Blog website: Some common roles to notice


Blogging had shown up for such a long time, along with the presence of the internet. At first, blog website appeared as a sort of digital journal, allowing individuals to write about their lives and experiences. However, experts found out that it could become a marketing tool for businesses to connect with their target audiences.


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Today, small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than those without a blog. That’s because blogs are a great way to add value for your leads and customers. This could be done through educational and engaging content that addresses their concerns. Not to mention, businesses are able to show a little personality in their blog content. As a result, their brand persona can be established and reinforced. Here are the common roles that every blog website has.

But first, before going to the roles, you need to understand: What is a blog website?

A blog website is a site that is updated with new information on an ongoing basis. It normally consists of a collection of posts. Posts may be short, informal, controversial, or more professional. Some people are mistaken when they think that blog website is the main website. Well… it’s true, in some circumstances. There are a couple of things that may separate blog website and main website:


Blog website vs Main website

  • The first is that blogs are updated on a consistent basis. Whether a brand updates their blog daily, weekly, or monthly, they will be putting new content up on the blog on a regular basis for readers to engage with.
  • The other main difference between a blog and a traditional website is that blog content encourages engagement. A traditional website page provides information for the visitor and encourages them to take a specific action. However, blog content provides the option for readers to comment and ask questions on individual posts.

Now that you know the answer to the question above, it’s time to talk about the roles of the blog website.

1. Build strong customer relationship through blog website

One of the greatest benefits of having a blog website is that it helps you connect and build relationships with leads and customers. Your blog is a great place to provide content that adds value for readers and helps them to better understand how to solve their greatest challenges. By consistently publishing engaging and thoughtful content on your blog, you are working to show leads and customers that your brand has something to offer.

2. Drive traffic to your main website

Your blog website can help drive traffic to your main website by creating a community. Imagine getting comments through your blog post comment section from your audience, and then exchanging thoughts and ideas with them. If you encourage an active comments area in your blog, you will create a community of people who are obviously into your brand.


Drive traffic to the main website using blog website

Some evergreen blog content can compound, meaning that it helps increase organic search traffic over a longer period of time. Compounding blog content can provide immense value for small businesses that rely on organic search to grow their business. Therefore, the traffic to your main website will be skyrocketed, which will obviously boost sales.

3. Increase your search visibility

Any time that you add keyword-focused content to your site, you are working to improve your chances of being found on the search engines. Not to mention, quality blog content helps improve your inbound links, which contributes to your search ranking.

In fact, a recent study reports that companies who blog get 97% more links to their site than those who don’t. And another interesting number to note is that there is 126% increased lead growth for small businesses that have blogs.

4. Position your brand

Having a blog website means that your business is separated from other competitors. In your blog content, you are able to show a little personality while also demonstrating your experience in the industry. This can be the deciding factor for a consumer who is on the fence about whether to buy from your company or one of your competitors. You can use blog content to show consumers how your company is different and what new value you are ready to provide.

Here are the main roles of a standard blog website. We hope that by specifying these roles, as well as provide a detailed definition of the blog website, you will consider implementing a blog website for supporting your main webpage. If you’re ready to get started with your company blog, why not doing this now? We – MageSolution provides tons of Magento 2 extensions and themes that will definitely compatible with your blog website, especially Blog for Magento 2 extension. For more information about us, you should check it out at: MageSolution. If you want to skim through our products, you should check out our portfolio here: ArrowHiTech portfolio.

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