Magento 2 Claue theme: Why it is the best selling theme on Themeforest


If you take advantage of using Magento Premium Themes, no one can hold you back from increasing the conversion rate on your eCommerce website. The customization options of Magento is amicable, security, and safe for users and shoppers. Magento 2 Claue theme is the perfect example. If you have decided to start an ecommerce business then take the full advantage of using Claue – Clean, Minimal Magento 2 and 1 Theme.

Claue - Clean, Minimal Magento 2 and 1 Theme by ArrowHiTech | ThemeForest

Claue – Clean, Minimal Magento 2 and 1 Theme

But to be exact, what makes Claue become the best-selling theme on Themeforest? So now, we – MageSolution will review this awesome Magento theme. Indeed, the customization options of the Magento 2 Claue theme are close to endless. It is not only very friendly for the developers but for the non-technical, too. Plus, it is very safe to use and ensures total security for shoppers.

Let’s go!

Overview: Claue – Clean, Minimal Magento 2 and 1 Theme

Claue – Clean, Minimal Magento 2&1 Theme is an excellent template for a modern and clean eCommerce store with 20+ homepage layouts and tons of options for shop, blog, portfolio, store locator layouts, and other useful pages. Claue will meet & fit any kind of eCommerce sites as you imagine.

With a 96% speed score, Magento Claue Theme has a foundation of a highly efficient system, all frameworks rely on efficiency as their key point. The optimization of the Magento Claue theme is quite simple. Moreover, targeting the advantages of that website traffic on smart devices, Magento 2 Claue theme is built to operate well on all screen sizes and mobile devices to obtain more access to the wider audience.


SPECIAL: Now the PWA technology is available on Claue Theme. As you know, Vue Storefront was one of the first PWA frameworks to arrive for eCommerce platforms. The  Vue Storefront enables PWA features in your websites like native mobile app features, high-speed performance in slow or unstable network conditions, and offline capabilities.

Magento 2 Claue theme

Up to now, just a small number of Magento websites have implemented the PWA, while the others haven’t realized the full potentials of this technology or are not be able to build it. Let’s take this chance to become one of the early adopters and experience the power of PWA for the Magento website

Features for users

#1. Optimized for Speed and Performance

With a lightweight layout and SEO standard, it becomes easy for the Magento 2 Claue Theme to offer a great page load speed, which helps in maximizing the website speed and increasing user usability. Moreover, Claue offers exclusive speed optimization wizards that help to reduce the page load time.

#2. Feasible and easy to use

Magento 2 Claue theme offers great flexibility, ease of use, and completely suitable for all types of business niches: portfolio, blog, ecommerce, etc. This is one of the most notable reasons that has made the Magento Claue theme one of the most popular and favorite among Magento 2 store owners.

#3. Designs created by eCommerce specialists

All the models and layouts extracted from the UI and UX eCommerce background for the Magento 2 Claue theme. Also, it has been enjoyed by 65+ Claue eCommerce stores ever. This is beneficial when it comes to Magento eCommerce development.

#4. Bring the best customer experience

This theme is focused on the key design, creativity, and simplicity in mind to suit the customer’s intent. On top of that, they have an energetic, knowledgeable customer service team that has earned an average of 4.81/5 stars rating based on 3k+ products.

#5. Magento 2 Claue theme is suitable for tons of Magento extensions

For Claue eCommerce businesses, choosing a theme to design their website doesn’t only mean to attract the customers but also integrate and assist the following extensions on their website. These are the compatible ones:

  • MGS CMS Pages Navigation.
  • MGS Advanced Form.
  • MGS Delivery Date & Time.
  • MGS Advanced Content Manager.
  • MGS Google Rich Snippets.
  • MGS Advanced Report.
  • Aheadworks Layered Navigation.
  • Aheadworks Automatic Related Products.
  • Aheadworks Smart One Step Checkout.
  • Mageplaza Onestep Checkout.
  • Mageplaza Shop By Brand.
  • Mageplaza Layered Navigation.
  • Mageplaza Social Login.
  • Mageplaza Auto Related Products.
  • Mageplaza Ajax Search.
  • Amasty Improved Layered Navigation.
  • Amasty One Step Checkout.
  • BSS Commerce One Step Checkout.

And all of the Magento extensions in MageSolution. You can check out these extensions here: MageSolution Magento extensions. With Magento 2 Claue theme, you as a developer or store owner can configure with big Magento extensions, as do Magento extension suppliers for Claue as well.

Features for developers

The Magento 2 Claue theme supports 27+ stunning homepage layouts. It is powered by Ajax technology along with several custom blocks. This template for Magento 2 has a responsive design. You can easily switch to the responsiveness (mobile-friendly) option with a single click. Also, this template for Magento 2 comes with the Ajax Navigation/Cart and supports up to eight columns.

Claue - Clean, Minimal Magento 2 & 1 Theme

Claue theme features

Moreover, Magento 2 Claue theme lets you set the background/foreground color of your choice for various elements. It enables you to disable/enable the sidebar displayed on the product pages.

So now, let’s check some of the modules and features the Magento 2 Claue theme offers to the developers:

#1. MGS Front-end builder

MGS Front-end builder compatibility

This supports you to create as many CMS pages effortlessly. Also, Claue can help you easily create Homepage, Landing page, Ads Page, content Page… as you want at Front-end within few minutes. What’s more, the new upgraded version is optimized for speed. Hence, your newly created page will have a fast page load time.

#2. Mega menu

Menus are one of the most important components of the Claue eCommerce site. Top shopping websites i.e. Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy have a sophisticated mega menu that displays items from each category of the site.

The Magento 2 Claue theme enables you to create various types of menus with a few clicks. This template for Magento allows you to specify the mega menu type and its depth so that a user can go to each every single detail of an item. It lets you specify a custom label for the categories.

#3. Powerful Ajax Shop

Sometimes, you may want to set a banner image for your shop. The banner will help people identify the category with ease. You can set a banner image for the category in the Claue theme for Magento 2 and enable the beautiful parallax effect for it. In addition to the banner, you can add a slider or change the category layout to ‘boxed’ or ‘full width’, etc.

Magento 2 Claue theme allows you to specify the width and height of the images displayed on the Ajax page. You can configure the Magento theme to show “add to compare” or “add to wishlist” button, display the ratings on products, show filter toggles, change the category description position, and more.

#4. Lookbook collection


With this theme, our developers have integrated the pin maker plugin that can be compatible with your Claue store. This can result in your page become a lookbook collection, which makes customers easier to use and develop. This is a type of highlighting the products that increase the conversion rate dramatically.

#5. Other key features of Magento 2 Claue theme

  • Dark-light version
  • Fully responsive and mobile-optimized
  • Product variation swatches
  • Lookbook collection
  • Instagram shop
  • Store locator
  • Instant search
  • Multiple header options

Installation and activation of Magento 2 Claue theme

Before downloading the theme, download the license code and purchase certificate. Once you download the Magento Porto theme, you can either use an FTP tool or access the SSH of your managed Magento hosting to install it. To activate the theme, log in to your Magento dashboard, click “Claue”, then click “Activation”. And, enter the license/activation code that you’ll find in the “license code” text file. For further details, you can visit Claue official documentation.


The Porto Magento 2 Theme is compatible with Magento Community Edition 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, and Magento 2.3.x. To be more specific, this theme supports several free/premium Magento extensions. It is also compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+ browsers.

Support and Pricing

Magento 2 Claue theme costs depend on the template you opt for an online business. The company behind it i.e. This theme offers ticket-based customer support. If you need help with a feature, all you need to do is to open a ticket by creating a support account and wait for the support team to reply to your query.

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Final words

That should be it! Here are some of the most prominent things that make Magento 2 Claue theme becomes more popular than ever before. To sum up, this theme can offer more than just good designs, helpful and amazing features. One of the best development teams is standing behind it providing constant improvements and support.

You can rest assured that the Magento 2 Claue themes are built with the highest standards and best practices. Their developers have optimized all the themes for speed, multilingual support, and cutting edge technologies. You can check out this theme right here: Claue – Clean, Minimal Magento 2 & 1 Theme.

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If you want to dig down further to our services, you can check them out here: MageSolution services. Also, our themes and extensions are worth mentioning as well, you can click here for further information: ArrowHiTech portfolio. If you’ve ever used the Claue theme, let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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