Design trends 2021: The biggest and inspiring trends that will dominate the market

Design trends 2021

Design trends for the coming year are always big news. Whether you’re redesigning your current look or releasing something completely new, give your business a human touch by working with one or more of 2021’s design trends.

Design Trends 2021 Will Dominate the Market

The world of graphic design is a world that is experiencing unprecedented growth, a world in which if you want to be on top you have to keep running. What graphic design trends will dominate in 2021? Check out some of our biggest graphic design trends below.

1. 3D Design and Depth Effect

3D design is not exactly a new trend, to be fair but it’s becomming cooler, and cooler. This design trend is one of the most modern technological advances. Gradient coloring, shading, and shadow effects create amazing definition and plenty of interest to hold the user on the webpage. When included to other trends like movement and animation, the online stote are set to become more and more hypnotic.

The rise of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in high-performance UI web design, improvde internet and technology speeds, great off-the-shelf software -all of these things mean that designers are upping their 3D game.

2. Human skin tones

One of the biggest color design trends coming our way is color palettes focused around the beauty of human skin tones. In 2021, many business and designers are getting under your skin with human-hued designs. And not just a tiny range of human skin tones like we used to see on bandaids and other products labeled “nude” or “flesh-toned”. In 2021, designs will use every color of our organic rainbow, commonly making one or more human figures the focal point.

Design trends 2021

To integrate elements such as human skin tones into your next website design, check out this Claue — Clean, Minimal Magento 2 and 1 Theme

Design trends 2021

2. Muted Color Palettes

Muted color palettes design trends really took over the design world last year, and show no sign of stopping anytime soon. This trend are basically vivid colors that have had their edge taken off with an infusion of black, white, or a complementary color.

Design trends 2021

After years of bold and bright colors, people seem to need something a little more relaxed and understated. Muted colors design trends bring users a safe and secure, even nostalgic feel. Besides, this design trend make a graphic feel more authentic, muted colors also feel very natural and organic.

You can see the social media graphics, landing pages, and other design come with a genuine and comfortable feel because of those muted colors.

3. Cartoon Illustrations

Design trends 2021

Cartoon Illustrations is one of the design trends 202. Over the years, the cartoon animations on TV have always symbolizes the artistic trends . So the development in the use of cartoon illustrations in web design was a natural progression. Illustrations help designers to run free and allow their imagination take you to places you wouldn’t dream. Cartoon illustrations are incredibly flexible, can be implemented as a focus of the website or decoration, and create a natural bond with the user.

4. Gold & Jewel Tones

Gold and jewel Tones’s still set to be one of the hottest colors design trends of 2021. As a design factor, gold is incredibly versatile. It can be implemented in variations of metallic, matte, shiny, sparkly or embossed, and looks great whether used as an accent, to designs actually dripping in gold.

Design trends 2021

Rich colors ctreate an effortlessly luxurious aesthetic, jewel tones are a palette of colors inspired by precious and semi-precious gemstone. Frequently, jewel tones are deep and slightly muted with a high color saturation, making them specially dynamic for graphic design, product design and interior design.

5. Micro Animations and interactions

Improving UI and UX are not trends, they are very important that won’t go away. The application of micro-interactions has been an often unnoticeable factor to ease the visistor into the simple, processes required. These micro interactions in 2021 are going to be animated. From small buttons, call-to-actions, page-turner instructions, cursors, product page, pop-up illustration, or photos if they are there (and they should be) then they should move. Subtle but appealing, helpful but playful, 2021 will see a greater emphasis on micro animations to represent interaction on the website design. Tiny design fators that make an huge difference.

Design trends 2021

6. Geometric Shapes Everywhere

One thing that really surprised we in this year was that a lot of business have started using geometric shapes in their designs. In 2020 there were a lot of designers using flowing and abstract shapes in their designs: But those have been substituted with pretty rigid, hard-edged geometric shapes.

Design trends 2021

The geometric shapes are a lot easier to design and use! If you see some of the other graphic design trends this year, the shift actually makes a lot more sense.When you uitize these geometric shapes, like below, it can add order, constancy and structure to a visual. Zendesk has been using geometric shapes all over their design. It has almost become a recognizable element of their brand.

Design trends 2021

7. Color less Design

There is something cheering and homely about the lack of color in a multicolored world. Bright, bold multicolored clashing colors are one very obvious way of attracting instantaneous attention, but 2021 could well be the year of the backlash. In a fast, ultra-sensational, look-at-me world, a bright option is not to compete with bigger and brighter but to head off in the opposite direction. Last year, we saw a move toward muted palettes and 2021 looks like taking that one step further.

Design trends 2021
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