5 Free Magento 2 Extensions to Increase Conversion Rates

The conversion rate is the thing that turns a random visitor into a buyer. It is a like a rare beast requires special attention and treatment. There are many online stores have thousand of visitors on daily basis or the ranking on top of search engines but traffic is not converting in to leads because they are very focused on SEO and mostly ignore the actual user experience.
The easiest and fastest way to improve user experience for your Magento 2 website is installing necessary extensions. Therefore, I highly recommend you to take a look at this list of 5 Free Magento 2 Extensions that would assist your Magento store in reaching world-beating conversion rate.

Free Popup for Magento 2 

One of the most common and effective method to increase conversion rate is using Popup ads. However, you should consider to display your Popup at the right time and in the right way to avoid creating annoyance. Free Popup for Magento 2 meets all requirements for an eye-catching Popup with comfortable display.

free popup for magento 2

You can fully control the appearance of your pop-ups by defining the following options:
Html content with any widgets or shortcode.
Set popup visible for all pages or just homepage.
Show popup for special customer group.
Window dimensions.
Start and end date (you can set countdown time visible on popup).
Background for popup.

Free Store Locator Magento 2 

The next extension that should be mentioned Free Store Locator Magento 2 which really drive good traffic to our website. Your customers will experience the fastest store searching with the most realistic appearance of the physical shops. This extension allows you to display physical store location in your e-store. You can integrate the Google Maps in Magento 2 store and add extra information like address, contact info, zip code, etc. Also customers can easily locate the nearest physical store..

free store locator magento 2Search stores by country, state/ province, city & zip code and search stores by distance
View full stores list with custom pin icon on Google map
Switch view mode seamlessly between map and satellite
View detail store with store information and store on map
For Admin
Add all needed store information such as address, contact info, website, tags, images etc
Set store’s open times & days off flexible
Enter address or latitude and longitude to get the location on map or click on map to choose location
Store Locator Magento 2 allow you show StoreLocator link on top links or not and Change the title of top link

 Free Layered Navigation for Magento 2

One of the key elements for higher conversions is good navigation. Make sure that your customers find what they are looking for. Adding the Free Layered Navigation for Magento 2 makes it easier for customers to find what they really want. An additional benefit is that this extension significantly improves the SEO structure of the online store. This makes it easier for Google to know what your website is all about, and it will reward you in search engine results

free layer navigation for magento 2


Able to display multi-options for the Category filter
Able to display price slider control
Able to filter the search results by price range
Able to filter the search results by multi-select in one attribute
Able to filter the search results by multi-attributes
Enhance your site performance with fast AJAX loading
Allow admin to enable/ disable Ajax Loading

Free Shop by Brand Magento 2

Free Shop by Brand Magento 2 also is another great way of increasing the conversion rate of your store . The extension generates a landing page with all created brands. Users can easily search and browse products with the help of intuitive design, clicking on any brand link takes you to that specific brand landing page.

free shop by brand magento 2

Easy to manage brands
list all brands with brand information as you want to show
Allow to upload thumbnail image and image for a brand
Support SEO with meta tags and custom URL for a brand
Allow to add different brands for different stores
Easy to assign products to a brand
Support widget to add brands slider to cms pages or cms static blocks
Display brand image slider at the frontend
Show featured brands, search brands form, list brands on brand pages
Show brand image in product details page
Show related products by brand in product details page
Many settings for brand pages

FREE Magento 2 Catalog Ajax Scroll

Besides all that, Free Magento 2 Catalog Ajax Scroll is a great Magento 2 extension for improving the customer experiences . That is because this extension helps to load the next pages of the catalog pages automatically. As soon users scroll to the last row of the current product list, the next page is loaded simultaneously with powerful AJAX. The extension is totally useful for both shop owner and customers shopping on the site.

FREE Magento 2 Catalog Ajax Scroll

Smart online practitioners understand the importance of conversion rate optimization. You can review the above-discussed 5 Free Magento 2 Extensions to optimize your store for higher conversions.

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