Daily Deals: Why should you offer them on your ecommerce website ?


Daily deals play an important role in customer acquisition and converting new customers to repeat customers. In addition, limited deals offered in a certain period of time stimulates customers’ desire for the products and motivate them to quickly purchase. Therefore, the question is, should you offer the daily deals on your ecommerce website?

Here are 2 questions to ask yourself before planning daily deals

1. Do you have the right products?

The most important factor when determining whether daily deals are suitable for your store is the products you sell. When the customers are being rushed to make their decision, you should give them “ impulse purchase “ with the products at a lower price point and tend to work best.

There are some product types fitting for  daily deals include:

  • Consumable items like chocolates, candles or makeup
  • Things that people wear like jewelry or clothing
  • Gifts, trinkets, small-ticket items that people buy on a whim

Install the “daily deals” extension for your ecommerce website

What kind of products should you avoid?

Generally, items that are expensive or require more consideration aren’t ideal. Besides, for technical products like cameras, electronics, computers or devices, the buyers will do a lot of research, read reviews and compare prices, specs. Therefore, it is difficult to make someone buy them on a countdown timer.


2. Do you have the right assortment?

When deciding whether using a daily deal sale , you should consider if you have enough product assortment or enough inventory to set you up for success. More specifically, one advantage of having a wide variety of products is that you can run daily deals in a series. This is great for encouraging customers to come back the next day and see what the new item on sale is. There’s nothing worse than having to tell customers that you are sold out of a product they really wanted to buy.

The reasons you should offer daily deals on your e commerce website

2. Coach your customers

Offering daily deals on your  website helps your customers see that your site is a place where a bargain can be found. When visitors come across a website and get feel that they won’t ever get a good deal. Then they are less likely to ever return. Furthermore, the interesting of daily deals is that they create the shopping habits for customers. They can take advantage of great deals and keep coming back in buying more.

2. Improve your customer base

There is nothing quite like a great deal to gain new customers and clear out inventory fast. For example, on Nov. 4 , 2014,  one of the Android device manufacturers of HTC has been struggling in recent years. Therefore, they took advantage of an opportunity they had launching their Nexus 9 tablet.

Just one day after the product was launched, they ran a “hot deal” promotion strategy . The tablet was 50% off or down to $199 from $399. This promotion was incredibly successful because HTC sold out of their inventory within the first hour. Although HTC offers deals on a daily basis, this particular sale proved one thing. To be more specific, HTC was able to turn themselves around and sold their devices to the new customers who otherwise would not have chosen HTC

3. Take advantage of social media

How do you think all of these new customers will be telling each other and share the great daily deals on your website? Most likely through social media that gives benefits for your website including:

  • Your number of followers growing
  • More external sites linking to your content
  • As a result, your website moves up the search engine results

4. Urgency Drives Conversion

Daily deals helps you control your website sale when it is in effect. If you customers don’t feel a sense of urgency, they are more likely to postpone their purchase decision. This increases the rate that they will forget to purchase or decide not to altogether.

Successful promotions do not have to be a race to the lowest possible price. Strategic and well-planned offers such as daily deals can help you focus on your markdowns on a specific product or category . These drives traffic to your store effectively. Once that traffic arrives, you have the opportunity to sell them the products they bought  and hopefully even more

5. Choosing the correct daily deals for your ecommerce website

There are a lot of daily deals options for the website development. They ranges from the simple plugin to the more complex solutions. If you want to try a simple and elegant solution, considering Claue – Clean, Minimal Magento 2 and 1 theme to draw more customers and boost sales.

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