Magento mobile app development: The advantages of hiring in Vietnam


Magento is the most used open source platform for e-commerce in the world. It has more than 260,000 merchant sites and over 28% of the total mobile apps. With a range of unparalleled features and thousands of extensions, Magento has everything businesses need to create and build their websites. In addition, right Magento mobile app development is extremely important. For this, you need to judiciously hire a Magento mobile app development company to  fulfill your need for the development of an advanced application. Magento mobile app development company in Vietnam may be good choice.

Why you need a Magento mobile app for your online business?



Magento Open Souce eCommerce

Magento Community Edition is an open source platform with an option for easy download. It includes support and updates from the extensive community. Further, Magento even offers viable options to select your hosting service. Cloud hosting reduces the cost of ownership. As you do not have to incur the cost of maintaining or monitoring the solution.


It is currently available in three editions: Magento 2 Community Edition (EC), Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (EE) and Magento 2. So it offers possibilities for almost infinite evolution and control. Single products, bundled products or customization, everything can be put on the finger of your customers through Magento mobile applications.

Multilingual Support

The Magento mobile app development supports different languages without the need for manual effort. Content, banners, and images are converted into the desired language with a few simple steps. Moreover, the voice search function offers multilingual support too. Thus, customers can search and land on their desired products with ease.

One Page Checkout

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The shopping cart process on Magento is simple and optimized. It is for one page or you can create extra pages according to your preferences. It allows one-click payments, and shipping to other addresses if needed. The customer can buy as a guest or a user to skip the registration process. In short, shipping, payments, with an integrated checkout are a part of Magento mobile app development solutions.

magento mobile app development

Magento One Step Checkout by ArrowHiTech allows your Magento site to have all checkout steps in only one step. It’s easiest way for customers to complete their orders on your site.

Catalog Management

The Magento CMS allows unified management of product catalogs across categories. It provides robust support for the inventory management for various product types. Thus, if you plan to sell a range of several thousand products, you should turn to Magento. Also, the administration interface makes it possible to apply group updates, which saves a considerable amount of time.

Fast Loading

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Magento provides tools to develop native Progressive Web Apps. It helps retailers to create online stores create an experience with faster page loading and, increase conversion rates. 

Rapid Search

Layered browsing provides better filtering options. Most bounces and exits from the online store occur because due to difficulty in navigation. With quick search options and better navigation, the app makes it easy for customers to find products.


magento mobile app development
Magento provides a number of security extensions and patches along with regular updates. You can add an SSL certificate and run a two-step authentication process to protect your site’s back end. All Magento sites must comply with the PCI standard. As a result, customer information is not stored or transmitted without their knowledge.


Magento mobile app development offers robust customization capabilities, via an advanced interface that allows you to directly edit raw HTML / CSS code to give you total control over the design and appearance of your store.

There are different project managers, developers, and designers who will make the task of Magento mobile app development much easier. There are certain advantages to hiring a Magento mobile app development company, especially in Vietnam. They are explained as follows. Take a careful look at it to make the right choice of choosing Magento mobile app development in Vietnam for your business.

For instance, our own Magento website development service in Vietnam is plus the option for monthly support packages to make sure your online business always remains in top form. And of course, there are countless other developer websites that can be easily found and perused as well.

Our Magento services:

Magento Consulting And Ecommerce Strategy

Magento Website Development

Magento Progressive Web Application Development

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ArrowHiTech Development Agency

With over 12 years of operation, ArrowHiTech is official Magento’s partner. We has increasingly widened our skills and resources to meet all the requirements of customers all over the world on Web design and development with flexible and reasonable price!

The advantages of hiring Magento Mobile App Development in Vietnam, especially ArrowHiTech

Huge revenue

The mobile application development company will be very beneficial for the big projects that need a lot of systematic functioning. Such systematic function carried out by huge investment plan should be vested on professionals who have a clear idea about such technical spheres. You can also get the benefit of consulting them at every step. ArrowHiTech possess analytical skills and can guide with about what kind of application will actually benefit your company.

For the start-ups, the aftercare services are majorly important. The huge amount of focus is required which will only come if you hire a team of professionals from the Magento mobile app development company. ArrowHiTech will be a suitable choice for your business plan and. We will guide you to formulate strategies about your product launch.


Hiring a Magento mobile app development company is also very costly. It sounds better when hiring a freelancer. But there are many problems occurring to maintain and develop mobile apps. The mobile app development company will charge you according to a fixed hour basis or one-time rate which will be fixed.

magento mobile app development

With ArrowHiTech, there will be a fixed agreement with very flexible and reasonable price. In this way, your overhead cost will be drastically reduced and will make the operation of the mobile application affordable and not burn a hole in your pocket.

Trusted resource and expert technical knowledge

By hiring the Magento mobile app development service from ArrowHiTech, you will be able freely to handle the business tasks while preparing for automation through the app. 

The team will handle the app development at every step and will be able to take care of all the requirement of the application. It will find exclusive strategies for development of your business. You will get the benefit of the latest tools, certificates, licenses which are very crucial in application development. These professionals also have knowledge of programming languages who can read codes easily.

Strong support system

Once you hire a good development company, you get free from the overhead of handling the system. The team of IT consultant, or mobile app developer, help you out with all the technical services even after the delivery of software.

magento mobile app development

The company with a good portfolio and the conducive working environment and good staff take responsibility to cater to your needs they will take the responsibility to cater to your needs at every level. You just have to pay the head of the company and sit back and relax.

Low instance of legal issues

It is very delicate to do all online business and handling the tasks. A huge amount of risk is involved and there can be random instances of fraud and hacking which needs to be taken care of legally. If you hire a respectable Magento mobile app development company like us, it will help you to diminish such legal issues. We are legally licensed company who will develop an application maintaining legality.

Turned workflow

You will instantly benefit from the turned workflow. You will get instant reports by directly contacting the project managers and do not have to take the stress of running the whole team. You can also tell him about the time issues and he will take the headache of making adjustments. Also, the project manager will be responsible for completing the application development process in the specified amount of time which will be beneficial for your company.


Hence the Magento mobile app development company which has the trusted team of professionals who possess expert knowledge about the mobile app to ensure the successful development of the mobile phone. They will help to focus on other spheres of your business and also develop the mobile application successfully. Therefore you should think carefully about hiring the right mobile app development company. The investment will actually benefit you in the long run and bring in greater revenues and fame. 

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