Magento enterprise versus community comparison (2021)

Magento enterprise versus community

Magento enterprise versus community, which to choose? To briefly answer, the enterprise is the advanced version of the community. Hence, they differ by pricing, funtions list, and support. To be specific, we come up with the Magento 2 Community vs Enterprise comparison to help you go insight into these two version and get the right choice.

The main difference between Magento enterprise (EE) versus community (CE) comparison is that the community version is absolutely free, while the enterprise edition is a premium version. You can download the CE version free and install it on your server, and build your website. While the EE is a premium service provided by Magento, and it offers technical support, configuration, and other unique features. But both versions are similar. It is only the service that is different. The technical aspect and security of the CE are managed by the owner, while in the EE version, the Magento helps the owner at every step.

Magento enterprise versus community comparison

Now let’s get started with our Magento enterprise versus community comparison.

1. Cost

While Magento 2 CE is free the EE version is paid and the price bases on your business value. Magento 1 EE license cost starts at $18.000 per year. Magento 2 EE license cost depends on a revenue model. On the other hand, the price depends on how much your business revenue is. Below is the Revenue X License Cost X Percentage for Magento 2 EE table:

Magento enterprise versus community

So, if you don’t own enough investment capacity for a startup project, the CE version is what you should select. You can upgrade the missing functions with the use of 3d-party Magento 2 extensions. As a result, Magento builders provide CE and EE extension versions where the extensions for CE cost less than for EE.

2. Features

Since both these platforms are built on Magento, they come with the same features. These functions include Advanced ACL, content staging, customer segmentation, SOLR search, RMA functionality, etc. Almost every function employed on the CE is on a basic low scale level.

Magento enterprise versus community

3. Security

Magento CE is kind of a slacker when it comes to security. It doesn’t offer credit card tokenization or secured payment bridges. Another big issue with the free edition is that it is not PCI Compliant, which is an essentiality today.

EE operates on filling this gap. It comes with multiple secure payment gateways like PayPal, Braintree,, CyberSource, WorldPay, and more. Besides, the EE version provides a regular scanning process, bug bounty programs, and external penetration testing.

4. Performance

Magento CE provides faster performance to small website owners who have fewer resources in their store. Whereas the EE works quicker online store with high volumes of traffic or products. You can further enhance the performance by adding third-party modules in both versions.

The difference is the additional functions you get in the paid version. Like you get the option to deploy your software through the new Enterprise Cloud, which will improve the speed of deployment.

5. Scalability

Before determining between Magento enterprise versus community comparison, you have to analyze your future demands. If you are wishing to extend your business in the future and add a lot of products, you should choose the Enterprise edition. EE version is built to scale up and down as per your website’s traffic.

Magento Enterprise Edition provides out-of-the-box features for a growing business. It also helps to minimize and bundle JavaScript and compressing images.

6. Marketing

A large difference between Magento enterprise versus community is the product marketing style. You will get a few basic functions to improve your website’s SEO like customizing meta tags, headings, and URLs.

Whereas the Enterprise edition comes with some refined features like advanced content staging, sophisticated attribute-based customer segmentation, targeted content, abandoned cart reminder emails, etc.

Which version is suitable for you?

Magento enterprise versus community

To determine you need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages. CE suits emerging projects with small investment capacity but a tech-savvy team. EE is not a cheap variant solution but it assigns you to save time on customization and tailoring extra functions. Performance is the main factor for any owner store.  And EE version is more profitable in this connection.

Magento EE provides 3 key characteristics that influence performance directly. These are database scalability, search, and job queue. With 2 CE versions, only one master database is used. With Magento 2 EE, you have data backup and analysis with the master database left untouched, as well as scalability:

Magento EE is a suitable choice for you when:

  • The online store needs advanced marketing and promotion functions (gift registration, multiple wish lists, rewards, discounts, special offers, gift cards, and private sales).
  • Your business requires more out-of-the-box functionality than what is available in Magento CE
  • 24/7 Magento customer support is important for your business
  • Your business sells worldwide and need multiple currencies and languages.
  • The business accepts different forms of payment (check & purchase orders, PayPal).
  • Security solution like PCI is crucial for you

So, If your business goals include rapid growth and scalability, or you looking to join overseas markets. Go with Magento EE, it will provide some great additional functionalities to meet your requirement

Magento CE is a suitable choice for you when:

  • You’re not planning to expand your online business in the future.
  • Your business sells only within one country, in local currency.
  • You don’t require 24/7 support and have a developer team for your own.

Magento CE version is absolutely free to download and provides the same core features as its Enterprise equivalent. However, CE is designed for a small eCommerce business whose website does not require all the out-of-box features. The smaller website that will not require hefty modules or improved security should fair well with Community Edition.

Hopefully, you now have a much better idea of which version is right for you. Keep in mind such main factors as site traffic, product sales, and your future development. If you are listing or willing to list over 6000 SKUs, or looking to expand your client base with steable growth, then you should choose Magento Enterprise; recently rebranded Magento Commerce.

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