How to choose the excellent Magento Web Development Company in Vietnam

Magento Web Development Company

Magento is a robust, simple, scalable platform. In fact, it is the first choice of big eCommerce brands such as Pepsi, Levis, Macy’s, and many others. Building the Magento website with an experienced “Magento developer”, “Magento development company” or “Magento vendor” who can provide you services combining website designing, website customization, new extension development and release your website need to improve your confidence from the technical as well as the functional front.

So how to choose the best Magento web development company? You search on Google or Bing for Magento developer and check on the first 2 results? Nowadays hiring Magento developer would be difficult than anything so applying some tips to select the right eCommerce developing team will be an excellent option

Requirements for selecting a Magento Web  Company

Magento Web Development Company


Determine the requirements

Before reaching out to any Magento web development company, have a clear understanding of your needs. Determine the requirements; it is better to create a list of everything from scratch so that you can fetch it in the future whenever required.

Details about what you requirements

Your requirements should combine a number of your goods ranging from client needs, market insights, and competitors. Analyze your business requirements based on the important data and have a clear vision about what model of eCommerce website you need. When the requirements are complex, it becomes essential that the store owners build a solid team that is eCommerce friendly, business brilliance, and has a marketing background to nourish the online business.

Forecast the spending budget

It’s essential to set an approximate budget that your venture would require for creating the Magento website. It will be useless if a company profits $30M per year and payout only $30K on its Magento eCommerce website. You should invest about 5% of your total profit for a wonderful website. Moreover, the eCommerce business should also set numbers required for licensing and hosting costs because these are extra elements to the Magento web development services.

How to choose Magento Web Development Company in Vietnam?

Magento Web Development Company

Now that you have set your requirements and outlined your budget, it’s time to do your research and look for a Magento web development that has a very large experience in implementing projects of similar size, requirements, and nature as that of your business.

1. Experience

With Magento, experience counts a lot! That’s why it is crucial to know that how many years web development company has operated in developing and maintaining Magento based eCommerce website. While evaluating agencies, inquire them how many projects they have implemented or completed? How many certified Magento developers they have? A company that has been operating for many years in the Magento website development gain a great deal of expertise and experience. Moreover, their expertise has been proven actually to real clients. That helps the Magento web development company to be maintained up to now. Additionally, many years of experience provide the agency with projects from various industries. So, they have practiced serving each field well.

2. Data Integrity and Security

Protecting your shared data when outsourcing is a bit hard than protecting it during the in-house Magento development process. There are some way to prevent someone from stealing your data. However, there are some actionable measures to shield it or to avoid loss:

  • Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

It’s a legal document that both the clients and Magento web development company have to confirm in the contract that the project and its urgently important data will not be shared with anyone outside without permission.

  • Break it up

Only a responsible person can access the data. Don’t reveal your secret weapons to everyone.

  • Code Transfer

Intellectual property over the technology/code should be transferred to you. Most companies don’t introduce it in the contracts, so you need to remember for that too. Make sure that the best Magento web development company will always be trustworthy with you, and their workflow will be absolutely transparent. An experienced Magento company will absolutely be having a command on fine-tuning Magento stores for years, and their knowledge against innumerable projects will make you feel safe.

3. Size and Reputation

The web development company that is in the business for years will gain some status. It is the main indicator of their value of work. There are various  Magento web development companies, and if a brand can build an excellent reputation among this tough competition, then the company is worthy of hiring.

  • Portfolio, Existing Projects, and Clients

It is better to check out their technology and previous projects of the Magento development company. A portfolio shows a lot about a company such as: work of style, commitment towards works, or the steps & progress procedures perform.

  • Take References, Read Reviews and Testimonials

The best way to know whether the company is good enough or bad is by considering the reviews and testimonials. Before making a contract with a Magento web development company, check their testimonials. By considering the testimonials, you will know how much their previous clients were satisfied. If the former clients are satisfied with their work, then they will surely recommend them. Also, researching the reviews of the company’s work online will provide you a preview of what type of work they are doing.

  • Request the Profiles of the Developers

The work of the Magento web company will be performed by the developers. That is the reason for checking the profiles of the developers. You need to know their experience, qualification, and track record. This will make sure that your eCommerce store is in the right hands.

4. Technology Expertise

Expertise is another important factor you should research before selecting a Magento Development Company. The company with less trained developers may be a big loss for you in the future. They can bring an expensive website at competitive prices but cannot ensure future support for any error or refresh. Technology changes speedily and programmers need to update innovative technology on the trend.

There are some companies that are excellent in Magento development, and there are some that are best in working with other CMS platforms. If you are seeking for Magento store development, then you should be hiring a  Magento web development company that is skilled in Magento development. Therefore, before hiring the company, remember that they are good enough to work with the kind of technology that you are looking for.

5. Quality & Deployment

If you want to start up a successful Magento eCommerce business, quality testing and deployment should be your first concern. Research what the top  Magento web development company say and their high-quality services, guarantee the stability, consistency, and effectiveness in the processes.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance of the Project

Mostly, the best Magento web development company uses an Agile or Scrum-based development approach. This makes sure deadlines are met and the code is checked before the final product is handed over to the client. This approach also decreases the gravity of bugs and errors.

  • Project Deployment and Post-Deployment 

It is better to have a clear look at how the  Magento web development company deals with project deployments and what you should expect when it happens? Do they follow all of the changes they have made? What are their processes for making changes to the production level? Make sure that the deployment process should be professional enough so that your clients won’t get damaged because of any technical or functional troubles occurring on your Magento store.

Once deployed, maintenance and post-deployment make sure the correct functioning of your Magento website. Support is crucial for enhancing the user experience and the performance of your website. The best  Magento web development company always offers ongoing maintenance and guarantees 24/7 support at all times.

  • Post-Go-Live Support

Once your Magento store is live, there could be various problems arising with it. That is when you would need post-go-live support. When you are hiring a web company, consider whether they offer this support or not because it is crucial for the maintenance of your eCommerce store.

Only building a website will not be enough and the responsibility of the Magento web development company that you have handed over will not end there. Remember considering if the Magento web development company you are hiring will offer post-go-live support as well.

6. Communication

Magento Web Development Company

Communication is also an essential element when choosing a good Magento eCommerce development company and the reason is that as a store owner is developing, you should be keep updated with what is going on with your Magento website. The company you select should use an effective communication channel to communicate with you. From the beginning of the project to the end of the final project, you must stay in touch with the team. Developers should be able to understand what you need and should be ready to use your inputs and recommendations for progress.

7. Timeline

It is essential to have the website on your hand before or within the given deadline. With a business, time is money. If you get results at the desired time, you will already have half of your profit. It is important to confirm from the panel if they can render the web solutions to you within the estimated time. You can decide that by keeping a close eye on the track record of the company.

8. SEO Aspect

When it comes to marketing, nothing overcome SEO, and therefore it is essential to hire a team that can integrate SEO functions into your Magento E-commerce. Moreover, some elements like responsive web design, conversions, and traffic rate will be easy to gain if you hire an expert  Magento web development company

9. Diverse Services

Throughout your business, you might not only be in need of Magento Web Development Company. Sometimes, your eCommerce store will need to be tested and maintained to ensure it works smoothly without errors. Therefore, it is better to choose a company that offers diverse services and most of the potential requirements. In this way, that agency can bring to your business in the long run and understand your business in-depth to provide the best visions and solutions.

For example, Arrowhitech we provide not only Magento Website Development Service. Other of our services also receive a lot of requests, such as unique Magento website design and development, Magento theme/ extension building, Magento theme customization, Magento website migration, certified Magento developers for hire, other custom Magento services and so on.


Surrounded by a pool of well-experienced and skilled Magento developers, ArrowHitech is ready to empower your online store using a powerful Magento platform. With over 12 years of experience in this industry, our teams of Magento developers can cater to a broad spectrum of Magento services. Besides, our in-house developers have the ability to design and develop intuitive UI/UX, feature-rich, secured, and SEO friendly Magento stores at a professional and timely manner, giving you numerous incentives to reduce time-to-market, boost sales figures and increase ROI percentage. Let us take care of every technical vertical and you are focusing on managing the business through a large scale of Magento development services we are offering:

  • Magento Themes and Extensions
  • Custom Magento themes and extensions
  • Magento Website design and development
  • Magento website customization
  • PSD to Magento store development
  • Magento third-party integration (ERP, CRM, Payment Gateway, Shipping…)
  • Magento 1.x to 2.x version upgrade with data migration
  • Magento API/Module Development
  • Multi-store Magento Development
  • One-page checkout integration and customization
  • Customized Payment & Shipping Modules
  • Magento B2B and B2C Websites development

As soon as you know those tips for choosing Magento Web Development Company services, why don’t you start with our service?

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