Magento 2 advanced search: Its benefits and top 5 extensions you shouldn’t miss

Magento 2 advanced search

Magento 2 advanced search is used to add search functionality to your store which will make it easy for the users to filter their desired product easily and it will increase the chances of more sales. Besides, As with the help of this tool you provide an easy smooth user experience and improve your store SEO.

Benefits of advanced search

As you know, searching perhaps is the first step that users carry out when visiting a website. They look for their desired items and other related ones to their needs. Therefore, the search site can be regarded as the direction to move customers toward buying products and also a lot of other actions on the website. Besides some aspects related to improving shopping experience such as speeding up sites, providing quicker order process, or creating one-page checkout, the flexible search feature is also very important for Magento 2 website to take into careful considerations. Take a look at some benefits of advanced search:

  • Quickly and relevantly connecting customers to their demand
  • Improved user experiences
  • Reduced bounce rate
  • Higher conversions
  • Provide visitors a better understanding of products, services, or content
  • Valuable analytics data to assist your businesses understand customers and optimize results
  • Boost your sales and increase the average bill via cross-selling and upselling.
  •  Improve your store SEO by giving your customers an easy smooth experience
  • Advanced merchandising functionality
  • Optimizations to make mobile searching easier
  • Powerful A/B testing  to make sure results are as relevant as possible

In addition, site search functions like promoted banners, suggestion products, and filters and facets, drive content, and product discovery. This allows customers to engage with relevant items and content on your website. Therefore, your customers gain an unparalleled experience that keeps them coming back.

Magento 2 default search functionality

Magento default supports online stores a search tool with necessary functions to help customers search for products quickly, but it is insufficient to provide customers with the best experience.  Its basic functionalities are:

  • It allows a simple search query.
  • It allows auto-completion of the entered keywords.
  • It shows the suggested results on the result page.

Due to poor implementation, users are unable to find a product or service even when it’s listed in your product catalog. The default search feature just does not have smart enough algorithms and products that would otherwise be an expected match are not shown in the search results set.

One solution for these issues is intergrading one of the many available Magento 2 advanced searches for improving website search. An enhanced website search can be faster, more accurate, and have added features like providing recommendations when the customer’s search may not find an immediate match. Even common occurrences like plural searches and spelling mistakes will be corrected.

Top 5 Magento 2 advanced search

1. Magento 2 advanced search By Amasty – $199


This Magento 2 advanced search helps your customers find products immediately in the quick search box. Besides that, it also enables us to show related suggestions to the product that the customer is looking for. This tool gives customers great shopping experience on your Magento 2 website.

More Details 

  • Allow using autocomplete tab
  • Help show recent and popular searches
  • Able to search for categories, products, and CMS pages
  • Ability to customize the pop-up search box
  • Help display the pop-up ‘add to cart’ button

3. Sphinx Search Ultimate for Magento 2 by Mirasvit – $249

Magento 2 advanced search

With the help of Magento 2 advanced search, your customers find products on your web easy and fastly. As soon as the letters are typed, a series of related suggestions will be shown to help visitors easily find the desired items. This helps enhance the shopping experience for customers as well as motivate them to buy more

More Details

  • Incredible relevance of search results
  • Ultrafast search autocomplete
  • Automatic correction of typing errors while searching
  • Searching by multiple content types
  • Search results are perfect for any language
  • Searching by category name, custom options, or associated products
  • Using of stopwords and synonyms
  • Searching with hyphens/slashes
  • Responsive themes are supported

4. Instant Search for Magento 2 by Magesolution – $59

Magento 2 advanced search

Magento 2 advanced search by Magesolution provides an innovative approach to search for products on your Magento 2 website. By providing users with quick drop-down suggestions on products, categories, content pages, or blog posts. This automatic search tool will help you enhance the shopping experience, increase conversion rates, and boost sales dramatically.

More Details

  • Ability to display search results of products, categories, CMS page or Blog
  • Ability to adjust the number of search results in the drop-down list
  • Admin is able to turn the function on/ off and re-arrange the position of each section in the drop-down list
  • Lightning speed search by Ajax without re-loading page
  • Maximum search result showed
  • Optimize the search for phones and tablets
  • Flexible Search configuration options
  • Easy to manage the index

4. Ajax Search for Magento 2 by Mageplaza – $99

Magento 2 advanced search

This Magento 2 advanced search extension is empowered with Ajax function. It comes with all advanced techniques for searching online. The search result will be shown as a drop-down list after the user starts typing only the first letter of the keywords in the search box.

More Details

  • Allow to auto-complete search results in a quick popup box
  • Allow showing search results as soon as the visitor type one character
  • Support over 10,000 SKUs
  • Ability to customize the flexible configuration
  • Support multi-languages

5. ElasticSearch for Magento 2 By Magedelight – $149

Magento 2 advanced search

The Search extension is definitely the perfect tool for every shop owners to boost sales and customer satisfaction. Only by a few letters, customers can easily find the product they want. Therefore, it drives customers to purchase more products as well as increase conversion rates.

More Details

  • Auto-complete search query
  • Search data within CMS pages & category data
  • Manipulate the search results
  • Add synonyms and stop words for the search query
  • Let customers search for products accurately with white spaces and special characters
  • Right product suggestions for wrong spelled search queries
  • Power to choose product attributes for search
  • Display all prices as a search result including special catalog rule price
  • Compatible with ElasticSearch Library version 5.0 and 6.0

Are you already using and making the most out of your internal search engine? If not, you should definitely find and use a solution that provides the features mentioned above

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