How to Rock a Perfect Email Marketing Campaign


Email marketing is a popular and effective way to promote your sales. In this blog, I will share 5 tips to rock a perfect email marketing campaign from how to write a subject line, organize your content and how to boost your subscriber list with the support of Magento extensions.

1. Grab readers’ attention by an appealing subject line

  • A “How to” subject line would be likely to get more response than the others. 
  • Moreover, you should also consider its length. Research has shown that the number of character for an effective subject line should be approximately 50 – 65.  
  • You can use this website to test your headline score.

Here are 100 words that can help you attract readers’ attention:

2. KISS – Keep It Short and Simple

  • Keep sentences in your mail body should be under 25 words, and paragraphs under three sentences
  • All the content have to stick to the point as readers are too busy to read irrelevant information.

3. Prioritize readers’ interest

Don’t talk too much about your products. Talk about how your products can sort out customers’ problem. 

Strong example: Browse your web faster by 80% with new AJAX Magento Extension

Weak example: Our new AJAX Magento Extension is the best tool for your web

As you can see, the first example is the better one, obviously, because it puts readers’ interest first rather than focuses on too much advertising as in the second one.


4. Create a social media campaign promoting your email newsletter to get more sign-ups

A newsletter is also an effective way to update your followers with interesting information about your brand. It’s possible while customers are shopping around to learn more about the product they want to buy, your newsletter is sent to their mailbox and catches their attention. One more sale, right?

However, your newsletter also should be easy to unregister. Why do I say so when you are trying to get more sign-ups? Customers usually have a bad impression on brands that continuously send them advertising emails, so at least a small-but-easy-to-be-seen line like “Unsubscribe follow-up email” will help maintain customers’ goodwill to your brand.

You can set up an ADVANCED NEWSLETTER to your website. It allows you to display first name and last name for newsletter form and also helps customers unsubscribe without register account. 



5. Boost your subscriber list 

The more subscribers, the more chance you can approach potential customers. Your subscribers can come from different sources. What you have to do is to create those sources and manage the information systematically.

Your page should be equipped with ADVANCED FORM FOR MAGENTO 2. 

With that extension, you can create numerous shapes of web form with 11 useful fields to collect customer’s information to meet your marketing demand.

What’s more, you can easily manage all the contacts in the backend.

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