2019’s best selling Magento 2 Extensions

Magento 2 Extensions was built to help web owners customize the website without code knowledge. These extensions below have been the best selling items of Magesolution in 2019. 

Magento 2 CMS Builder

2019's best selling Magento 2 Extensions

The Magento 2 CMS Building is exactly the first best-selling extension of Magesolution. Not only the web developers but the web owners also satisfy this extension because they can build and arrange the web screen directly on front-end. Without code knowledge, activating on front-end, the owners can adjust the positions of items, add or remove the images as they want.

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 Magento 2 Lookbook

2019's best selling Magento 2 Extensions

The lookbook has been seen as the wonderful extension for selling fashion items. The typical feature is that you can show the combination of your items and pin each item’s details on an image. The model photos are put on the products page as the main images. The item details on this model will be added by pinning tools and showed by a click. The clients appeal to this extension due to the flexible admin panel customization.

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Magento 2 Real Review 

2019's best selling Magento 2 Extensions

Real Review extension was created to filter the reviews of real clients from the fake ones. By verifying the clients’ accounts, Real Review allows free clients (who has not experienced the products yet) leave their comments. Thanks to this extension, the accounts will be reliable, so the web owners can rely on these comments and reviews to improve their products for promoting the clients’ choices. 

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New Release – ArrowIT – Technology, Digital Transformation WordPress Theme


ArrowIT was the best theme for developing websites relating to Technology. Let’s discover and pick it immediately because the discount is available.

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Magento 2 Product Tabs

2019's best selling Magento 2 Extensions

Product tabs is definitely the extension for developing E-commerce websites. The developer can create tabs as many as possible as details tab, reviews tabs for example or to classify products. When the clients view the website, they can choose the tab including their desiring item. This extension can help not only the clients save time for finding their items but the sellers get profit quickly as well. 

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Magento 2 Mega Menu

2019's best selling Magento 2 Extensions

Mega Menu was created to help the viewers find web information as fast as possible. This extension is different from the normal Menu tool because the admin panel can create many columns on each catalogue. So, clients can hover or click on the catalogue title to view or find relating items there. The convenience makes Mega Menu attractive and become the best selling items this year. 

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