Magento One-step Checkout: 5+ best extensions for e-commerce website for 2021


Your conversion rates and sales depend heavily on its usability and convenience. Even the smallest shortcoming or error can significantly harm these benefits. So, optimize your checkout page seems like the ultimate solution for bettering your e-commerce business. And, the most common way is to select the so-called “Magento One-step Checkout extension”.

This kind of extension can bring all order elements (such as shipping, billing addresses, shipping & payment methods, etc.) to the single page in your Magento 2 store. It simplifies order placement and makes it much easier for a customer. However, choosing a Magento One-step Checkout extension can be tricky, as for the requirements and benefits. So, now we want to list out some of the best Magento One-step Checkout extensions that can make your store outstanding.

1. Magento One-step Checkout extension by MageSolution

Magento One-step Checkout is an essential function that can be integrated into an e-commerce website. Customers are from many countries and use many native languages. So, convenient and simple checkout will help your customers purchase products quickly without any barriers of language and degree.


The process of buying a product and check out right on the website is an innovation of the regular trading market and how to help customers making orders easiest. It is highly recommended for the owners or dealers to have this checkout extension installed in order to simplify the default checkout steps and attract more customers to come and use it again.

Some highlighted features:

  • Support multi-languages, languages are updated in.CSV file. So, Magento One-step Checkout will allow admin to add new languages or edit text translations to have the right contents
  • Easy to configure options in admin backend
  • Easy control fields of shipping and billing address
  • User-friendly checkout interface
  • All steps on Magento One-page checkout
  • Automatically update the Grand total on alteration of shipping method
  • Automatically update the delivery option when the shipping address is changed
  • Optional or already-checked box for Newsletter subscription

Check this extension out now: Magento One-step Checkout

2. Magento 2 One-step Checkout by Mageplaza


This is a great start for e-commerce website owners. It helps simplify the checkout process, decrease the abandonment cart to 66%, reduce checkout time to 80% and increase the conversion rate over 30%. In a more general context, Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension by Mageplaza helps reduce the abandonment rate as well as increase the conversion rate dramatically. Ignore the back and forth that are the redundant motions when standing on your site.

Some highlighted features: 

  • Google Maps Suggestion Integration
  • The checkout page is optimized
  • Compatible with nearly 100% of the third extensions
  • Delivery time allows the customers to receive the items according to their favored time.
  • Auto-detect the existing email which customer used to register
  • Help the customers wrap gift to their friends
  • Let the customers leave the comments
  • Variety layout can be adapted to any screen size

3. Magento One-step Checkout by amasty

This extension is the future of 2020. By using this Magento One-step Checkout extension, you can place all checkout steps on one responsive page to streamline the whole shopping process. In other words, this will help you to simplify the Magento checkout process and make it less time-consuming to significantly increase the number of sales on your website.


Furthermore, this extension uses customizable layouts, easily manage checkout blocks and help customers to instantly fill in multiple fields with Google Autosuggestions and automatic credit card detector. With the Magento One-step Checkout extension, you’ll easily make the checkout compact and easy by displaying all steps on one page. This way, you can improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Some highlighted features: 

  • Combine shopping cart and one step checkout
  • Customizable and mobile-friendly checkout page design
  • Manage checkout fields and blocks display
  • Automatically detect customer geolocation
  • Speed up the checkout with predefined field values

4. Magento 2 One-step Checkout by BSSCommerce

This extension is selling like hotcakes. And why is that? Simply put, the extension gathers all steps in the default checkout into a one-page checkout so that customers do not have to go back and forth to fill in and check the checkout information. It is safe to say that: The more comfortable the Magento 2 checkout is, the more likely that orders will be sealed!


Even better, Magento 2 One Page Checkout extension is also more informative than that of the default. To be exact, there are some additional fields required by almost every online shopper, such as delivery date and comment, order comment, payment trust badges, and more.

Some highlighted features:

  • All-in-One Optimized Checkout
  • GeoIP Detection & Google Address Suggestion
  • Clear Communication about Order
  • Enhanced Payment Trust Badges
  • Neatly Responsive Checkout
  • Plug-n’-Play Compatibilities

5. Magento One-step Checkout Extension by Plumrocket

One-step checkout plugin for Magento helps to speed-up the purchase process by reducing the number of checkout pages and steps to just one single step. A great number of features, as well as simple and attractive design, leads to higher customer satisfaction rates on the final steps while placing their order.


This single-step checkout for your Magento store was built to be intuitive, rocket-fast, and fully customizable, so the customers don’t get stressed out from having to type in too many lines. To add, you can offer even more great opportunities for your clients upon placing the order! 

Some highlighted features:

  • Automatically reload required sections using AJAX when the customer makes changes on the checkout page.
  • Login customer right from the One-step checkout page in Magento without leaving the checkout and losing the entered data
  • Admin can specify a number of default values and specify footer content
  • Built-in integration of multiple payment methods
  • Supports native Magento EE reward points & Magento EE gift card functionality

6. Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension by Magetop


This is probably one great extension that can be the 2020’s trend. To be more specific, Magento One-step Checkout and Layouts will allow users to complete the checkout process without spending time moving to a separate page for payment. Above all, it complements all the features of the cart page into a checkout page. The user can change the quantity and remove products on the same page using AJAX. 

Some highlighted features:

  • Complete checkout steps on one page.
  • Responsive design, optimized for PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.
  • Billing & Shipping Details, Shipping & Payment Section.
  • Allows/Supports Gift Wrap, Gift Message, Comments and Delivery Time.
  • Order review and change quantity section.
  • Coupon applies & Place order


This may sum up some of the best Magento One-step Checkout extension for an e-commerce website. Having those extensions means that you can catch up with the trend of 2020: minimal, easy-to-navigate and mobile-first. Your online store will be increased in conversion rates and sales, as a result. 

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