Jewelry website: The ideas to implement


When it comes to jewelry website, a lot of people may think that things related to jewelry are elegance, style, and chic. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Creating a jewelry website is never considered to be an easy task, as for the competitive environment of this subject. As a result, you’ll have to work hard if you want to get your jewelry business noticed.


Gelli – a WooCommerce Theme for jewelry website

The question is: How to make a jewelry website that is both stylish and functional? This article will provide you with some essential and effective ideas to implement for your e-commerce website. These ideas will work for you if you are about to launch your own jewelry website or want to rebrand the already existing project.

1. Invest either in celebrities or professional photographers

It is a well-established fact that people subconsciously connect celebrities with the jewelry industry. Should one mention a number of jewelry pieces per capita at the annual Oscar ceremony? That is right – there is no better advertising for your products than a celebrity wearing them. If you have enough money and effort, the celebrity invitation task is easy indeed.

However, if your budget is far from expensive, you can opt for photos that you can afford for the best quality. Your homepage images are what should make your prospective clients stay on your website. So, be ready to invest in the catchy homepage with a glamorous touch. If you don’t qualify all of the above, that’s… quite a challenging task for you.

2. Daily communication with your subscribers on your jewelry website

More than half of the people who are browsing jewelry website fall into two categories. The first one is not satisfied with the choice available at their local jewelry shops. These shoppers are sophisticated, picky, and very demanding. The latter represents people for whom a jewelry website is the last resort. On your website, they hope to quickly find a present for a very important occasion. These people tend to make orders fast and be very impatient when it comes to delivery.


Communicate with your subscribers daily

So how can you tackle these situations? Use the subscription forms intensively. These forms will help you inform your clients about discounts and new products you offer. And most importantly – you can use as a gentle reminder about the sales for holidays like Christmas and Chinese’s New Year.

3. Remind your clients with events having countdown widget

On your jewelry website, having a countdown widget when it comes to events is of utmost importance. By implementing a holiday countdown widget, the holiday rush can be minimized, and your traffic may increase as a result. There are a few free elegant widgets you can find online. However, purchasing the premium version is highly recommended.

After all, your site should be seamless, effective yet unique and stylish. Make a small investment for your jewelry website will help your business grow much better. Also, implementing a countdown widget could also help your clients to be informed. That’s the thing that makes them come back to your site more. As a result, your site can be ranked high when it comes to conversion rates.

4. Presented your products in different angles

Jewelry is created to be seen. That is why visuality is a key factor when it comes to jewelry presentation. Here we can come across two opposing tendencies. The first one says that jewelry stands for tradition and elegance – the traditional presentation. The latter is aimed at making jewelry more approachable. The main idea of this tendency is to get a bit more creative and innovative image with photos of your jewelry.


Jewelry website integrates Gelli – a WooCommerce Theme

Either way, in order to present your products effectively, you need to have access to different photo galleries. This is what you can find in Gelli – WooCommerce Theme for Jewelry/Perfume/Accessories/Handmade Store. This theme comes with tons of features. To name a few: multi-layouts, catchy designs and powerful admin panel, a lot of powerful plugins such as Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer, WooCommerce, WPML… From this, You can easily build a great jewelry website as you want. Just take a look at this theme and you will be impressed even more: Gelli – WooCommerce Theme.

5. Place your logo wisely

If you run a jewelry business, then the logo is required. When it comes to a website, you need to know that placing a logo is a very important factor. The web design researchers claim that visitors pay most of their attention to the left side of a website. It is also believed that most online shoppers would expect that a logo can navigate them back to the homepage.

However, this top-left placement may sometimes be as old-fashioned. So, if you want to add a fresh note to your website design, think of placing your logo in the middle of your website. This way you can still get your visitors to remember your brand and make your logo functional.

6. Use a unique URL icon

Why do URL icons matter? The answer is simple – they belong to attention-grabbers. Their main goal is to make your prospective visitors remember your website and stay on it a bit longer. So how can we create and develop a unique, yet striking URL icon to the customers?

The most obvious solution is to use your logo or its optimized version. Of course, you can also develop a completely different URL icon from your logo. For example, if your logo is a symbolic representation of your business, in a favicon you can use the initial letters of your brand. Or vice versa. The main idea to keep in mind is not to mislead your clients. So, choose logos and URL icons wisely!

We hope that the ideas mentioned above will be of help to you. Your jewelry website, if apply these tips above, will help your site to flourish eventually, one way or another. We – MageSolution offers Gelli – WooCommerce Theme for Jewelry / Perfume / Accessories / Handmade Store. This theme is designed with stylish modern & clean to bring high aesthetic for online shop template which meets & fits with Jewelry, Emerald, Perfume, Cosmetics, Makeup, Accessories, Handmade,… Check it out at: Gelli – WooCommerce Theme. If you want to find out more about us, you should check our website at: MageSolution or our portfolio at: ArrowHiTech portfolio.

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