Jewelry online: Tips to sell Jewelry to succeed in 2020

In 2019, the jewelry industry continues to grow, especially when it comes to selling online. Therefore, selling accessories online is a big business and can make huge profits! However, we can say that competition is enormous. But don’t worry! We are here to provide you actionable tips to build, manage, and market your online jewelry store. Ready to be an entrepreneur selling jewelry online? Let us find out!

How to sell Jewelry online?

There are some basic ways for selling jewelry online. You can decide to build your own website or use e-commerce platforms like eBay, Etsy or Amazon. With the secondly option, you need to sign up for an account, buy a store package, determine a type of store, and then pick a name for it. When these steps are complete, you list your jewelry products and brand yourself. As a merchant, you have a number of perks, for instance: free listings, custom store layouts, optimization tools and enthusiastic customer support. The drawback is that you pay insertion fees and final value fees on each product sold.

How to build a Jewelry online store?

Building your own website mean higher costs, but you have full control over the sales and marketing process. You can determine how each jewelry product is displayed, place advertisements, include a blog and provide multiple payment options. To start an online jewelry store, you need finish some step:

  • Choose a platform for your Jewelry website
  • Select a hosting plan and domain name
  • Build your website from scratch or select and customize a ready-made theme.
  • Add Jewelry to your online store
  • Set up payments
  • Sort out your shipping
  • Preview, test and launch your online jewelry store
  • Promote your jewelry online

If you are managing a smaller jewelry industry inventory with a uncomplicated design, you may not need to hire a developer. However, if you want to expand a larger scale, more custom site, a web developer can be a great asset to your team. Having a qualified resource to address specialized needs can save you time and help boost productivity.

Jewelry online

Claue Jewelry Magento 2 Theme

What is the important features for the Jewelry online store?

To assure your Jewelry online store is set up for success, you’ll need the following function:

About Us and Terms & Conditions Page

Jewelry online is an expensive and risky business. The customers don’t want to return or exchange a piece of Jewelry that they paid a hefty amount for. Therefore, you need to include all your policies about Returns, Exchange, Shipping, Billing, Terms and Conditions, Insurance, etc. on your website with an easy-to-understand language.

Details of the Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry online

It is essential to bring all the detailed information about your Jewelry products to the customer. For example: the cut of the diamond, the karat value of gold, the amount of gold used, everything needs to be told. Also, display all the certifications and standards that your Jewelry meets.

Invest in high-resolution and detailed photography

This is the most important feature for every Jewelry website needs to have. The Jewelry pieces are intricate and detailed. The product images t should be clicked on a white background and from multiple angles. You should also ensure that gorgeous 360 spins and rich zoom functionality are integrated on your website. Also, show the right color, size, design, details, and different angles of the jewelry.

Jewelry specific website software

A specific jewelry software will support you in classifying and labeling your Jewelry pieces. The software is developed to help you manage the inventory, keep a check on the specifications, and control everything from sales to accounting. This make your work more efficient and pleasant.

Offer Price Breakups

Most merchants hide the price of gems, and only showcase one price for the Jewelry piece. Offering price break-up, for example the price of the gold used, the price of the gems used, the making and wasting charges, insurance (if any), etc. will help to enhance your goodwill and trust with the clients. Besides, this functionality can make your jewelry website stand out among the others who do not offer it at all.

Transit Insurance

As the owner of a jewelry store, you already know that jewelry is expensive and the damage or theft can be a great threat to your business and consumer. Offering ‘Transit Insurance’ can diminish this danger to a great extent. However, it is on the discretion of your business if you want to provide insurance as an option or compulsion.

Customization feature

Jewelry online

You could support your customers with an option to customize their jewelry. This is an excellent convenience that the offline Jewelry stores have, but you could enjoy its benefits too. The Jewelry online store could allow buyers to either design a piece or a simpler way could be choosing the metal or the gem they like. Hire Magento development specialists to build custom features on your site

Customer Service in Various Forms

Your customer service can make or damage your business’s loyal clients.Some critical points to keep in mind are:

  • You should provide some ways for buyers to contact with you, pre and post sales, and ensure all these ways are active. Offer clear details of contact which are prominently visible.
  • Keep in touch with your customers to make sure that they received the product, and if it was received in good condition, and if not, how you could support them
  • Connect with your clients through emails about reviews, new offers, new releases, etc.

Other Features

While almost all have been covered, there are some features that you could choose to have

  • Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized
  • Social media integration
  • SEO features and fully customizable URLs
  • Cross-sell and up-sell capabilities.
  • Secure and Multiple Payment Options
  • Detailed shipping options.
  • Security features
  • Advanced payment

These features are important to your jewelry online business because they support your marketing strategy, front-end and back-end operations, and security measures. Magento and other e-commerce platforms all offer themes that can be customized according to your needs. You decide the desired colors, fonts, layouts and other key features.

How to promote your Jewelry online store?

Create a social media following.

claue instagram

Depending on the type of content that works for your brand, you can determine social media channels to use. For a Jewelry online store, shoppers want to visualize a piece of jewelry. Therefore, Instagram and Facebook are preferred platforms. Make your jewelry online store stand out by showing your products modeled in everyday life, including customer features and eye-catching product images to match your brand feel.

Here are some tips on what to post on social media:

  • Close-up photos of your jewelry
  • Pictures of your shop
  • Photos of your team (even if that’s just you!)
  • Sales ads (EASY to make even if you have zero graphic design skills)
  • Models (or family members) wearing your jewelry
  • Contests or giveaways you’re running (to promote people coming in!)
  • Take advantage of features like Instagram Stories or Facebook Live to engage with your audience in real-time.

Consider paid advertising.

An easy way to attract 75% more of your potential customers is through paid advertising. You can use Instagram, Facebook Ads, Google ads, or partner with other jewelry online store to sponsor content or run display ads.

Use analytics to decide your best paid advertising opportunity by studying your clients’ interests and where they spend their time both online and offline.

Email marketing

Email marketing is your key to lead generation. The first step you need is encouraging your customers to opt-in to emails. When you offer a benefit to them that is easy to pass up. Once you have a growing list of email subscribers, you will need to distribute high quality, personalized and relevant content. For instance, you can send the weekly newsletters for new deals or using machine learning to provide personalized suggestions based off shopping behavior and site navigation activity.

Optimize your jewelry site for SEO & create a content marketing strategy.

Optimizing your jewelry online store for SEO pay close attention to quality and original product descriptions, URL building, product reviews, and utilizing various forms of media on your product detail pages. Besides, content marketing will also boost your SEO while building client trust and brand loyalty in return. Generate blog posts, social media, and various content channels that are curated with the goal of providing value to your clients and, in return, traffic to your online jewelry website.

Utilize established customers for brand awareness.

Jewelry online

Customers are happy to be a part of your brand story. They prefer to relate to your values, messaging, and understand that you have their interests at heart for developing your products. A jewelry business will bring you with a great opportunity to connect with your prospects on this very topic. Since shopping often surround memorable events like Mother’s Day, the holiday season, or engagements, focus the conversation of your products around celebratory and memorable moments in your customers’ lives. Connect and celebrate your customers’ special moments by using a brand-specific hashtag on social media

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