404 Error: Page not found and how to fix it in Magento 2


404 Error means that the page you were looking for was not found. Usually, it is for two reasons:

  • You inserted a wrong URL
  • The page has been removed.

Also it often happens, a store includes into its functional any extension for URL structure changing (for example, Layered Navigation with friendly URLs). Such a kind of extension update or removal can lead to the 404 error.

In Magento, when a store was migrated to Magento 2 from another e-commerce platform (Prestashop, Shopify, Drupal, WooCommerce, etc) or from Magento 1, the search systems contain several pages with old URLs and giving a try to re-index, obtain a 404 error in response.

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How to get the list of pages with 404 error

We considered possible reasons. But before start looking for the solution, we must find bearings of the issue. We must obtain the full list of your store 404 pages. It is possible in the following ways:

Get 404 pages from Google Search Console

Just open Google Search Console and visit the page Crawl > Crawl Errors > Not Found

404 Pages from Google Search Console

404 Pages from Google Search Console

Get 404 pages from Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, it is required to use parameter “404” and filter the list of all your store pages. As it is represented on the screenshot :

404 error

404 Pages from Google Analytics

How to resolve 404 errors

Well, you have a full list of 404 error pages and now you have to redirect a user to new, relevant pages. There are several options available to solve this task:

  • To set redirects for all pages manually
  • To redirect a user to the search page

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