Magento 2 migration: When Magento 1 end of life


If your e-commerce business is still operating in Magento 1, Now it’s time to migrate and see what difference it means for your business. Magento 2 is one of the major platforms used by over 1.2 Lakh websites around the world.  Isn’t this convincing enough to choose Magento 2 as your platform now? If not, then take a look at these unique benefits of Magento 2 migration that it brings to your online store.

Risks & Reasons

Remaining on Magento 1 after the Magento official end of life is a risky proposition, to be sure. It is highly recommended to consider and prioritize migration to perform it in the most efficient way.

  • What you can expect to face is a lack of software support. Because M1 is built on PHP5, whereas most platforms today are running on PHP7 which is faster, more flexible, especially when it comes to mobile devices. And last but not least, it is much more compatible with software integrations.
  • You can no longer count on quality fixes or patches from Magento.
  • Security threats from outside sources continue to grow and become more sophisticated. Protecting your customer and business data will be of the top priority. In remaining on Magento 1, you must carry this key responsibility without the benefit of Magento proactive support.
  • The quality of your business is dependent on constantly evaluating and introducing the quality of the best products and solutions available. You know the competition is. By staying with Magento 1, you limit yourself to what already exists. Whereas by Magento 2 migration, you open up the potential to explore and implement leading solutions.
  • It becomes more likely over time that your customers may experience a decrease in experience and a growing gap in their expectations especially relative to a competitor’s website if it’s on Magento 2.

How Does Magento 2 Migration Benefit You?

Exclusive Databases

Magento 2 has overcome the difficulty of using a single database to cater information on Product data, orders and check out. Admins and developers are now able to utilize separate databases to access the information. This eliminates system failure and database overload. Thereby making it easier to hire a certified Magento developer for further enhancement of your e-commerce store.

Advanced SEO Suite Ultimate

To maximise the potential of the e-commerce platform, this SEO suite ultimate plugin has been introduced . The rich snippets feature of this plugin will boost sales and enables web crawlers to understand the product descriptions accurately. This advanced SEO Suite offers dynamic meta templates. That helps to create meta data for category and product page elements.

The default Magento sitemap functionality saves merchants from the tedious process of manually creating an XML sitemap. Improvisation of store indexation and eliminating duplicate content are the key aspects of this plugin. It results in better search engine ranking.

Ajax Cart Extension

Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript + XML) is a set of web development techniques using many web technologies on the client side to create asynchronous web applications. Ajax cart extension uses an innovative way for adding products to the cart which significantly improves the user experience by reducing the load on your hosting software. Ajax cart uses javascript to add items to the shoppers cart without reloading the entire page.

Customers who receive coupons are likely to visit your online store again and repeat purchase each time. Ajax pro extension supports coupon code in the shopping cart page which increases the conversion rate for your business.

Let’s explore Magento 2  Ajax Cart Pro extension by Magesolution from ArrowHiTech
magento 2 migration

Ajax cart for Magento 2 is a very useful extension for Magento 2 store. With this extension, your customers can add as many products to cart as possible. As a matter of fact, we designed and developed Magento Ajax Cart which makes Magento cart UI absolutely friendly for customers to add products to cart or remove items from cart without page reload. From this, your customers will find it convenient, exciting and time-saving to buy the products on your site.

Improved Catalog Browsing

Search functionality of Magento 2 core has been strengthened. Elasticsearch has been set as the default search engine for enterprise edition. This allows customers to find products more quickly and efficiently on your Magento Store. Instant search results with search autocomplete, returning accurate and relevant results after analyzing synonyms are unique benefits of Elasticsearch.

Improved Catalog Browsing

RabbitMQ in Magento 2

RabbitMq is an open source message queue framework that provides visibility on messages and helps to reduce your workload when integrating to a new system. It stores the messages and gives your applications a common platform to send and receive messages. This software could be of more help in situations where Magento needs to communicate with an ERP system. Another advantage of RabbitMQ is that it runs on many operating systems and cloud environments, thus providing a wide range of developer tools for most popular languages.

Advanced Targeting and Promotion

Creating a unique shopping experience for your customers is the primary responsibility in this ecommerce era. Magento 2 Enterprise edition fulfills this responsibility by targeting customers with tailor made display content based on their order history, customer address and shopping cart information.

Customer segmentation is the most unique feature available in Magento 2. Customer segments can be created based on customer activity on your e-commerce store. This ensures delivery of right content to visitors and enhances customer retention for your business. Reports can be generated that allow merchants to measure the number of customers in each segment and export the data for external use.

Email Reminders

This unique feature allows merchants to send automated emails to customers based on their shopping cart or wish list activity. Email reminders can also be used to send coupon code as an incentive. You can create separate batch of Email reminders to send out coupon codes that are automatically generated.
This gives you more control over the offers that are associated with each batch. All of these will encourage the customers to return again and make a purchase.

Multiple Admins

Magento 2 has eliminated the limitation of a single admin user to engage with product data. Allowing multiple administrators access the product data has enabled easy monitoring of your online store products. In a large e-commerce space, it will help multiple admins to monitor and engage the entire catalog at ease.

Now that you know Magento 2 migration is inevitable. Get ready with the checklist mentioned below to kickstart the Magento 2 migration process.

Checklist for Magento 2 Migration:

How long does it take to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

The duration for migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 for an enterprise will take around 5-7 months approximately. This may vary across the websites since it involves complexity of each site and budget of store owners.

The reason being that the Magento 2 migration process needs to be done perfectly to ensure zero data loss. The only possible way to achieve such perfect Magento 2 migration takes some time. By allowing your Magento store to migrate for this time period, you will achieve the best results out of it. You will be proud to see your newly upgraded Magento 2 store staying ahead of its competitors.

Are you with the right Magento developers to assist your business?

The most important part of the whole Magento 2 migration process comes here to this one question. An Enterprise level Magento 2 migration starts from transferring the theme, extensions, database assets, custom code, configuring the new site and ends with testing.

The accuracy of the migration process is directly proportional to the number of professionals involved in the process. You don’t have to go in search of Magento certified professionals. We – ArrowHiTech – have a team with strong technical expertise and 12+ years of experience. We are proud to be official Magento solution partners and have served 30000+ customers globally.


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What if you do not do Magento 2 migration before July 2020?

Magento 1 end of life! This might sound like a hard statement if you are one among the store owners who still use Magento 1 as your platform. You can find the current version of your Magento platform by logging in to your Magento Admin panel. You can view the current version that appears at the footer of the admin panel.

Things you will miss out if you do not do Magento 2 migration:

  • Magento 1 store owners will lose the support from Magento from June 2020.
  • Your Magento 1 website will load 20% slower than other Magento 2 websites
  • Magento 2 sites will be having a streamlined checkout process whereas your Magento 1 site will follow a six step checkout process.
  • Magento 2 has responsively designed to deliver optimum performance on mobile devices.
  • You will be missing out on security patches which protects your site from unwanted security breaches and site attacks.

Do Magento 2 Migration Now!

You are now equipped with the checklist to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2. The benefits that Magento 2 brings to your E-commerce is endless. Achieve endless opportunities from your fully optimized Magento 2 Store by exploring these benefits.

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