Magento pwa: Top providers you should know

Magento pwa

Magento PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is creating a large impact on e-Commerce development. PWA is an advanced technology that supports online stores to develop an app-like experience for mobile users. This means users who use mobile can access the PWA store via a browser and URL like other websites. Especially, the user experience is exactly smooth and responsive like using the native app. PWA technology promise to bring some amazing functions just like normal websites and native apps.

What is PWA?

PWA inherits all the functionality of a native app-like icon in the home screen, offline mode, background sync despite PWA does not have to be installed. On the other hand, PWA is still a web having URLs then it is SEO-friendly which is very essential to Magento businesses.

Progressive web apps nowadays become so common that all owners store will pay attention to them because of their effective and crucial features. Progressive web app as its name, it progressed because of its very fast page loading speed. It is a one-page app that loads only once and then only asks for data to fill in the layout. As a result, reduce the bounce rate and boost session duration.

Top Magento PWA providers

If you are wondering whether PWA is a suitable choice for your Magento websites, you can refer to more amazing providers in our list below.

1. The PWA frontend for Magento

Magento pwa

PWA development service by Vue Storefront is a one-stop technology for eCommerce. It develops websites based on utilizing Node.js and GraphQL as a server-API. Vue Storefront requires no specific type of back-end for full features, as the platform itself is headless and works smoothly on any eCommerce platform.

  • Works on all devices
  • Support functions offline
  • Indexed by Google
  • Push notifications
  • Low data requirements
  • A stable, consistent core to keep your online business secured
  • Optimized for modern infrastructures. Prepared for all conditions
  • Backed by world-class support and engineering teams

2. Simicart

Magento pwa

SimiCart PWA is considered an effective PWA solution for Magento. It eventually supports to boost loading speed and ranking on google. Moreover, it helps to increase customer retention with add to the home screen and pushes notifications features.

  • Custom PWA responsive theme (desktop supported)
  • 3x faster-loading speed
  • Push notifications
  • Add to the home screen
  • Offline mode
  • SEO boost
  • App-like experience
  • Deeply integrated with Magento

3. Scandi PWA

Magento pwa

CandiPWA is not a storefront. It does not come with the backend transformation that can slow down the performance, lead to bugs, and need more maintenance resources. ScandiPWA, instead, is a Progressive Web Apps theme that can be installed on any Magento 2.3.x. Therefore, ScandiPWA is regarded as a Magento-first solution, supporting you to keep the same backend that your developers are already familiar with, still adding all the benefits provided by the Progressive Web Apps technology!

  • Superfast page load
  • Homescreen App button
  • Offline mode
  • Push notifications
  • Support to deploy your store to the App Store and Google Play stores
  • Native app look and feel
  • Boost of mobile conversions
  • Priority in organic search

4. Tigren PWA

Magento pwa

Tigren’s Magento PWA Solution provides features of both mobile web as well as native apps to bring a convenient shopping experience to users. Their Magento PWA solution is equipped with many powerful features that contribute to boosting page loading speed, offer responsive design, and deliver a high-quality experience. View more of the key features of Tigren’s Magento PWA Solution:

  • Push Notifications
  • Add to Home Screen
  • Faster Loading Speed
  • Well-Optimized for SEO
  • Enhanced Background Sync
  • Offline Mode

5. Magento PWA Studio

Magento pwa

Magento PWA Studio has released along with Magento 2.3. It’s the suite for developer tools for creating PWA frontends for Magento. Supporting your developers with everything needed for development, deployment, and maintenance, and complemented by rich documentation, Magento PWA studio is likely to consider to be a go-to tool for Magento merchants looking to take their store into the future.

  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Simple and basic category page
  • Support fundamental product information like Name, Price, Image, SKU, etc.
  • Miss some Magento default features
  • Available functions are not enough to optimize the user experience

6. Arrowhitech

Magento pwa


Arrowhitech has exaggerated the capabilities to provide the best Magento 2 Themes with  PWA technology for all Magento store owners. Fast web loading, attention-grabbing design, and advanced features are the core reasons they stand out among a jungle of other Magento 2 rivals. Like their competitors, Claue theme Magento 2 PWA  operates based on the robust technology of the PWA through Vue Storefront which will bring an incredibly smooth and lightweight experience for your online store.

  • Works on all devices
  • Supports offline orders
  • Allows push notifications
  • Low data requirements
  • Search engine friendly
  • Doesn’t need to be downloaded
  • Faster Loading Speed
  • Well-Optimized for SEO

6. CedCommerce

Magento pwa

CedCommerce Cenia Pro Theme for Magento 2 PWA Studio uses the robust technology of Magento PWA Studio, ReactJS & GraphQL. It provides a plethora of top-notch functions which are a step towards making shopping online with eCommerce an excellent experience. CedCommerce has developed a custom Cenia theme that provides some additional features from that of stock Magento PWA.

  • Easier to use than a web-native application.
  • Works extremely quickly whenever contrasted with the site.
  • Supports message pop-up for Android gadgets.
  • Totally responsive on all the stages.
  • Dispatches without the web or low-quality web.
  • It closely resembles a local application.
  • Clients don’t have to refresh the dynamic web application.

7. SoftLand Technology

Magento pwa

Among various development services, SoftLand Technology offers professional Magento PWA integration to eCommerce businesses globally. You can access their demo and check the service details given below.

  • Real-time updates
  • No download
  • SEO-friendly
  • Superfast website performance
  • Access website with stand-by mode when offline
  • Push notifications
  • Quick access from the home screen

8. Experius PWA

Magento pwa

Experius turns out to be an eCommerce development agency in Netherland. Many eCommerce customers selected Experius as it offers to develop PWA online business for Magento 2 based on Magento PWA Studio. Moreover, the PWAs are literally flexible, very fast, and simply to engage with the website. In this way, users can create a relationship with the web app to become accelerated powerful.

  • Works for every user regardless of which browser or device is used
  • Operate offline or with a poor network
  • PWA webshop is indexed and displayed by Google
  • Super-fast loading of images and content
  • Runs completely over HTTPS and with an SSL-ensure safety
  • Auto-updated content
  • Allows visistor to add the app to their home screen

9. NexPWA 

Magento pwa

PWA development service by NexPWA comes with a very fast & user-friendly front-end that is deployed on your Magento website for a time period of just 2 weeks. Checkout outstanding features.

  • Offers A/B Testing
  • 6 Optimized Themes Available
  • Capable to deploy PWA only for mobile.
  • Includes Google Tag Manager Integration
  • Supports Multi-Currency
  • Supports Page Builder and Magento CMS
  • Inbuilt Payment Gateway Integration
  • Publish in iOS and Android App Stores

Magento PWA has already created a huge impact in the eCommerce industry. Today, there are many successful examples of Magento PWA stores that live in the market. Magesolution is very happy to bring more helpful information for our readers who are truly concerned about the website improvement.

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