Message queue: Everything you should know in Magento 2


In modern cloud architecture, applications are decoupled into smaller, independent building blocks that are easier to develop, deploy and maintain. Message queues provide communication and coordination for these distributed applications. In this article, we will discuss about the definition, benefits, features and how to process message queue in Magento 2.

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Message Queues: The Definition


A message queue is a form of asynchronous service-to-service communication used in serverless and microservices architectures. Messages are stored on the queue until they are processed and deleted. Each message is processed only once, by a single consumer. Message queues can be used to decouple heavyweight processing, to buffer or batch work, and to smooth spiky workloads.

Message queue can significantly simplify coding of decoupled applications, while improving performance, reliability and scalability. You can also combine message queues with Pub/Sub messaging in a fanout design pattern.

The Benefits of Message Queues

Better Performance

Message queues enable asynchronous communication, which means that the endpoints that are producing and consuming messages interact with the queue, not each other. Producers can add requests to the queue without waiting for them to be processed. Consumers process messages only when they are available. No component in the system is ever stalled waiting for another, optimizing data flow.

Increased Reliability

Queues make your data persistent, and reduce the errors that happen when different parts of your system go offline. By separating different components with message queues, you create more fault tolerance. If one part of the system is ever unreachable, the other can still continue to interact with the queue. The queue itself can also be mirrored for even more availability.

Granular Scalability

Message queues make it possible to scale precisely where you need to. When workloads peak, multiple instances of your application can all add requests to the queue without risk of collision. As your queues get longer with these incoming requests, you can distribute the workload across a fleet of consumers. Producers, consumers and the queue itself can all grow and shrink on demand.

Simplifed Decoupling

Message queues remove dependencies between components and significantly simplify the coding of decoupled applications. Software components aren’t weighed down with communications code and can instead be designed to perform a discrete business function.

Message queues are an elegantly simple way to decouple distributed systems, whether you’re using monolithic applications, microservices or serverless architectures.

Break Up Apps

Use message queues to decouple your monolithic applications. Rather than performing multiple functions within a single executable, multiple programs can exchange information by sending messages between processes, making them easier to test, debug, evolve and scale.

Migrate to Microservices

Microservices integration patterns that are based on events and asynchronous messaging optimize scalability and resiliency. Use message queuing services to coordinate multiple microservices, notify microservices of data changes, or as an event firehose to process IoT, social and real-time data.

Shift to Serverless

Once you’ve built microservices without servers, deployments onto servers, or installed software of any kind, you can use message queues to provide reliable, scalable serverless notifications, inter-process communications, and visibility of serverless functions and PaaS.

How to Process Message Queue in Magento 2

How to Process Message Queue in Magento 2


As a store admin, you may have to change the products’ prices on a mass scale, assign a product to a warehouse, update products’ attribute values at a time, etc. Such mass actions go to the queue and are performed turn-wise. It may take time to complete all the actions and you will have to wait.

But not always.

You can process message queue in Magento 2 to perform all the mass actions at a time. This will save you time and you can check the results instantly. All you have to do is run the below commands:

Steps to process message queue in Magento 2:

To view a list of all consumers:

That’s it for Magento 2 message queue!

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