Cross selling: Let’s look at the benefits and tactics


Would you like to increase your online store’s profits by 10%, 30% or even 50%? Could a small adjustment make this?? Some of the world’s biggest companies like Amazon, Walmart have achieved this result. They have leveraged the cross selling strategy to boost their ecommerce sales.

If you’re not doing it yet, you should be. In this article, we’ll look at what is cross selling, why you need it and tactics of cross selling

1. What is cross selling?

Cross selling is a strategy to get a customer to spend more by purchasing a product that’s related to what’s being bought already. It is often confused with upselling which is the strategy that increases the price and functionality of the original purchase.

For example, you buy a burger at the fast food restaurant. The employee here ask if you want fries with it. This is a cross selling. The fries are a complimentary goods to the burger.


2. How does cross selling work?

Another example about the cross selling that you can think of in the fashion store. There is something like a pair of jeans that can go along with a sweater that the customer is already interested in.


Cross selling comes in some different formats:

  • Related products: Although those two products don’t necessarily go together, they attract the buyer and can go hand to hand.
  • Complementary products: An item that goes directly with the primary product. These might be batteries for a toy or ink for a printer.
  • Service: Another way to cross selling is by offering services that customers can add to their purchase. Although not every business has a service to cross selling, service is the popular option for ecommerce stores that offer warranties and protect plan.

Some best practices for cross selling:

  • Recommend the accessory required for the appropriate operation or use the product purchased. For instance, the employee suggests a customer buy a power cord for a computer printer that doesn’t include one in the box.
  • Bundle the related products so the customers don’t need to look for necessary components or accessories.
  • Offer a discounted price on a bundled product. This encourages customers purchase immediately with a temporary price savings.
  • Demonstrate how the additional products work with the product being purchased

3. The benefits of cross selling

Revenue generation

Incorporating cross selling in the process can help your business generate more sales and higher revenue. Because it maximizes every call made with the customers by offering them any possible products that can go with their original purchase.

Cross selling builds customer loyalty

Through the cross selling, your business can get the customer’s actual need and then improve their experience with your products. This process can be as a commitment to provide a more personalized service than a tactic to increase the profit. That helps your business increase the customer loyalty.

Cross selling develops more leads.

When you have loyal customers who feel cared for, they will be the first to recommend your service to someone else. Therefore, you not only get more leads but also you get the best kind of leads- referrals.

4. Effective cross selling tactics

Know your customers before cross selling

The relevant products may differ for different customer groups. For example, cross selling offers of cameras for professional and amateur photographers will likely require different supplementary items. You can offer interchangeable lenses in the first case, and a camera case – in the other.

Sell only relevant items

Make sure that the offered additional items complement the original product or create additional value with it. In contrast, irrelevant items just distract your customers and create useless informational noise.

Make your cross selling offers sound natural

Customers often appreciate a valuable advice rather than urging call. Therefore, you should create easily perceived and neutral enough names for your cross selling promotions

  • If you want to make your recommendation labels a bit more different, note some valuable tips:
  • If using appeals, make them more personal:“ You might also like these” instead of “we recommend”
  • If use emotional verbs for your cross selling: need, want,,.. For example “need accumulator?” , “Want headphones?”
  • Using cross selling appeals with urgency notifications; “Only two items left” or “offer ends soon”.

Offer a limited number of relevant items

An overwhelming choice of relevant items makes customers confused and even can lead to the abandonment of the initial product. Therefore, you should offer only one or two relevant additional products in your cross selling promotions

Do not offer expensive additional items

The price of supplemental items should be directly correlated to the price of initial product. Because the customers often have plan to spend a definite amount of money. For example, they psychologically are not ready to exceed it twice. Then you can offer only the items which cost not more than 25% of the initial product price.

Offer only valuable items rather than just clear out your stock.

The additional items to original products should have their own high values. It is clear for your customers. This enhances the credibility of your store and makes customers trust your suggestions. If you provide some damaged of defective products, let your clients know this. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing the customers.

Combine cross selling with other marketing incentives

In order to promote the cross selling, you can combine it with other marketing incentives like discounts, coupons or free shipping.

Use bundled products

Bundled products is a common tactic to convince customers to purchase the whole set of complimentary products. With the price breaks, this tactic will work great and allow you to sell even stuck items. And these items would possibly be never bought in other situations.

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