Magento product types: The difference between simple, configurable, group, bundle products

Magento product types

Magento product types allow the merchants to sell all the types of products within the catalog easily. There are six types of products supported in Magento 2 including Simple product, Grouped product, Bundle product, Configurable product, virtual product, and Downloadable product. Let’s have a look.

Selling goods in groups, bundles, or with multiple optional attributes is frequent essentiality for the store owners. Nearly as frequently as they need this, some Magento users have a hard time to decide the suitable type of product. Moreover, it might be hard and time-consuming to set up and manage those products.

1. Simple vs. Configurable

Simple Products

Magento product types


This is the most popular among all Magento product types. A simple product is considered to be used for a single unit with no special selectable options. Every product comes with its own product SKU, weight, price, and inventory. You can also add some options with an input color, size, or else for the shoppers’ needs

Configurable Products

Magento product types


A configurable product is a product type providing many options and enabling customers to choose the option that they want. In Magento 2, you also can create many simple products with different colors and sizes to sell. However, configurable product type allows you to create a product more convenient, faster, and easier to control

2. Grouped vs Bundled

Grouped Products

Magento product types



A grouped product is a product type that allows you to generate a new product using one or more existing products. This product group has two separate products, including Computer and Sony headphones. Each one of them is available for shoppers to buy. When purchasing a grouped product, shoppers can select each separated product to add to the cart. A group of bag packs and tracking accessories, or a furniture set can be considered as a grouped product.

Bundle Products

Magento product types


With Bundle Products, you can also sell a product as a kit, but contrary to a grouped product, you cannot skip any of its components. Bundle products cannot be sold separately and you can only select which exact options from offered you prefer. A combo product, for instance, as shown in the figure above can be considered as a bundled product that can be either customized or simply add to the cart. Think about a computer where the customer can choose various monitors, processors, memory, etc.

3. Downloadable vs. Virtual

Downloadable Product

Magento product types

A downloadable product is the same as a virtual product. But these goods have one or more digital files for downloading. This is suitable for software, digital music files, and other electronic goods. Otherwise, downloadable files can be used as a configuration for customers to select when adding to the cart.

Virtual product

Magento product types

Magento virtual product is used for the product that do not need to be shipped, downloaded, or delivered at all. These goods are known as intangible products. Virtual products represent non-tangible goods such as memberships, services, warranties, or subscriptions and digital downloads of books, music, videos, etc


  • Simple Product and Virtual Product types are lack of custom options, though they can belong to Grouped Product. Therefore, you have to take it into account when selecting products for the Grouped type;
  • The option to buy ALL or separately is available only for Magento 2 Grouped Product type. Don’t distract it with the Bundle type;
  • To generate product variations, you can use either Magento Configurable Product type or Simple Product with custom options. In the latter case you’ll manage to create product variations without replying on attributes;
  • While selecting products for Grouped products you should remember Simple and Virtual Products won’t have custom options in the case.

4. Magento product types: Add Product By Type

To add product type in Magento 2 you need to log in to the admin panel:

  • Navigate to the Product Catalog and choose the ‘Add Product’ section at the right-upper corner:
  • Select one of the 6 available types and continue the settings in line with your requirements

5. Magento 2 Change Product Type

It can be made with the database only, either manually or via the SQL query.
To make the change product type via the SQL in Magento 2 you have to log in to the phpMyAdmin:

  • Shift to the SQL and fill in the next line: UPDATE catalog_product_entity SET type_id=”simple” WHERE type_id = “downloadable”;

This command will change all the downloadable product types to simple ones. Having changed the query you can set any substitutes you want.

  • Log in to the Admin Panel and check the result.

You can also change product type manually in catalog_product_entity table or modify the query to choose only the required products.

Depending on the specific products and services that each store will use different Magento 2 product types. In case if you have more queries please contact our Magento Developers.

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