Adobe Live Search: An advanced solution for Adobe Commerce


In this day and age, more and more people are shifting to online shopping which has increased competition between eCommerce businesses. As a result, strengthening the digital experience of customers plays an increasingly important role. As part of it, a good search is one of the most crucial factors that companies should channel their budgets into.

In this post, we will go through the Adobe Live Search in Adobe Commerce, which has been proven to be the best search feature ever in Magento.

What is Adobe Live Search? 

Research has shown that better search results can lead to 1.8x more conversions. Back in the past 10 years, we had Magento with a not-too-impressive search engine. The very straightforward algorithm in Magento 1 usually didn’t provide good search results. If the businesses wanted to have a good search on their website, they had to use some 3rd party extensions. Regarding Magento 2, things were improved as providers used ElasticSearch which was quite better in terms of search results relevancy. They even added some features like synonyms, … But, it is still not the ideal solution as users had to make some pinches and adjustments. 

Until 2021, Adobe Commerce offered the Adobe Live Search option, powered by Adobe Sensei for Magento Commerce users. It debuted as a new search feature for Adobe Commerce. This Adobe search solution focuses on taking searching to a new level by using AI and other modern technologies.

Adobe Live Search is a collection of stand-alone packages that replace the normal search features of Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce. They deploy the Adobe Live Search module through the server’s command line and make it work as a service with your Adobe Commerce installation. When the procedure completes, Adobe Live Search shows in the Commerce Admin’s Marketing menu under SEO & Search.


To provide relevant search results, Adobe Live Search now employs Adobe Sensei AI in combination with real-time data. It simplifies the backend process, allowing Adobe Commerce firms to give their customers a robust search experience.

If you use Adobe Commerce as your eCommerce platform, you may make use of this service for free by installing the relevant module from the Magento Live Search marketplace.

Key Features of Adobe Live Search

Fast search results and Smart recommendations

Merchants may give personalized search results using AI and Machine Learning technology to increase conversion rates and revenues. This function provides faster and more efficient search results. It will assist them to improve the search experience in their B2B commerce store, especially with features like “search-as-you-type.”

Also, with Adobe Live Search, merchants can receive precise information based on user queries. This allows them to fine-tune their tactics to the consumers’ attitudes and increase sales. These inquiries will enhance product suggestions, leading to increased CX and sales. Because it is powered by Machine Learning, the outcomes will be more precise and tailored.

Further, customers may readily locate what they are seeking as well as information that they didn’t previously know Adobe Sensei filters search results for each query automatically. Therefore, merchants no longer need to manually configure search results rules. This allows them to devote more effort to other aspects of site improvement.

Shoppers who use site search are far more likely to make a purchase. While many consumers browse, the majority do not use navigation; instead, they use keywords, and categories, and search for relevant results to assist them to locate exactly what they’re looking for. But, for merchants to find that “just perfect” item, hours of manual effort entering backend rules and a good amount of guessing is usually required.

Everything changes with Live Search. Merchants can give lightning-fast search results and customized results on every shopper inquiry by merging Adobe Sensei’s industry-leading AI and machine learning with catalog data. Sensei assists merchants in spotting aspects for each inquiry, minimizing time spent on manual rules.

Further, instead of searching by keyword, category search allows buyers to browse by categories such as price, brand, or ranking.

Manage Search

Adobe Live Search helps retailers define a set of criteria that may be helpful to adjust search results. Merchants can impose complex regulations such as:

  • Boost Products – Merchants may make specific products appear higher in search results.
  • Bury Products – Merchants can choose to show specific products lower in search results in order to increase exposure to other products.
  • Top-selling goods can be pinned to the top of the search results.
  • Conceal Products – Because of supply and product quality difficulties, merchants might hide products from search results.

Manage Synonyms

Adobe Live Search allows customers to define related search phrases in order to acquire more relevant results. There are two methods for dealing with synonyms:

  • One-way Synonyms: This assists customers in navigating merchandise in only one direction.
  • It broadens the search results for shoppers, allowing them to view more relevant goods.


Category Search

Category Search allows customers to browse goods based on criteria such as price, brand, and more. Customers are not required to provide a keyword. This allows customers to search more quickly and efficiently.


Streamlined merchant administration

Everything you need to handle dynamic search and recommendations is suitably located inside the Commerce interface.

  • AI-powered processes automate the assignment of aspects, the tagging of storefront pages, and the synchronization of catalogs.
  • Rich rules allow you to promote, bury, pin, or conceal goods with ease – and you can even adopt experiences based on event rules.
  • Flexible synonyms enable the merchant to direct customers to the appropriate product.
  • A powerful toolbox allows you to change searches based on merchandising requirements or KPIs.

Adaptable developer framework

The user-friendly interface provides merchants with various drag-and-drop features, yet the program is completely versatile when back-end development is required.

  • Headless content delivery is possible because of GraphQL coverage and an API-first environment.
  • The adoption of a SaaS service offloads demanding computational operations to Adobe Sensei rather than Commerce servers.
  • There is no need for ElasticSearch setup or maintenance.

Specialized reporting

Use reports to monitor performance, assess trends, and improve search experiences:

  • Filter metrics based on impressions, views, clicks, and other factors.
  • Spot shopper behavior by learning about inquiries, their variants and outcomes, and how queries change over time.
  • With revenue attribution, you may measure merchandising effectiveness.


The most appealing factor of Adobe Live Search is the set of rules. You may tailor how the search results seem based on the query you looked for. You may, for instance, build a rule that pins a certain product if the search query contains the word “shoe”.

This function was eagerly predicted by many retailers. This is the eCommerce industry’s reality. Search has evolved from a UX tool that assists users in finding a specific product to a powerful marketing tool. Having control over what consumers see in your business provides an opportunity to market your items.


Many developers will find the GraphQL tab useful. It allows the user to make an API call and view the actual output from the search service.

Under The Hood: Adobe Commerce

The most compelling aspect of the new Adobe Live Search is that it does not take place within the platform itself, as it used to. It gathers the crucial catalog data and transmits it to the external search service within Adobe’s architecture.

The settings are also saved on this third-party service. When a user searches for a specific term, the system sends a GraphQL request to the indicated external service. Next, Adobe Sensei will process the service and return the precise outcome.


You must have found many properties listed in a page’s filters, most likely a product listing page. These features are referred to as aspects. You can add further characteristics in the traditional manner by going to Admin -> Attributes -> Product. The newly added properties in the Adobe Live Search Configuration’s Faceting section may be found here. Again, you must wait some time for the newly added attributes to be loaded in the search settings. Facet setup is also fairly easy. You may customize the order and kind of sorting, as well as pin specific features to keep them at the top of the filter panel.

Wrapping up

Adobe Commerce provides incredible search features for free, which other eCommerce systems can’t provide even with the use of third-party premium plugins. As a prominent function of Adobe Commerce, Adobe Live Search is doing great to increase the search results and other features. 

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