Magento agency: The requirements of co-operating


Choosing a Magento agency or freelancer is always difficult. A well-trained, experienced Magento agency can utilize the platform’s great features. However, there are so many poor providers around. Because Magento is now one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, there are lots of retailers wanting to use it.


Choosing a proper Magento agency needs some requirements

With great growth and the fast-evolving landscape of ecommerce, comes a number of untrained agencies trying to cash in. So how can you tell the difference? This article will help you. s

1. The experience of working with Magento

Experience is key with Magento. You gotta make sure they’ve got at least two years experience of working on a diverse range of Magento projects. Because the Magento platform is not easy to “give a go”, choosing a Magento agency carefully is important. Wrong choice, and your experience and your business will be screwed.

2. The location of the chosen Magento agency

This isn’t always an issue, however it can be if you opt to go with an agency based in another country. Highly recommended looking to use a Magento agency that is relatively local. After all, you’re going to need to speak to them regularly. This will help them, and also help you to understand your e-commerce website.

3. Rate their development processes/experience of Project Managers

This is a must – as, if their time management is bad, their hourly/daily rate is irrelevant. The project management methodologies used may vary. The result: you may or may not have a preference on this. So make sure you get them to explain their processes to you.

Also, when you get a quote for the project – asking for a broken-down quote with time quotes for each section of the project is recommended. This will help you understand more about what your chosen Magento agency is doing.

4. Support should also be considered

Generally, Magento websites need a lot of development support. The reason is that it’s a robust e-commerce platform that has a lot of functionality. Really you need a Magento agency that provides support. This is recommended if you take web development in-house after the project – just to cover your back.

The support fee should also be observed. The chances that you need support at various stages after you launch the website is equally high.

5. Working on migrations (SEO understanding)

This is not quite a problem, unless you’re migrating onto Magento from another platform. Getting this wrong could have a big impact on your traffic and revenue. There are a lot of considerations that need to go into a migration project. So, it’s always easier if you can use one agency/service provider for the whole project. Highly recommended asking for case studies on this.

6. Providing of user training

The user training provided is, again, one of the important part. If your team doesn’t have sufficient knowledge to manage the website, high additional support fee is waiting for you.

7. Complex Magento integrations experience

Knowledge of Magento integrations is important to achieving your individual site targets during the development process. Anyone with experience in Magento will tell you that it can be complex. You need to make sure your new developer can provide evidence of successful integration on previous projects. That way, you can choose the right Magento agency for your business.

8. Contain Magento certified developers

The Magento certifications aren’t easy and are a really good indication of how good their developers are. If they have at least one good, certified Magento developer working on the project, then there’s a good chance they know what they’re talking about.



Certified Magento developers should be considered

Also, once you’ve made your shortlist of agencies that you’re going to talk to – you should look to do the following:

  • Ask to speak to their previous clients

This should be a given, however lots of people don’t do it. Speaking to their clients will allow you to ask questions on how the project went, was it delivered on time, were there any issues, etc.

  • Ask to speak to the Project/Account Manager you’ll be dealing with

This, again, is key because if you don’t like this person, it’s going to make it a very long project. Also, this way you can question them on other issues to ensure that delivery goes smoothly.

This may conclude some requirements for working with a Magento agency. In order to harness the full potential of your Magento website, your choice of working with a Magento agency is essential. We – MageSolution could help you solve your concern. By providing you with not only the extension and themes, great support is also included. Your experience and cooperation will be fulfilled completely. Visit us now at: MageSolution. Also, if you want to see more about our products, you can check our portfolio here: ArrowHiTech portfolio.

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