Magento 2 drawbacks: Technical guidelines to overcome them


Magento 2 is an advanced ecommerce platform to beat your competition. However, there are some Magento 2 drawbacks. If you overcome those weak points with the help of an expert team of Certified Magento Developers, you can easily swing into an advanced ecosystem. In this blog post, we will take a deep look at technical guidelines to overcome Magento 2 drawbacks.

1. The first Magento 2 drawbacks: Cannot Set Up Prices Of Products For Each Store View

The first Magento 2 drawbacks is here. As you know, default Magento allows us to set up product prices for the whole website. It means that prices are similar in every store or store view. This issue is reflected in a setting of the following default configuration:

Magento 2 catalog price scope
Magento 2 catalog price scope setting

You go to Store → Configuration → Catalog Price and see that only 2 options as Global and Website are supported. Thus, this is the reason why prices of a product cannot be changed in multiple stores and multiple store views.

Therefore, when customers switch store views in the frontend, they can see particular prices of each product. This is useful for store owners to launch suitable pricing strategies for each country or region and also optimize some extra costs such as shipping or storage effectively. That’s all about the first Magento 2 drawbacks.

2. Cannot Have Separate Shipping And Payment Methods For Each Store View

magento 2 drawbacks

The next Magento 2 drawbacks is that user cannot have separate shipping and payment methods for each store view. Like prices of products, shipping and payments methods are only enabled for the level of Website. Moreover, you just can configure some settings for store view such as Shipping title, Shipping method name, Displayed Error Message of Shipping, Payment title, and Payment instructions.

However, for a store including multiple store views which have customers coming from a lot of countries, fixed shipping and payment methods may be not flexible. There are reasons to explain for this inflexibility:

Unnecessary higher shipping costs for countries or regions in case customers there don’t choose the most suitable method for them.

Unacceptable currencies for countries that payment methods don’t support as Paypal doesn’t support the currency of India.

Therefore, based on detailed analysis of customers from store views, it is better to limit shipping and payment methods for each store view. It is to bring the best shopping experience for buyers.

In addition, to help you solve this issue, we suggest that you can also create a new website, assign the store view you have to that website. Then, you will be able to separate shipping and payment methods.

3. Cannot Have Base Currency For Each Store View

Base currency in Magento 2 is used to set up product prices in the backend and also to check out. It is enabled for the whole website, not for store or store view levels.

Hence, prices of the product are only set up with one base currency of the whole website. It can be displayed along with many other currencies in the frontend (depending on default displayed currency you choose).

However, when customers go to check out, they still have to pay with base currency selected for the website.

magento 2 currency setup
Magento 2 Currency Setup

This thing is a big issue for a lot of store owners. Because they always want to bring as good checkout convenience for their customers as possible, especially about currency aspects.

If a customer from French, store view can checkout with his/her currency (Euro, for instance). It is much better than with other ones which require currency converting via payment methods. Therefore, we come up with 2 solutions to consider in this case:

+ Set up base currency for each Magento 2 store view so that customers can checkout with the base currency of that store view.

+ Allow checking out with display currency of Magento 2 store view instead of base currency of the whole website. Still, by choosing a default display currency for a store view, prices of products are converted based on currency rate (rate between base currency vs default display currency).

Then customers can pay directly with this display currency without converting once again via payment methods.

Magento 2 checkout with display currency
Checkout with British Pounds in English store view when using Magento 2 Checkout with Display Currency

With the 2 above resolutions, customers can have better experience to purchase products and check out more conveniently. That’s all about the third Magento 2 drawbacks.

4. The next Magent 2 drawbacks: Cannot Have Particular Taxes For Each Store View

The tax structure in default Magento 2 also has settings for Store View level. But those are extra configurations such as Default Tax Destination Calculation, Price Display Settings, Shopping Cart Display Settings and Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos Display Settings.

Main things like Tax class for Shipping, Tax Calculation, and Default Tax are still fixed for Website or Global. Therefore, it is impossible for a store owner to have different taxes for a product in store views. Although this is useful when they want to charge customers in various countries specific tax rates.

5. Cannot Set Up Shopping Cart Price Rules And Catalog Price Rules For Store Views

Last but not least about Magento 2 drawbacks, shopping cart price rules and Catalog price rules are used for promotions in Marketing campaigns and applied for the whole website. It means that customers from all store views of a store also receive the same promotion.

However, most of the store owners often have specific promotion strategies for customers from store views depending on factors such as holidays or special occasions which are only available in some countries.

Thus, configuring marketing rules for local markets is necessary because it meets business plans as well as customer insights to help stores to achieve sales target.

To make them real, we recommend you AJAX CART FOR MAGENTO 2 to overcome these Magento 2 drawbacks of default:

magento 2 migration

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To sum up with Magento 2 drawbacks

With these most significant Magento 2 drawbacks of the default store view in Magento 2, you must have faced some of them and want to look for the best solutions for them.

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