Effective conversion rate optimization strategies on Magento ecommerce


A brand needs to implement the best tactics to increase conversions on their website effectively. It is great that you have decided on an amazing design and start getting traffic but if this traffic doesn’t convert then it seems rather useless. So, resort to consumer devices and technology, combined with a rise in personalization and value-based customer interactions is probably a better strategy to increase conversion rate and boost sales. In this article, we will provide some essential tips to increase conversion rate in 2020. If you are wondering how you can improve your conversions, then this will probably be your answer you’re looking for.

What is conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate is the ratio of customers landing on your eCommerce site/store versus how many of them actually make a purchase. From that mere figure, the shop owner can draw a clear understanding of their business performance to achieve a better business decisions. The effective solution to check your conversion rate is by taking the number of conversions (in other words, sales) and dividing that by the number of total  users on your Magento website in the same period.

For example, if your website had 50 conversions from 1,000 interactions in July, your equation will be 50/1,000 = 5%. Your conversion rate in July is 5%.

Effective conversion rate optimization strategies on Magento 2 website

Well, here are the proven tips that you can use to customize the marketing strategies for your Magento 2 platform as well optimize them for a better rate of conversions.

Polishing Magento magics

About extensions, it would be a pity if business owner don’t have the needed knowledge of Magento tools and plugins to fully take benefits of these. You just can’t win a battle you don’t know about. That’s why many agency looking for personnel/company to do all the Magento management for them, from analyzing the code, site speed optimization to URL structure and meta descriptions customization and so on.


According to recent research, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences. However, only being done correctly, marketers and companies can experience the full benefits. So, if If you want to be successful at driving conversions through personalization, your main focus should be on the customer.

You should view personalization as a method for delivering relevant experiences, rather than a conversion gimmick. This means you need to focus on the tiniest details of a customer’s experience that can influence their purchase decisions.

Check out optimization

When a shopper decides to make a purchase, you are just halfway to reach a conversion because shoppers change their minds easily and swiftly. According to Dynamic Yield, the typical shopping cart abandonment rate for online store varies between 65% and 85%, with an average of 73.4%.

Shoppers can postpone, cancel or change the product in just the blink of an eye in this phase. But there is a way out for shop owners: It is claimed that the best-optimized checkout process has an abandonment rate of 25%.

So, what can you do? An effective strategy to be applied in this case is to hold the clients with the intense desire to buy  that particular product. You can gain that by analyzing the existing entire check-out process such as the steps, login accounts, and payment systems.

Recruit outcome-centered

If you want your business’s productivity to increase, then hiring an underdeveloped employee is not the best option. The most important thing about boosting conversion rate is the outcome, not the process. A more developed worker may know exactly what to do in order to complete the task best. All you have to do is get out of their way and let them find the best route that can not only profitable to the company, but also fit their task preference.

Create brief, yet worthy content

Your conversion rate uprising is not even close if the content of your online website is not appealing enough, or it’s too long and boring to read. Instead, you should think about how people are consuming information. Chop long-form pieces into bite-sized, tap-and-swipe-worthy content.

To be more specific, Rather than working towards creating the content that will eventually disappear, find ways to repurpose that content now that it’s less permanent. Right now, advertising in stories is also comparatively cheap, because as compared to the number of advertisers targeting the format, inventory is high. Content localization strategy is also important.

Use creative calls to action (CTAs) during live videos to spark conversion rate

In 2020’s website algorithms, comments with numerous words drive virality. The clearer the words, the more viral your site will be. To keep your site posted, your live videos must be penalized in order to reach on posts that directly ask for likes, shares or comments. Request comments but do it smartly by using unique words that fit your brand.

Videos are a great method to spread the influence among people. Movement is the trend in the past few years. So, during live videos, you can use some CTAs to hypnotize user on clicking on your business.

Treat the trend nicely, don’t hesitate

Everything is undergoing a dramatic technological change. Adaptive is the absolute solution if you want your conversion rate to increase. Don’t too focus on your first idea or absent-minded to other trends, especially in 2020.


Don’t hesitate to catch the latest trends

If you want your e-commerce website to flourish, you should not hesitate to bring new, innovative yet wise and timely to your customers. This will result in at least 10.000 other people will have already talked about your topic. E-commerce is a high-growth industry, and therefore, change is inevitable and necessitates continuous learning.

Magento’s Backend and Site Structure Optimization

In addition to all the elements below, you need to optimize your Magento’s backend and site structure. The next are only some of the elements you need to analyze:

  • Magento’s code
  • Site speed
  • URL structure
  • Site titles
  • Meta tags
  • ALT descriptions
  • Page descriptions
  • Broken links
  • Etc.

Number doesn’t matter, loyalty does

One thing that you should remember if you want your conversion rate to rise is that you shouldn’t build large audiences for vanity’s sake. Instead, filter your visitors and choose the stable numbers that are regularly engaged. During the past few years, almost all the social platforms regulate (decrease or increase) reach depending on user engagement.


Loyalty that makes conversion rate rises

Smaller messenger audiences lead to lower subscription costs and if there are sponsored ad fees, social posts with high engagement then that results in more organic reach. If your email open rates are higher, it helps your messages reach the primary inbox. So, keep your customers at a limited level, with all of them being loyal and informed by your site. Your conversion rate will thank you.

Automation investment to increase conversion rate

In the year 2020 – when technology and science are emerging, it’s wise to invest in automation. Automation conserves resources, allowing for human interaction when it’s most fruitful. You can automate virality by keeping share buttons at the end of any flow users find valuable. That way, your task will decrease, yet your customers will be more engaged and your conversion rate will increase, evidently.


These tips may sum up the question “How to increase conversion rate in 2022?” By applying one, or some, or even all these tips, your e-commerce business will attract more customers, therefore, sales rates will be skyrocketed, and conversion rate follows.

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