How to Choose Right Magento 2 Theme


The marketplaces for Magento 2 themes have become more dynamic than ever before. Wandering on Themeforest, you may be easily get lost in millions of theme with different designs and features. How can you choose the right one for your Magento store? Here are some tips for you.

1. Identify page styles 

Informal or professional? Dynamic or elegant? Modern or traditional? 

Page styles will decide the feelings your page can bring to visitors at the very first impression.

By knowing your product, you can identify which styles your page should follow. Your page look can be made by font styles, design or item pictures.

For example, if you are selling toys for children, the design should be lovely and cute with quite naughty fonts. By contrast, if you own an organic tea store, you should make customers feel peace and freshness right at first sight. Focus on the color of the page. Dark green can bring a tranquil atmosphere. Meanwhile, light green makes the page look more new, natural and fresh.

See different styles of Arangi Magento 2 themes for organic products here 

How to choose right Magento 2 theme

2. Select user-friendly theme

A user-friendly interface can create goodwill toward customers when they browse your website. Your e-commerce page should be easy to navigate, simple to get back to the top and available for the sticky shopping cart.  Furthermore, equip visitors with a search bar so that they can find their needed items quickly. Check whether your theme has Mega Menu or not. It allows visitors to have an overall look at all your products at one time, making them easy to recognize what they want to buy.

If it’s hard for you to arrange your web layouts or to create contents, you should try the Magento 2 CMS Page Builder extension. It will help you create a web with a user-friendly interface. With this extension, you can design and generate contents right at the front-end effortlessly but effectively.  

3. Make room for banners and promotions

It is the fact that pictures appeal to people rather than texts. Therefore, take full advantage of banners on your page. This is where you can put a lot of promotion or best-selling products to attract your potential customers.

If your web hasn’t included banners, download Magento 2 Banner Extension for FREE now.

Magento 2 banner

4. Check compatibility

  • Cross-browser compatibility

Visitors can surf your web page with different browsers like Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Make sure that your theme can be compatible with all popular browsers so that you won’t miss any prospects. 

Cross-browser compatibility


  • Magento 2 edition compatibility

Magento 2 has 2 versions: Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. There are some Magento themes including extensions that are compatible with only Enterprise Edition (eg: Default Magento 2.3 Page Builder)

Thus, before picking a theme to your cart, make sure that you read the compatibility in the description box carefully.

 Magento 2 edition compatibility


5. Choose  theme with Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website to improve your page ranking on Google without using ads. 

To get a high ranking on Search Engine Result Pages, what you need to do is choosing a theme with the right HTML/CSS coding. It can make your page be recognized by Google robots.
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6. Choose Magento 2 theme supporting social media

Social media plays an important role in advertising your products. With the “share” button, visitors can introduce their friends about your promotions, new arrivals or just the latest news.

Also, it will be more quickly for visitors to create an account on your website by simply signing in with their social network accounts like Facebook, Google or Twitter.

In addition, if your Magento store theme supports product rating, you can easily get your customers’ feedback and take it as a way of advertising.

social media


7. Check theme display on different screens

People can visit your site from different devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets or desktops. So check that whether your page can be seen from all of these devices. Only one mistake on the visitor’s screen like narrow frames can make them frustrated.

You can eliminate the negative impression of the visitors by updating your page with the latest advanced technologies such as SASS, Bootstrap 3, HTML5, and CSS3. HTML5 and CSS3 framework can display your products on all types of screens. Plus, select Magento 2 themes supported by Retina. Retina will make your website look perfect on every screen.

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8. Select Blog-Supported Theme

Writing a blog is an essential way to attract visitors to your site that you shouldn’t ignore. If you can show your professional knowledge through your blogs, it will be easier to gain trust from visitors. When they find your contents helpful to them, they will visit your site regularly. Need not to say, the conversion rate from visitors to customers will be definitely higher. 

Blog-Supported Theme

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