimension.

14. GitHub

Responsive website design examples

GitHub proves what’s important to show the visitors when it comes to business and conversion goals. For instance, when you view their desktop and tablet versions, among the first things you notice is a description of what GitHub offers. Besides, the signup call to action on the menu bar also brings the visitors chance to complete the action if they are slightly more distracted with the extra content and elements on larger resolutions.

15. Slack

Responsive website design examples

Slack’s design easily adapts to viewports of all sizes and shapes. For instance, while customer logos are presented in a three-column layout on desktop and laptop computers, they’re showcased in a single-column layout on handheld devices. Slack’s website is also designed to be easy to use with call-to-action buttons that span the entire column on tablets and mobile phones.

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Responsive website design examples

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