How to Manage reports in Magento 2 ?

Manage reports in Magento 2

As we know, Magento 2 platform brings more advantages in comparison to the previous version and one of the amazing fearures is that it automatically show user the statistics of your total orders, orders per customer and the number of new customer accounts opened. In this post, Magesolution will introduce the two important reports in Magento 2, that every store should pay attention to and show the way to manage it

How to manage sales reports Magento 2?

Firt of all, Magento 2 include 7 selections of sales reports !

  • Orders: it contains the number of orders placed and canceled, with totals for sales, amounts refunded, tax collected, shipping charged, and discounts.
  • Tax: it contains the tax rule and rate, number of orders, and amount of tax charged.
  • Invoiced: it contains the number of orders and bills with amounts bill invoiced, paid or unpaid during the period of time.
  • Shipping: it contains the number of orders for carrier or shipping method used, with amounts for total sales shipping and total shipping.
  • Refund: it contains the number of refunded orders and total amount refunded online as well as offline.
  • Coupons: it contains list of coupon code used during the specified time interval interval, related to price rule, and number of times used with totals and subtotals for sales and discounts.
  • PayPal Settlement: it contains kind of event. It can be auto-updated with the most current data from PayPal.

Let go to the main point !To show the report you want, you need to follow some simple steps below.

Step 1: Refresh reports statistics

Admin sidebar→ Store
In Sales reports, choose the reports you want to get
Press anchor text “here” to refresh statistics (you have to refresh statistics to run sales reports)

Manage reports in Magento 2
Step 2: Set filter reports

Set filter for reports you want to get on the report page. You can get the report for all the website or one website, report for a time interval or a date.

Manage reports in Magento 2

Step 3: Show or export reports

After finishing setting filter, click to Show report or Magento 2 allows users to export the reports to CSV or Excel file.

Manage reports in Magento 2

How to manage customer reports in Magento 2 ?

Magento 2 customer reports include Order total report, Order Count report and New account report.

You can look for Report Section on admin sidebar.  In report section, under Customer, you can see 3 types of reports I already list above. Choose the one you need, for example, Customer Order total report.
In the Order total report page, you set up the time interval or the date range you want to have reports for.

You can choose to get customer order reports of all thesite or just one website in the store view field and set the date in the field under that. Then you can showcase the reports by clicking in the Refresh button. You can repeat these steps to get all the customer reports as you want.

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We have just finished all step about manage sales reports in Magento 2  – one of the most great features in Magento 2. Hope this tutorial can be helpful. Thanks for reading!

Source: Magento 2 devdocs, Stack overflow, Magento community forum

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