Strategic ways to win B2B buyer in Magento B2B ecommerce

Magento B2B ecommerce

Many B2B customers today are turning to B2B e-commerce websites to purchase their products and services directly. Therefore, B2B businesses receive value from customer satisfaction within their operating procedures. However, customers today are looking for companies to go above and beyond their expectations. If you are a B2B company, you need to adapt your current website to meet B2B buyer demands. Otherwise, you’re at risk of losing potential business.


Winning B2B buyers in Magento using B2B e-commerce

The world of B2B e-commerce can be overwhelming. You need to raise your client retention numbers with an eCommerce website. That way, you should be successful in B2B e-commerce. Here we are talking about some of the easy yet effective solutions to follow by the Magento development company to make sure maximum success of Magento B2B experience.

1. Have paid and organic media strategy

One of the biggest mistakes we see B2B e-commerce businesses making is building out websites and experiences for customers and then assuming they will just arrive. This isn’t the case. You need to actively seek out customers and drive them to your website. 

A paid and organic media strategy must be established prior to building your B2B e-commerce website. Be ready and willing to spend both money and resources to draw your customers to your business. This can be done via channels such as display advertising, search marketing, social media, and email. 

2. Omnichannel B2B e-commerce

An omnichannel strategy captures that technologically savvy customer who expects a variety of delivery options. These customers may begin their search on their tablet. However, they continue shopping and eventually purchase on their laptop later that evening. This omnichannel experience will give them the power and consistency to access every touchpoint in the buying process. 


Omnichannel B2B e-commerce 

Maybe most importantly, an omnichannel approach will arm you with data that tracks your customer’s purchasing process. All across all the channels you employ, omnichannel can give you a complete view of your customers and their purchase habits.

3. Growth of Self-Service

The growth of Self-service will become increasingly essential to B2B customers in 2022.  The customer look for responsive interfaces and intuitive controls that save them time and money when making a order and reorder. For example, the B2B buyer expect to be able to see previous orders, negotiate, and get approvals without contacting with sales staff. Similarly, back-office workers must have access to customer data, solve quotes, and make sure that the buying process is as smooth as possible.

According to Oro Commerce’s research, 87% of clients prefer to order, reorder, and check order statuses using self-service capabilities rather than contacting sales staff. For B2B customers, this number will rise to 58% by 2022, and it will continue to rise over the next few years.

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 Build an outstanding Magento B2B ecommerce with Claue 

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This second advanced version completely differentiates from its previous one. Thus, if you are using Claue version 1 and want to update to Claue version 2, you can only rebuild a new website no rather than updating from the old version. Now, let’s get back the main topic.

4. Provide Best Customer Service

Since B2B companies are accustomed to operating in relationship-based models offline, they expect the same level of customer service online. The last three tips for boosting the B2B shopping experience involve the following aspects of customer service. There are some tips to boost Magento B2B experience:

  • Chatbots are extremely useful for your business. They can help you upsell or cross-promote products. Especially, they can respond to your site visitor’s questions or concerns 24/7.   Customers may leave your site if they have difficulties finding information or encounter problems with payment. According to a recent study, a chatbot feature done right can result in a 50% reduction in customer cart abandonment.
  • Account Management: It is highly recommended for Magento B2B to manage account users and budget constraints. Setting up a user’s role and helps to improve customer experiences when they access the storefront to see account information, searching for products, placing orders, etc. and assign a different degree of access rights.

5. Personalization of your Magento 2 B2B e-commerce website

Personalizing the buying and selling experience isn’t just for B2C consumers. It should be at the core of B2B e-commerce as well. B2B operations have a long history of offline relationship building and long-term contracts. Today, in the digital landscape, a business must bring this personalized experience to its customers online.


Personalization on B2B e-commerce website

To improve your B2B website with personalization, there are lots of ways to do that. You should provide your customers with a bespoke dashboard, pricing items, and specific deals and offers only available for them. An excellent customized B2B e-commerce website will bring out the best impression to the customer. To be specific, they will be indulged in a feeling that they are still in the upper hand and not just a business transaction.

  • Intuitive navigation and search: Make it easy for clients to navigate your website and rapidly find the products they’re looking for. Site search that enables filtering, sorting by business rules, synonyms, and autosuggest is one of the quickest and most effective methods to convert clients in the fewest clicks possible.
  • Account personalization: Customers want to know that you understand their business and are anticipating their unique requirements. Account personalization allows you to customize their experiences and offer targeted messaging that simplifies the ordering process.
  • Tailored, dynamic pricing: Dynamic pricing enables prices to reflect pre-configured business rules and negotiated contract pricing terms. Tailoring your pricing can both increase profitability and enhance customer relationships.
  • Product recommendations: B2B customers want the convenience of retail shopping experiences, so you need to be able to create product recommendations depended on your customers’ tracked shopping habits.

6. SEO optimization

An eCommerce SEO strategy is essential for any business, no matter where or how you sell your product. Most people begin their searches with generic terms and not branded terms. If you do not correctly implement an SEO strategy, you may never show up in a search query. This could make you lose your customers to more optimized competitors.  

50% of visitors are more likely to click a result if the brand appears multiple times in search engine results. If you’ve optimized your site and content using an SEO strategy, your business will show up more often. And your B2B e-commerce website will present potential customers with an answer to their problem: your product. 

7. Content Marketing integration

Paired with a proper SEO plan, content marketing is a great way to forge a relationship with potential customers. Not only will blogging and other dynamic content differentiate you, but it will also position your company as leading thinkers in the industry. These interactions can help drive traffic to your site and build trust with your audience. 

Sharing current trends, tips, and news or current promotions will keep your customers engaged in your product. The more you engage with your audience, the more you become a thought leader in your field. Your site will eventually become a source they know and can rely on.

The bottom line

Here are some essential tips to win B2B buyers in Magento. We hope that this article will make your Magento B2B e-commerce website be on top of the list. Also, if you are looking for a leading company for improving the Magento B2B experience, then check out our Magento 2 design and development service. At Magesolution we deliver full suite of services for your Magento-powered businessFrom consulting ecommerce strategy to website development services, no matter what your needs are, Magesolution will all provide you the most effective solution to help your business go live quickly and effectively.  Contact us for a free consultation. 

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