Ajax: The benefits of Magento 2 Ajax cart pro from ArrowHiTech for your online store

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Online shopping is about the user experience. With the purpose of optimize the profit, the duty of a store owner is to create a pleasant purchasing experience for customers. Because nothing motivates users to shop and return for more purchase than a simple add to cart process.

Standing out among many Ajax cart extensions on the market, Ajax cart pro by ArrowHiTech is the only extension providing optimized and updated functions with a reasonable price is $59. Now we look at the checklist of reasons to prove that it is a must – have extension for every Magento 2 store.

1. What is Ajax?

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript) is a client side script that communicates to and from a server/ database without page reloads. Ajax adds to cart process which enhances the shopping experience, make it quick and easy. More specifically, when a shopper clicks the add to cart button on any page of the store, the product is added to the cart without reloading the page itself. In addition, without redirecting customers to the product page, required options can be selected right at the Ajax pop up.

Magento Ajax cart by ArrowHiTech is the perfect tool to facilitate your online shopping experience and usability.

2. The benefits of Magento Ajax Cart Pro by ArrowHiTech for your online store.

Overcome Magento default with Ajax cart process.

Magento default provides essential functions to add products to cart. However, these functions are still limited and have not adapted the increasing demands of online shoppers. On the other hand, Ajax cart extension offers functions that completely revolutionize Magento add to cart process. It allows the users to finish all steps of adding products to cart by Ajax. The customers can select product options, add to the cart and check cart subtotal while maintaining on the current page.

No more annoying page reloads during add to cart process.

Basically, the purpose of Ajax cart pro is to simplify and speed up the shopping process. Instead of being redirected to product after clicking “add to cart” button, customers can now get a new shopping experience. To be more specific, they can add any product to cart from any page in Ajax popup: category page, homepage, search result page, wishlist page or product comparison page, etc. They can even double check the newly added product and cart subtotal in another popup. All processes happen on just one page. As a result, by using Ajax cart extension, you will impress your customers with zero page reload when adding, removing or updating products.

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Increase conversion rate

The slow page loading can lost the significant amount of customers who slip away to other faster site. Therefore, installing Ajax cart pro extension can keep customers in your online store as long as possible and increase conversion rate by at least 20%.

Furthermore, because the process of adding or removing products is very simple and fast, customers don’t face any obstacles to add all products that they want. Therefore, you not only increase the conversion rate but also enjoy a higher average value order.

Promote sales with coupon code

Statistics have shown that customers who received your coupons are likely to visit your online store again and repeat purchase each time. Then coupon are proved to be effective in pulling customer at a time. However, some extension doesn’t allow displaying coupon codes in the shopping cart page.

Now the ecommerce store owners won’t have to worry about this problems. Ajax cart pro supports coupon code in the shopping cart page. This allows you to conduct promotion program easily.

Improve customer convenience when buying from catalogue

While streaming through the product catalog, customers may want to add products they like to cart and continue to check other products. With the products that have many options such as bundle, grouped and configurable products, Magento default requires customers to leave the current page to finish selecting options before being able to add these products to cart. Therefore, Ajax cart pro extension ensures that customers can continue shopping without any interruption while still being able to add product to cart.


Ajax cart pro extension by ArrowHiTech has what it takes to be the best choice for all Magento 2 stores: full functions, great benefits and reasonable price of only $59. Most of all, it can improve the user experience instantly with quick and simple Ajax add to cart process. Let’s implement Ajax Cart Pro to your Magento shop then your customers can experience the zero page reload while shopping. Finally, you witness your profit to be multipled.

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