7 Online Shopping Trends to Watch Out for in 2022


Online shopping trends are the endless change. The e-commerce market is extremely vibrant with many changes as new technology advances, it is predicted to become even more popular in the coming years. Catching up with the latest trends online shopping is the key to maintain and develop your online business.

1. AR enhances the reality of online shopping.

Augmented reality (AR) has been a complete game changer for online shopping. With this type of technology, customers can truly see the products they’re shopping for, which helps them make a buying decision. Moreover, the AR really technology changes the shopping experience in specific industries, such as fashion and home décor because the customer can get a better feel for the products without seeing it in-person.

Online shopping trends

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2. Social Media Platforms as Sales Channels

 The social media has been giant since it entered the advertising world with sponsored posts.  In addition, social media ads let users discover products or service that based on their interests and make purchases right from the app. Even if you don’t take advantage of the possibilities of advertising on the social media, you still use those apps to help build your brand and catch trends online shopping.

trends online shopping

 Unero – Sale your product over your instagram feed

To build a successful brand is not just about creating a company name and logo, you need to focus on more than that. Your brand should include your target market, lifestyle and connect with them on an emotional level. Instagram is the perfect platform to introduce your brand to more shoppers. Moreover, it also provides some very effective marketing opportunities. With an Instagram business account, you can make campaigns and specific choices that will determine how users view your advertisement.

trends online shopping

However, the biggest obstacle now with the social media marketing is that many people are using the platform to browse for products but then they return to the website later on their computers to make a purchase. Many of the issues affecting e-commerce conversion rates influence on social media conversions. Therefore, resolving issues like faster payments will be important. That is why it also contributes to the following next other trends online shopping.

3. Digital wallets as payment options 

Digital wallets are becoming one of trends online shopping. Customers buy items both online and in stores rather than cash. The basic purpose of these services is to securely store user payment data such as completing transactions by credit and credit card numbers or bank account information. The biggest advantage of digital wallets is that consumers are not required to retype important and sensitive data multiple times. Once the information has been stored, shoppers simply need to choose the service they use and their financial information is transmitted to the merchant’s payment gateway. 

trends online shopping

Paypal – Popular Digital Wallet

Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal are one of the most commonly used digital wallets in the United States. When providing digital wallets, you want to research where your demographic target is and which digital wallets are most popular in the area. Digital wallets can help conquer the problem of social media  and ecommerce conversion rates because it expedites the checkout process.

4. Free and quick delivery

According to MarketingCharts, a marketing database publication has been shown the demanding on shipping of online customers: 24-hour fast delivery or free delivery within certain days. (Less than 3 days). With Amazon’s extensive Prime membership network, most online shoppers are accustomed to free 2-day shipping. If other ecommerce merchants want to compete with Amazon or others, they must meet consumer expectations in terms of price and shipping speed.

trends online shopping

An example  of delivery privacy for members of Amazon Prime 

5. Search by voice

With more and more people have smart assistant devices in their homes, shopping through voice search has become commonplace. In 2016, Google announced that 20 percent of all mobile queries were made via voice search and 40 percent of generations confirmed their use of voice search. And leading experts predict the rise of this internet discovery method. As an ecommerce business, it’s likely that you are aware of the benefits of SEO marketing tactics. Now, it’s time to start implementing voice search strategies into your SEO methods to attract more web traffic and potential new customers”

However, it is important to understand the difference between web search and voice queries. When typing into search engines, people often use phrases called keywords in the SEO world. However, when using voice search, people tend to express their search as a question. In order to target these questions, your contents should provide the best possible answers to the most common questions from your target market. As devices like Google Home and Amazon products with Alexa are more integrated into people’s homes, voice search optimization will become an e-commerce need  and one of trends online shoppping.

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6. Search by image

The next of trends online shopping is image search. It is also a popular form when customers shop online. The utility of this feature is that the resulting image of the product you receive can exceed your expectations. Firstly, for example, you need to find a souvenir but you are not clear where to buy and only have images which show your imagination of the item you need, so where you can find it? Using an image search engine will help you receive many suggestions on quality, appearance, price and address of purchase, etc. Secondly, the product’s search results will be gathered and you will have a comparison between these products to decide which is the best for you. Online retailers also fully use this feature to compare their products with similar products of other manufacturers. It will improves their products better and make products suitable for the market customers’ tastes.

There are two best online image search engines


Google Image Search: Google has many of the largest online image indexes today compared to other websites 

Online shopping trends

Tinteye: TinEye was on the market quite a long time ago, currently there are more than 25 billion images indexed and focused entirely on image search

7. Personalized marketing and advertising strategy

Already being an important part of e-commerce marketing and one of trends online shopping, personalization will continue to be essential as consumers expect increasingly. Specific product recommendations and promotions geared toward the specific benefits of surname.

If you haven’t tested your personalized marketing campaigns, you can start by launching a segmented email campaign which groups your target demographic into different buyer groups. Then you send it to each faction which has a different email fitted their preferences and buying habits. This is one of the most popular personalization methods in the world of e-commerce marketing today. Besides, retargeting campaigns are another effective personalization method. To retake customers who may have viewed your site but did not make a purchase, targeting ads will appear again on different platforms to encourage potential buyers to return to your website to complete their purchase. Another way to incorporate personalized campaigns into your marketing strategy is through chatbots which can give consumer product recommendations based on answers to surveys or sections. They have already viewed it on your website.

Back to You

Understanding the behavior of online shoppers is essential to your marketing strategy for 2022. Try to be informed of the latest trends online shopping to predict your target market.

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