30+ Magento PWA examples that you can use as the reference for your expected performance and functionality


The eCommerce industry never sleeps, and new solutions are released on a regular basis. Despite the fact that Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have been available for a while, the trend and interest in transforming Magento websites into Magento + PWA continue to rise. PWA provides many benefits to its users and store owners, beginning with the elimination of the need to develop a native app for their online store app (which can be extremely time and cost consuming) and ending with the ability to browse the store on mobile with a poor or no internet connection at all.

Finding some Magento PWA examples may be time-consuming, thus, we put up this list of pages from various sectors, which have successfully applied Magento PWA into their businesses.

What is PWA?

Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a web standard that employs design principles and modern technology to provide consumers with a quick and dependable experience on both mobile and desktop platforms. It can run on any platform with standard-compliant browsers and intends to:

  • Boost customer engagement
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Diversify your revenue sources.

Why should Magento stores integrate PWA?

Improve user buying experience and overall performance

The use of Magento PWA helps you combine the world of desktop browsing and the world of mobile apps. Magento PWA brings together the speed of online browsing and the features of native apps. Practically, the use of PWA is all about combining the benefits of eCommerce websites and eCommerce native apps for different platforms. As a business owner, you are reducing the limitations placed on adding new apps to your online stores, such as time and money restrictions. At the same time, you are getting closer to customers, engaging them with the app-like experience regardless of what device they are using. 

With the use of Magento PWA, you are not going to lose customers because of their frustration or poor user experience. Instead, Magento PWA empowers the businesses to ensure the retailers possess:

  • Faster loading speed, 
  • Flawless optimization at all devices, 
  • Offline support & push notifications
  • Easy, reliable payment options.

With the smooth user-friendly experience, shoppers are going to return to you and bring their friends and family. Thus, the use of Magento PWA facilitates word-of-mouth kind of marketing.

Built-in SEO functions 

Today, a business exists if it exists online. This means that the businesses need to be seen to thrive. Most often, businesses ensure they are seen and noticed on the Internet through the use of SEO. SEO optimization allows customers to find the items they need faster and thus the proper use of SEO brings more customers to the retailer. Magento PWA has SEO features built-in, which means the business can get higher conversion rates. Moreover, with Magento PWA, you are getting more than the traditional SEO offers, all in the same bunch.

Now, Google and other search engines have updated their search algorithms to crawl Magento websites just the way they crawl other websites. Thus, if you are already using strong SEO techniques, you will not need to change anything when switching to Magento PWA. Even more, Magento PWA enables you to have the maximum power of SEO features that you are already using. The most important thing is to make sure your Magento PWA is set to be indexable. When a map of your website is crawlable, you are going to strengthen your SEO multiple times. 


As soon as the main idea of Magento PWA is to increase conversions, it is one of the cheapest ways to do so. With Magento PWA, you are investing in a single application that works perfectly for desktop browsing and mobile devices. Businesses can get PWA to work as their storefront at only a part of the cost that they would pay for separate native applications, for each platform separately. The cost of PWA is hugely lower than investing in many native applications while Magento PWA Studio users have the same features at their fingertips. Thus, benefits outweigh the initial costs as soon as businesses get the storefront and functions of their online stores in a single place.

30+ outstanding Magento PWA examples in 2022


Puma is a global corporation specializing in designing and manufacturing sports footwear, clothes, and accessories. But, few people are aware that Puma has also focused on enhancing their customers’ mobile website experience. They have switched to Magento 2 PWA, which has had instant results in their web-designed web app. 

Puma’s new PWA works well on every device. Their users may now enjoy a better and friendlier web app than ever before. PWA performed well in improving user experience and increasing consumer engagement. PWA also prioritizes the site’s speed, simplicity of navigation, product discoverability, and the shortest buying procedure.



Adidas is also one of the world’s most well-known sports companies, aiming at changing lives through sport. Adidas knew the need to alter and reinvent in light of the growing number of mobile customers. In other words, businesses needed to give a speedier, more dependable, and more interesting experience to their mobile consumers.

The renowned sports brand had the perfect idea when it introduced the Magento PWA to mobile consumers. Adidas’ PWA combines the greatest factors of a website and a native app to provide a more complete experience for its clients.


Sophie Cornan


Sophie Conran is a home and garden inspiration internet company. It is a great example of how PWAs may be used in the home and garden market.

Sophie Conran wanted to bring about a wonderful user experience and make buying as easy as possible for her customers. This is why they decided to create a Progressive Web App. PWA allows Sophie Conran to meet the demands and tastes of its discerning clientele while also growing user happiness.



Twitter is one of the world’s most used social media platforms. Twitter has 328 million active users each month who read, create, and exchange information. With more than 80% of users being mobile, this platform is always evolving to give its audiences a quicker, more dependable, and more engaging experience.

Therefore, the Twitter Lite Progressive Web App, which combines the best of current web and native capabilities, is made. Since April 2017, this PWA has been used internationally. The stats below show how effective Twitter light was in providing a more robust experience, with specific goals of rapid loading, user engagement, and lower data use.

  • Pages per session are 65% greater.
  • The quantity of Tweets sent has increased by 75%.
  • Reduced bounce rate by 20%
  • On average, 250,000 daily users use Twitter Lite from the home screen four times each day.
  • Reduce data consumption by 70% while consumers navigate across their timelines.


Lancôme is a famous French luxury perfume and cosmetics firm that distributes globally. For the first time, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic in 2016. Despite an increase in mobile site views, mobile conversion rates (15%) were not higher than those on desktop (38 percent ). These results showed that consumers were having difficulties while trying to make a purchase on their mobile devices.

Lancôme learned to produce a speedy and welcoming experience for their mobile web clients after determining that mobile web is a must-have upgrade to their tactics. To increase traffic and engagement, the premium cosmetics company launched a Progressive Web App (PWA) version to provide a quick, app-like experience on the mobile web. Better outcomes were obtained:

  • Conversions increased by 17%.
  • The bounce rate has been reduced by 15%.
  • The number of mobile sessions has increased by 51%.



BookMyShow, India’s largest ticket booking portal, with over 40 million monthly visits. BookMyShow has been able to enhance its conversion ratio thanks to the Progressive Web App, which indicates that the number of customers visiting the website to purchase a ticket has grown. More than 80% of visitors to the BookMyShow Progressive Web App have become clients. Customers reserving tickets via mobile have increased at an exponential rate.

Tally Weijl

Tally Weijl is the next firm to list among eCommerce companies that prosper after converting to PWA.

When they were looking for a way to improve the shopping experience, they found that PWA and their site were a perfect combination.

PWA allows them to personalize the shopping experience, increase consumer interaction, and support the breadth of their product offerings. Their relaunched website focused on exactly what internet clients required. As a result, user happiness and total income increase.

La Nature

One of the top Magento PWA examples is La Nature is well-known for its magnificent and one-of-a-kind jewelry and fashion accessory collections, which number over 16,000 items. Seeing the limitations of their previous site, they sought a solution that could handle all of the difficulties. Magento 2 PWA with an app-like experience was, of course, the right solution.

The gains they observed after switching to PWA were completely worth it. PWA can cut the catalog’s first loading time by up to 1.5 seconds and the catalog switching page time by up to 0.1 seconds. It also unifies the user experience, which leads to a rise in conversion rates in the long run.



Sportland is a growing sportswear business with over 50 goods and three physical locations. They opted to convert their site to Magento 2 PWA after seeing that it needed a transition to improve the user experience.

Their new PWA is quick, responsive, and simple to set up. Users may utilize PWA to quickly discover the items they want or to browse when they are offline. Furthermore, customers may narrow the search by a variety of criteria to make it simpler to discover items.

Zadig & Voltaire


Zadig & Voltaire is well-known for being the fashion industry’s icon for over two decades. Recognizing that performance is the most important aspect influencing the success of any online business, they opted to elevate their online website to the next level by using PWA.

Smooth user experience and website load speed are top concerns in the fashion sector. Waiting for pages to load slowly is extremely inconvenient and detracts from the enjoyment of shopping.

However, building Magento PWA has assisted them in resolving all of these issues. Converting to PWA not only ensures quicker website loading times but also allows Zadig & Voltaire to provide an optimal user experience for both mobile and desktop visitors.

Zadig & Voltaire did not embark on a large-scale endeavor to produce PWA. Instead, they elected to initially experiment with various PWA design concepts and functionality. What they did is an excellent method for any internet business that is unsure whether a service is appropriate for them. And the result absolutely satisfied them and confirmed PWA’s worth.


Shure has been a major audio product provider providing high-quality goods since its founding in 1935. They sought a solution to modernize their website in order to get a technological advantage over their competition.

Luckily, they found Magento PWA development, which proved to be an excellent method for improving user experience and shortening their clients’ buying trips.


Technodom is one of the world’s largest sellers of household appliances and electronics, with considerable commercial development and expansion over the years.

Despite their market success, their online store lacked engagement and performance, which eventually became a limiting issue. Not wanting to fall behind, they required a solution that would provide a better experience while also supporting their future development.

PWA was the first thing that sprang to mind. Customers are pleased with the performance and purchasing experience they receive while visiting their website as a result of PWA. After all, this project was a big success for Magento 2 PWA examples.



Malianta, like many other emerging fashion firms, prioritizes internet presence. Malianta is a company headquartered in Italy that specializes in the production of leather bags and small leather items. They spent a year testing the web industry to get the finest preparation for running an online fashion business.

Finally, in order to secure the optimum performance, they decided to launch a new online store utilizing PWA.

They used to have a Magento 2 site, however, it was sluggish and had a high bounce rate owing to the loading speed of the landing pages. PWA helps Malianta feel like they’re doing something extremely beneficial for their clients because it eliminates all of their limitations.


Lafz is a brand in the range of Believe Cosmetics Singapore, the world’s biggest halal-certified personal care brand. Their key issue, like that of most eCommerce firms, is site speed, and their prior site was not very good at it.

After considering a number of options, they decided on PWA for Magento. In other words, they employed PWA to improve their online buying experience.

Their PWA was created with the intention of enticing clients to spend more time exploring the app. Lafz has seen a significant increase in user engagement and conversion rates after the implementation of PWA.



Dobell, the UK’s largest formal dress brand, required a solution to obtain a technological advantage over their competition. Their goal is to provide designer formal clothing to everybody, wherever in the globe. Furthermore, Dobell wanted to exceed customers’ expectations when purchasing online, therefore implementing PWA was the ideal answer.

At the moment, their website loads in less than 3 seconds. Furthermore, while looking for a certain product, their users may truly appreciate the app’s convenience of use.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel, as the name suggests, has been offering weather forecasts since the 1980s. This website now serves audiences all around the world and on a variety of platforms. The website receives visitors from all around the world and is ranked in the top 20 in the United States. The Weather Channel opted to adopt Progressive Web App to improve mobile website performance, debuting in 62 languages and 178 countries. You may test the web on your smartphone to see how things have changed. There are a total of:

  • Load time has been cut by 80%.
  • Based on the results of this successful worldwide test, the team plans to roll out the PWA to its US site in 2017.


Mynet has over 34 million monthly visitors to their website. They offer news, gaming, video, financial, entertainment, and informative material and services on their website. It has been discovered that the mobile web accounts for 85 percent of their mobile traffic. As a result, Mynet’s mobile website is a critical component of their business strategy. They did discover, however, that visitors spent twice as much time on the mobile site as they did on their native app.

It became evident that their mobile-web experience was excessively sluggish. Mynet sought to create a mobile website that was both quick and entertaining, akin to what they could do with a native app. And they are pleased with the outcomes of their PWA.

  • Increased income per article pageview by 25%
  • Average page-load speed is 4X quicker.
  • The average time spent on-site has increased by 43%.
  • Page visits each session have increased by 34%.
  • Bounce rates are reduced by 24%.



Selco is one of the most well-known and renowned builder’s warehouses in their business, having over 15,000 goods to pick from for construction contractors and tradesmen.

Selco has seen eCommerce success after investing considerably in their web presence. They realized that in order to develop their business, they needed to focus more on their mobile consumers. That is why they picked Magento 2 PWA as a solution to improve their game.

Their consumers may now do anything with their PWA. Tradespeople and contractors, in particular, may use the app to plan and carry out work whenever and wherever they choose, even while they are offline.

Customers may also discover and add goods they require, as well as complete their purchase, within the app.

The introduction of PWA had a direct impact on the company’s success, as there was a 50% rise in project list leads given by their clients.



TruClothing is one of the top Magento 2 PWA examples. This company entered the eCommerce industry in 2010 and has expanded steadily since then. Recognizing the significance of the mobile purchasing experience, they have implemented Progressive Web App into their website.

There have been several good developments after converting their standard website to a PWA. Its new PWA contributes to a whole fresh appearance and feels for their shop. TruClothing now has a beautiful yet modern look with outstanding features while retaining all of the website’s previous functionalities.

Rooted Objects

Rooted Objects is an Indian online marketplace. They link customers with companies that care about people and the environment. They noticed that their clients mostly visited their site via mobile devices, and that poor mobile web performance would have a substantial influence on conversion rates. As a result, they quickly realized that PWA is the ideal answer to their problem.

Launching PWA has assisted Rooted Objects in improving site speed, decreasing page loading time and bounce rate, and increasing eCommerce conversion rate. Magento 2 PWA totally eliminates the issues of sluggish and dropped checkout.


Eleganza is a well-known high-end apparel shop situated in the Netherlands. They are well-known for retailing Versace, Michael Kors, Valentino, and other high-end labels. Eleganza operates five brick-and-mortar locations around the country in addition to its online businesses.

They did, however, see a potential to enhance profits and provide a better shopping experience because 90 percent of their clients visit their sites via mobile phones. They chose Magento 2 PWA for a more app-like look and to reduce service loading time.

The checkout experience is a key part of Eleganza’s PWA. Furthermore, they are working to provide their clients with additional secure payment methods.

Special Milano

Special Milano is an Italian brand that specializes in streetwear fashion. This company sells fantastic shoes, clothing, and accessories from well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas, Vans, and Reebok. They have a store in Milan, but they also want to penetrate the internet market and provide a more personalized customer experience on their website.

As a consequence, Special Milano PWA is launched to provide its customers with an aesthetically pleasing website including the world’s trendiest shoes and apparel.

The Whisky BarrelThe-Whisky-Barrel-magento-PWA-examples

With their own bottling and remarkable ranges of high-quality whiskies and rums, The Whiskey Barrel is an Edinburgh-based online whisky expert.

There was a rise in demand for one-of-a-kind bottlings, and they wanted a website that could provide the greatest customer experience. And PWA – they went for a unique solution.

PWA was an excellent choice for The Whisky Barrel since it not only greatly improves user experience but also withstands high traffic during peak seasons. Furthermore, the advantages of Progressive Web App have improved their site performance and appearance, making the Whisky Barrel stand out.

One Open Sky

One Open Sky, a Danish corporation, is a prominent dealer in water and snow sports. With over 10.000 goods, they provide a diverse choice of sporting equipment for a variety of activities.

They quickly identified their site’s flaws and desired to improve the user experience on their mobile website. They sought to provide consumers with an app-like experience, and PWA has shown to be the best option for One Open Sky. You may visit their website on your smartphone and witness the incredible outcomes for yourself.

NY vape shop

NY Vape Shop is a large vape store in New York City that offers a wide range of models, colors, accessories, and possibilities. They have always prioritized client pleasure, which is why they have converted to Magento PWA. More vape-shoppers got interested in browsing for their new vape at NY Vape Shop as a result of a well-designed PWA.


Medisave is a medical and nursing equipment supplier with a diverse product offering. Their previous website failed to match their expectations, prompting them to switch to a PWA.

Medisave, like other Magento 2 PWA examples, can take its user experience to the next level. Furthermore, it aided them in managing their large product inventory and making it easy for their consumers to purchase their items. The significant improvements brought about by PWA demonstrated that it was a wise investment.

UK Meds

UK Meds is a family-run health care service that offers a variety of medications to its clientele. However, their previous eCommerce site was unable to keep up with the fast increasing traffic and orders from online consumers. They also intended to make it easier to get medical supplies online and have them delivered to your house.

As a result, they need a new solution, and PWA was chosen. As a consequence, their new PWA is fast, contemporary, and capable of handling peak demand, as they anticipate.


Kubota is a well-known Polish shoe company that has been in business for 25 years. They have seen numerous significant changes in the last 25 years, transitioning from mostly selling in local stores to primarily being available online.

Kubota made the first move in adopting Magento Progressive Web App after realizing the potential of online consumers and not wanting to squander any chance. But why did they go with PWA?

PWA exceeded all of their expectations, which is why they fell in love with it. Kubota was looking for a solution that is compatible with all mobile devices and is independent of the user’s operating system. In addition, they needed their new site to be quick, safe, and simple to update.


Roeckl, a family-owned apparel company, saw the flaw in their website because it lacked a completely responsive experience. Then they decided to completely revamp their business by integrating Magento 2 PWA.

With PWA, their website can provide the finest performance to their clients. It can provide material even if the network connection is unreliable. Furthermore, with the aid of PWA, their website became much more appealing and responsive.

Auto Bernard

Auto Bernard is a French automobile distribution firm with a large inventory. They wanted to differentiate themselves from the field’s overabundance of rivals, so they set out to provide clients the ability to reserve and purchase automobiles directly through their website.

Auto Bernard is one of the most visually appealing Magento PWA examples. It fulfilled every request made by Auto Bernard and enabled clients to compare three automobiles, book appointments, and obtain a price on their website.

Wrapping up

In short, we have already introduced you to the best Magento PWA examples. Those cutting-edge web apps have helped organizations increase conversion rates and client engagement also. If you have further questions about PWA, please CONTACT US.

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