Fashion website: Brand promotion in 5 ways


In today’s online world, digital marketing and promotion will be a key aspect of your marketing efforts. For fashion website, it is of no exception. Whether you’re selling screen-printed army shirts or intricate evening gowns, a measurable and effective promotional campaign is essential for boosting your brand of your fashion website.


Fashion website using Claue – a fashion-related Magento 2 theme

So now, let’s list out some easy ways to promote your brand for your fashion website. By using these tips, your fashion brand will eventually flourish to the fullest.

1. Optimize your social media activities

Social media plays plenty of roles in the world of ecommerce these days. This is probably the easiest, yet one of the most effective methods of product branding. However, you have to be present and post consistently great content on all of these platforms. This is when the difficult tasks started. The ROI of social media is very low – at least in the short term. Unless you are in the long game, it would seem that time and money is wasted on social media.


Social media optimization for a great fashion website

Therefore, being consistent and wise is the 2 key features to make social media platforms become one of your sidekicks. It may be sad, but it’s true – if your brand doesn’t have a strong online presence, your fashion website won’t be considered as “existed brand”. Aside from being consistent, you have to provide amazing visual content – this is especially important when it comes to Instagram. In short, optimizing the “social” side of social media websites will definitely boost your sales and reputation of your fashion website. 

2. Give your fashion website a distinct personality

The average focus time of human being in general is approximately 7 seconds. In other words, if a normal visitor comes across your fashion website, you only have 7 seconds to make a striking impression to them. If the impression is enough to grab the attention of your customers, the increasing sales will be seen as a result.


Distinct website example: fashion website using Claue – a Magento 2 theme

So the main point is that your mission is to make your fashion brand memorable. To be more specific, you should make sure people will remember your brand after only being on your web page for 10 seconds or less. By being good at creating first impression to your customers, your fashion website will eventually have more reputation in the future and lead to the rise of the conversion rates and sales.

3. Catch the loyalty of your customers

Now that you have intrigued them with a great visual presentation, some amazing and alluring captions and a lot of other exotic features, it’s time to up the ante. Inform your customers about discount codes, coupons, new releases, latest updates, giveaways… is a good way to attract, retain and enrich your customers’ range. For example, you need to keep up with the seasons and organize, for instance, a Christmas sale, an Easter or Valentine’s Day giveaway. Celebrate your brand’s anniversary with a huge discount or at least one big giveaway.  


Customer loyalty on fashion website

Also, you should be responsive to comments – your customers and followers like to feel heard and valued so when they post a comment, like it, answer a question and thank them for their interest. Engagement is everything. When you offer an incredible online customer support, your target audience is bound to sustain and expand, and those likes will turn into full shopping carts.

4. Collaborate with online influencers

As amazing as your website and social media profiles are, your fashion website’s success won’t be skyrocketed if you don’t rely on the help of influencers: fashionistas and bloggers. Fashion influencers are the second most powerful marketing force, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and supermodels. Depending on their level of influence and fame, they might be willing to endorse you in exchange for goods and/or financial reimbursement for their services. This may seem like a huge investment, but it comes with a great payoff.


Influencers for fashion website’s brand promotion

A fact that you must always remember: People in this generation don’t believe the advertisements as the predecessors used to. Instead, they tend to lay their trust in the reviews of influencers and bloggers. As a result, you should at least have one, maybe two influencers in your contact list. If you can get them to wear and post pics of your products, just wait for their followers to flock to your stores.

5. Creating Email campaigns

Email marketing and eCommerce is like bread and butter, always hand-in-hand. Email marketing can give your fashion website a tremendous opportunity to create personalized customer experiences focused on the needs of individual customers. The email format facilitates fostering relationships with subscribers that drives conversion and sales.


Email campaigns for fashion website’s reputation

However, building an email list is no easy task, though. Boxes on your web page with text along the lines of ‘Subscribe to our newsletter and stay on top of all our latest news’ really isn’t too convincing. Instead, Instead, look at other ways to obtain an email address. ‘Enter your email address to get 10% off your first purchase’ for example. This way, you get the email address you want and increase your chances of getting a sale.


That may sum up 5 general and easy ways to promote the brand of your fashion website. There are many ways how you can promote your fashion brand or launch a new product, but no matter what you choose, you should always be creative. Stay personal – after all, your brand is your child, appreciate its uniqueness. 

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