Design trends 2020: Have you known them yet? – Part 1


As a decade went by, the design trends 2020 from that is also changing. In the 1st half of 2020, we have witnessed exciting developments across the spectrum of visual design that will develop and evolve in the new year. Whatever you are creating, make sure you know the graphic design trends 2020 that are going to help you stay on top of the game.

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Design trends 2020 sample in Claue – a Magento theme

Here, we look at what’s hot in design right now and how we see it developing in the second half of 2020, covering everything from web design to fun fonts to graphic design and UI. Here are five of our biggest predictions for what we’ll see happening in design this second term.

1. Nature and Environmentalism

As environmental issues and awareness continue to influence and impact our everyday lives, terms relating to nature and the environment are fast becoming an ‘evergreen’ content area for stock photos.


Natural design trends 2020 in Arangi theme

Searches for ‘environment’ for graphics and photos are up 50% and 60% respectively since last year, and terms such as ‘nature’, ‘recycle’ and ‘sustainable’ are growing even faster! Sustainability is becoming an increasingly pressing topic for brands too – and it’s not just lip service. As a result, a much higher conversion rate will be on your hand, and sales follow.

2. Elements design trends 2020

Water, light, air are three of the most mainstream examples of elements usages in web design. A great tendency of them is conducted, which follows a trend in design in general towards rejecting rigid geometric lines and shapes in favor of soft, flowing lines.  It’s fun and playful, approachable, easier on the eye and still feels new. 


Elements using in websites

In 2020, it is expected that a more realistic, floated design instead of gravity will make up to 70% the number of websites in particular. By cursor controlled liquid ripple and shimmer effects, this can give a sense of mystery and luxury to the products. This is so far one of the best design trends 2020, and probably in the next few years.

3. Heavy yet simple fonts

The trend for big and heavy fonts is not going to move easily. With people spending more of their time online on small screens, big fonts are practical, due to the visual impact. It’s one of the best design trends 2020 that extends to the world of graphic design and even packaging since they also look great and give personality to text. 

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Heavy, simple fonts in Claue Magento 2 theme

Designers are using bold or extra bold fonts paired with simple backgrounds or much lighter text to create an interesting contrast in a design. Text may even go beyond a composition’s edges, and be split into multiple lines. Molla is done so well in this part. The thing that having thick yet clear fonts make Molla much more responsive to mobile devices. As a result, no matter how customers use Molla, the interface will still be attractive as ever.

4. Animation on point

With GIFs now part of how we communicate, anyone designing for digital knows that people love movement. In recent years, especially in terms of design trends 2020, short-term animation is highly appreciated due to shorter-attention satisfaction. 


New item introduction using gif file

In 2020, we expect to see more fully branded motion graphics, from micro-interactions to moving logos to animated GIFs celebrating milestone events on social media. Also, interactive illustrations will offer a chance to reinvent communication and tools and engage with illustration in real-world environments.

5. Authenticity

While “authenticity” has been a hot topic over the last few years, particularly in the worlds of marketing and advertising, it’s clear that this trend isn’t going anywhere. Authenticity is still absolutely dominating the visual space as people crave more real, raw and unfiltered content. Hyper-real, candid moments captured beautifully by a skilled photographer are still some of the most sought after images online.

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Authenticity – emerging design trends 2020

Design is taken to the human’s handcrafted imagination and realism. While users aren’t specifically searching for images with terms such as ‘authentic’, ‘real’, or ‘raw’, all industry trends and surveys indicate that authenticity is a key factor in visual design and photography.

Final words

This may sum up the 1st part of the top well-known design trends 2020. These trends will not only comply with this changing decade but also continue to persist in the next few years. Applying these trends is of no easy task, as for the knowledge of the trends and how it can apply to your e-commerce business. However, if you are fully aware of these trends, you will know which trend should be implied to your site. 

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Claue – Clean, Minimal Magento 2 and 1 Theme

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