Magento customization Vietnam: 3 main levels to improve your eCommerce solution

Magento customization Vietnam

Magento is one of the top 3 most popular eCommerce platforms out there. Many famous eCommerce stores powered by Magento such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Acer, Ford..etc. It is more flexible than other platforms and allows performing customizations to fix any business need. Learn how Magento customization can support you leverage the platform’s strong features and personalization options allow your business to evolve to the next level without forcing you to abandon the current platform.

Magento customization Vietnam

With the Magento, you can determine either use the pre-built platform for your business or customize it. The pre-built Magento website is simple to build and use. However, you will be limited by the design and the storefront. A customized Magento platform brings you flexibility and scalability. It provides your business-specific needs and distinctive processes that can asset you scale up rapidly. However, when considering customizing Magento platform, you need to consider the followings:

  • Short-term and long-term business goals
  • The allocated budget
  • The traffic expectations
  • Sales expectations

Magento offers great functionalities but still need more to sell your products online and provide a good user experience. Here are the top reasons you need a customized Magento website.

Integrate with back-end software

Most e-commerce stores need integration with other systems to make it straightforward for business processes to flow smoothly. For example, if you have an order entry system on the back-end that can track all orders from when it is placed to when it is delivered, but you need to also record the order into your invoicing and accounting system, you may need to integrate with another software to help you complete the process.

Customizing Magento site that can allow you to carry out such a process simply. This maybe your best option instead of the cumbersome tasks involved in integrating directly with the platform. A customized Magento platform makes integration between systems and the platform easy and tailored to your business.

Provide a specific personalized solution

Although Magento offers special features, especially in the new Magento 2 versions. You may still need to enhance your customer’s experience by integrating more specific features. These features can help to increase your conversion rates. For example, you may create a personalized shopping experience with a custom look and feel for each of your customers

You may not access such this function in Magento versions. Customization will be the best way to respond to your customers’ special experiences that will make them keep coming back to your website.

Takes care of security concerns

Magento provides a good layer of security to protect customer’s personal data, especially their payment information. But, if you have a large brand, you may need to include more layers of protection to your e-commerce store. Your website should follow the 12 requirements specified by PCI DSS. Customizing Magento assists you to benefit from the expertise of developers and security professionals who master how to protect your customers’ data. Thus, integrating third-party security support through a custom-built platform may be the option you need.

Satisfy customer’s needs and increase conversions

Customizing your Magento web store will help you to satisfy your customer’s needs. For example, in cases where you have impatient customers, it will make the shopping process easy and fast. This way, your customers will find it simple to search for what they need. You may also want to perfect your web store friendly and personalized. This will help your business to reduce your bounce rate and improve conversion.

Stand out from competitors

There are many e-commerce stores using Magento 2 platform in the market. If your business having the same feel and appearance as that of your competitors. That means that your shoppers cannot differentiate your online store from other shops in your niche.

Customizing your Magento website will come with a distinct presence that will highlight your brand identity and differentiate it from the rest of other websites in your niche. It will allow you to build your brand with unique design capabilities.

Improve functionality

Understanding your business demands will suggest you generating the right website for your business. Custom made Magento web store offers you the right features that allow you to meet your business needs. This will help you to select the right theme, modules, design, layout, pictures, background, e.t.c that will help give your web store distinct appearances

Improve search engine optimization functionalities

Although Magento offers search engine optimization features, it is usually generic. There are cases where you cannot fully rely on the function of your search engine optimization demands. A customized web store by an experienced expert will adjust your e-store to be search engine friendly. You will have a chance to choose the keywords you need to optimize for each of your product pages. You can use different keywords and change them whenever you want

Magento customization Vietnam: 3 main levels to improve your eCommerce solution

1. Custom Themes

The main goal of your eCommerce website is to convert users to customers. The proper customization theme of the Magento store is important in the fulfillment of that goal. Many experts recommending customizing the Magento store’s homepage to reflect the niche to maximize conversions and revenue. Be it a homepage or a product description, every aspect of content your potential customers see should emphasize brand characteristics important for them, such as luxury or practicality, trending, or reliability.

First and foremost, have a look at the main pages of your website. Do they emphasize your key brand values? Do they highlight how your products are different from competitors’ providing? Do they look attractive?

It is essential to customize the Magento homepage for a great first impression on customers. With default capabilities, you can generate blocks with banners that will both draw attention to particular products or promotions and increase the traffic to target pages. You can also add your product snippets into the homepage to highlight your new arrivals or hot deals. Such practices will decorate the homepage not only present the brand but also directly boost sales.

Magento theme customization is a default mechanism based on using the in-built Blank theme, UI components, and the Admin pattern library so as to tweak the web store’s pages. Though the frontend is highly customizable and allows you to achieve really inspiring and convincing visuals, it requires coding and thus takes the assistance of professional eCommerce developers experienced in Magento.

2. Custom extensions

Magento customization Vietnam

Every business needs a distinct extension that supports its requirements. The most beneficial factor of choosing Magento is its ability which allows us to extend the native functionalities. Magento allows its users to integrate custom made extensions for any eCommerce business befitting the business perfectly. Custom extensions are developed especially with the purpose e of introducing the features that aren’t covered by the premium extensions but are needed on your web store. Moreover, unlike ready-made extensions that can sometimes be abandoned by their author and no longer be supported, custom extensions will continue to be improved and upgraded for as long as you want.

3. PWA standards

A ‘progressive web app’ (PWA) isn’t just a buzz-word but an upgrade that your Magento eCommerce website can use to enhance performance and improve conversion. The characteristics of a PWA-based Magento web store combine:

  • Higher security of your customers’ personal data
  • A PWA presupposes a configured SSL certificate and an HTTPS protocol. This configuration makes for more secure and fast data exchange, keep your customer’s sensitive information safely
  • Faster page load and offline availability
  • PWA-based Magento web stores utilize data caching to boost the webpage load speed and allows stable work on poor networks or even offline. To place an order, your shoppers still need an internet connection, but since most of the catalog data is being commonly cached to their device, they can put the important items in their cart regardless of the network conditions.
  • Mobile compatibility
  • PWA-based Magento stores aren’t simply suitable for the mobile screen view, they can be installed on a mobile home like a regular app. Although it is a mere shortcut that opens your website in a browser, it still exists in your customers’ devices. Thus, you can send reminders and notifications (
    for example, to complete checkout) that will enhance user retention and conversion.

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