Magento Epicor integration: Streamline your ecommerce store and position your company for growth

Magento epicor integration

Building a store on Magento is the first step to start an online business . After that, you can face lots of other problems like inventory management, orders, accounting, payment… Then, integrating with the third party is the tendency for many businesses to operate their store effectively and smoothly. Thanks to this platform, you can concentrate on the core value of your firms and enhance productivity and revenue. Therefore, in this article, we will give you a perfect solution for your Magento store: Magento Epicor integration. Via this analytics, you can find out the outstanding features which Magento Epicor integration can bring for your company. 

A quick review of the Epicor you need to know

A quick review of the Epicor you need to know

The definition of Epicor ERP 

Epicor ERP is a modular, industry-specific software system that is used to manage business processes across the firm. Accounting and finance, human resources, customers, the supply chain, inventory, distribution, and manufacturing production management are all areas where Epicor software excels. Epicor software is available both on-premises and as a cloud-based SaaS ERP solution (enterprise resource planning).

Epicor provides industry-specific ERP solutions in the form of Business Management Platforms.

Epicor Software Corporation is always looking for innovative ways to incorporate cutting-edge technology into its ERP system. Epicor, for example, with its Advanced MES (manufacturing execution software) that easily interacts with the Epicor ERP (and MRP) system, employs the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to connect machines with sensors and PLCs on the shop floor.

Epicor is a provider of powerful omnichannel software for retailers, including eCommerce.

Some impressive characteristic about Epicor ERP 

Main features of Epicor ERP are:

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Global Business Management
  • Epicor ICE Business Architecture
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Production Management
  • Project Management
  • Service Management
  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Performance Management
  • Planning and Scheduling

A brief about Magento

A brief about Magento

Magento is a platform with built-in PHP, which helps programmers create eCommerce websites. It was released on March 31, 2008, by Varien and developed on Zend Framework.

In 2018, Adobe acquired Magento with a price of $1.68 billion to complete its commerce loop. Magento supports selling physical, digital, and downloadable products or services

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform featuring order management, business intelligence, and shipping. Popular Magento integrations include file ERP, finance, and payment applications.

The highline features make you want to jump in Epicor Magento Integration

The Epicor Magneto integration provides users with multiple features after the integration is successfully executed.

  • Set up an ERP system. For businesses, this is a critical tool. This helps to secure all of the company’s services to and from a single database, as well as an interactive interface which gives store owners administration skills.
  • The integration aids in the management of the supply chain, regardless of its size or complexity. You can easily create the most efficient supply networks.
  • It’s also possible to manage your finances. Management tools give business owners information about their company’s financial health. These aid in the transparent management of all finances.
  • You may build well-optimized plans and timetables. Then it ensures that you’re getting the most out of all of your available resources and enhancing your company’s efficiency.
  • You can manage and control your product inventories. It guarantees that your stock is tracked and your Magento store has products in stock for clients at all times.
  • You can also handle projects on their own. This tool will help your initiatives stay on track and stay within budget. The integration allows store owners to have complete control over their company endeavors.
  • You can control product and order information. The data, if used correctly, can assist you in gaining business insights. If a product is not being purchased while other products are, you can figure out what’s wrong. Then you can work on a remedy to boost sales.
  • The connection enables store owners to give the best possible service to their clients. You can also hire a Magneto Agency partner to create a visually appealing interface for your Magento store.
  • The e-commerce store’s supplier relationships can also be controlled. It is possible to create and implement a successful SRM strategy.
  • By building and pushing the production sections of the firm to create an efficient output, Magneto store owners can simplify the output of products.
  • The users gain access to a customer relationship management system as a result of the integration. This aids in the management of the complete customer lifecycle in order to improve operational efficiency. Besides, it accelerates the company’s growth by offering the best customer service.
  • Automated workflows are built, which help improve revenue by utilizing efficient processes while also reducing employee workload.
  • It has capabilities that allow you to manage human resources efficiently and strategically.
  • Along with all of these benefits, Epicor Magento integration is a good deal in terms of Magneto 2 pricing plans and ROI. Several capabilities are available to improve IT services, including automated workflows, project management, product management, customer management, financial management, and supplier management. These advanced capabilities ensure that your Magneto business stands out from the crowd and draws in the most clients.

Why should your business apply Magento Epicor Integration ?

Magento epicor integration

Automation of workflows.

We will have a lot more automated workflow thanks to the integration solution. The Epicor ERP system will receive the sales data from the Magneto 2 automatically. Examples of data may be product numbers, updated quantities, and product descriptions. Customer billing and shipping information, as well as payment information and order completion status are always up to date. Customer information can be transferred between platforms and customer accounts can be modified and added. The data is kept accurate by automatically uploading Epicor ERP order statuses to Magento 2 and synchronizing prices. Invoices and payments can be created directly on the spot, making the checkout procedure even more automated.

The product information has also been updated. SKUs, tax classes, weight and dimensions, retail pricing, and current stock levels in warehouses are among the details. The automated even checks for internal issues and sends out alerts via SMS or email. Hence the problem can be addressed as soon as feasible. Data entry, for example, is synchronized by automation. The automation also reduces the possibility of human errors, which are bound to occur with manual data entry. These aid our company in saving time, achieving operational precision, lowering operational costs, and completing duties fast.

Helps in customer management.

Taking customer data from one platform and manually entering it into another platform is a time-consuming operation. Your businesses benefit from the integration since they now have fast access to client data. When a consumer creates an account on the Magneto platform, Epicor creates a new account for them automatically. This separates the management of the massive number of customers. This aids the company in gaining unique client insights, which can be utilized to promote products according to their preferences. Customer queries can also be responded to immediately, which promotes customer satisfaction.

Help in product management.

You’ll need a proper administration solution for all of the products on the Magneto store to preserve a well-maintained record. By bringing together the Magento platform and the Epicor ERP system, the platform integration provides these management solutions by synchronizing all product management tasks and reducing human data entry. To maintain your product catalog balanced, you can update product stocks, adjust their pricing, and edit their description. This aids in the production of precise findings that may be shown in your businesses and convey reliable info to customers. This provides the buyer with a clear and error-free view of the products available for purchase.

Provide customer satisfaction.

By offering users an engaging interface and a simple checkout procedure, the Epicor Magento connection helps to make operations go more smoothly. The interface also provides real-time updates to customer profiles, order statuses, and order tracking, as well as responds to consumer inquiries. Because of these significant benefits, integrating the two platforms is critical. This provides a positive consumer experience and keeps them satisfied, resulting in increased sales for the Magneto store. This also ensures that customers do not defect to a competitor’s location.

Order management.

Keep your clients updated about their order statuses by offering assurances about their order statuses and allowing them to view the status whenever they want. Maintaining accurate detail of each order provides for timely delivery and appropriate after-sales services for business owners. Because the management process has been streamlined and can now be managed efficiently, all products are delivered on time.

Manage the prices.

The creation of accurate invoices and pricing changes facilitate smooth interactions between the customer and the company. On the product listings page, you can simply compute the prices for shipping, a customer returning things, taxes that apply to the products, and any discounts and coupons. These give the client a clear picture of the prices and make the checkout process simple.

The Epicor Magento integration is critical because of these broad features and their benefits. By partnering with Magneto Agency Partners, you can take advantage of a subsidized Magento 2 price plan that is both inexpensive and beneficial to your company.

The simple way for you to implement Magento Epicor Integration

The simple way to implement Magento Epicor Integration

Epicor ERP and Magento can be integrated with a native Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC). Mind though: it may not be as fun and easy as it seems.

Step 1: Get the Epicor Commerce Connect

Epicor Magento integration is difficult because you must either partner with Epicor or implement the connector yourself. 

If you pick Epicor, you can rely on a tried-and-true process that has been refined over years of upgrades and solution implementation. Expect overhead expenditures, too: you’ll have to pay for not only the ECC, but also consultation, additional IT employees, Epicor training, and so on.

You can work with an Epicor representative or a third-party vendor, such as Elogic, if you wish to conduct the integration yourself. You’ll get the connector’s source code, as well as documentation, the Analyzer, and the Epicor Learning Center, to help you go through it. The rest will be handled by your spouse.

Step 2: Check System Requirements

For Magento connection, each ECC version has pretty stringent environmental criteria. It’s a good idea to double-check them for the precise version that the shop will use.

If these figures appear to be Greek to you, you may need to engage a Magento developer to get over the tech stack limits and adapt your Magento system to Epicor’s needs.

Step 3: Start Integrating

To combine Magento with Epicor, you may only need to run the connector setup script if you meet all of the system prerequisites. You’ll need to install each script component separately if you wish to alter the code or avoid specific system prerequisites to reduce the risk of future system updates.

So what are the advantages you will receive from Magento Epicor Integration

the advantages of Magento Epicor Integration

When it comes to effective business administration, Magento with Epicor might be a real match made in heaven. For both shops and customers, there are four major advantages to Epicor Magento integration.

Benefit 1: A faster data flow.

Epicor’s ecommerce interface with Magento streamlines data transfer. To make a purchase, a consumer uses the Magento interface, which displays the number of SKUs available, the shipping time, and the payment options. Epicor ERP gathers all sales order details, including quantity, product code and description, customer billing and shipping details, and more, and feeds the adjustments back to the user interface in real time.

Automated data flow has two additional advantages. First, your B2B customer can shop as if they were a B2C because of the quickness and ease of purchasing. Second, there’s no need to enter product information into two separate systems. As a consequence, your customers will be enthralled by the speed with which their orders are processed, and your employees will be more productive while saving time on time-consuming manual activities.

Benefit 2: Improved Data Accuracy

Another significant advantage of Magento ERP system connection is data accuracy. Orders, customer accounts, warehouse inventory, and billing all exchange up-to-date information. Because no manual data entry is required, the risk of human error is eliminated. When ERP is used in conjunction with PIM software, an additional validation layer is added to the data input, reducing costly errors and chargebacks.

For businesses concerned with inventory planning, Epicor Magento integration can be a lifesaver, especially for those operating in areas with significant volatility or seasonality. When receiving or selling products, ERP stores inventory updates so you can predict how many items you’ll need to make or store in your warehouses.

Benefit 3: Optimized Financials

Epicor ERP connection will also provide real-time financial visibility to you and your clients. On the one hand, automated login will verify returning users and provide account-based pricing (a must-have feature for B2B merchants!). You will, on the other hand, prevent billing complications with your customers. Customers will be able to save, print, and pay invoices generated by Epicor ERP using the Magento interface.

Benefit 4: Increased Customer Conversion Rate

The new vs. returning customers measure is used by many B2B companies to determine their ecommerce conversion rate. However, without a closely linked back-end ERP with a user log-in site, this rate is impossible to measure, let alone increase.

Your customers will be able to access information about their order history, payments, and shipping options on their webstore personal profiles thanks to the Epicor Magento 2 solution. It makes purchasing complex B2B purchases easier and offers a consistent customer experience across all sales channels.

And last but not least, the cost can arise from Magento Epicor Integration 

The Magento Epicor Integration solution is priced in the same range as other ERP platforms’ basic systems. The ERP is available for $175 per month and best suited for managing medium-sized businesses. It has the capability of targeting clients and is slightly more complicated than other ERP systems. The integration solution can cost up to $20,000 as a one-time fee, or it can be paid on a monthly basis for roughly $1000. Magento 2 integration cost also offers a significant return on investment.


Through this analytic, we hope you have an overview of Magento Epicor Integration. To manage online stores efficiently, third-party integration is always a wise decision. It not only is a helpful assistant but also makes your operation become easier and saves the effort to focus on other important parts. If you don’t have much time and worry about how to integrate it, hiring a third-company will assure your success. With many experiences in this field , we are confident to provide the best service: Magento third party integration. Therefore, if you have any questions, contact us to have more information.

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