Multi vendor Magento theme: Top 10 creative themes you need to know if you want to earn much money by selling online

Multi vendor Magento theme

Now, everything can go online, especially during the COVID – 19 pandemic. If you expect to have a multi vendor business like Amazon or eBay, the first step is choosing the right theme for your website. Unlike normal online stores, multi vendor websites are different. In this guideline, we will deliver our top 10 multi vendor Magento theme to choose from

HOT!! The version 2.0 of Claue have been released

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Claue – Clean, Minimal Magento 2&1 Theme is an excellent template for a modern and clean eCommerce store with 40+ homepage layouts and tons of options for shop, blog, portfolio, store locator layouts and other useful pages. Claue version 2. 0  comes with a bunch of  exclusive features including:

  • Being based on Luma theme.
  • Meet all standards of Magento Theme
  • Significant performance improvement
  • Compatible with most third-party extensions.
  • Fully compatible with Magento 2.4.x

This second advanced version completely differentiates from its previous one. Thus, if you are using Claue version 1 and want to update to Claue version 2, you can only rebuild a new website no rather than updating from the old version. Now, let’s get back the main topic

Why is Magento 2 the right platform or multi vendor business?

First, we need to know why Magento 2 is the ideal eCommerce platform for this type of business. 

Magento is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world. Therefore, there are numerous themes, extensions as well as widgets. Moreover, you can easily find Magento 2 third parties or developers to help you. Magento is entrusted by many big companies. For example, eBay uses WordPress for its blogging, but when it comes to marketplace apps, Magento is its option.

Moreover, Magento gives users many freedom to control their websites. The main downside of this platform is the need for coding and special skills. In fact, Magento is not for those who have little to no knowledge of technique and coding skills. Therefore, it’s better to hire Magento developers.

Now, Magento has a newer version, Magento, with better performance, admin page, SEO as well as security. From all those factors above, Magento is the ideal option for multi vendor business

Top 10 multi vendor Magento theme

GemMart – Marketplace multipurpose Magento 2 Theme by ArrowHitech

When it comes to the marketplace, keep in mind that there will be many stores, products and services in one website. Then, multi – vendor Magento theme should be in a neutral tone, clean and simple. Thus, your website can fit in many businesses. 

Therefore, GemMart is out first choice in this list

GemMart is an ideal multipurpose multi vendor Magento theme. Therefore, it can fit in many types of business, not only marketplace, but also electronics store, devices and so on

This Magento 2 theme is stunning, powerful and well – functioning. It’s fully responsive and mobile – first designed. Thus, your website will appear beautifully on any devices, from mobile phones, tablets to desktops. In fact, more and more people shops online using their mobile phones. Therefore, with GemMart, your website is not only optimal for mobile shopping, but also much faster bug – free than others.

Is that great? But GemMart can give you more than that. Here are some great features of GemMart

Electronics store

There are 18+ homepage demos for you to choose

It can deliver you 18+ homepage demos. High chance that you can find the right one for your Camera store. Every demo in GemMart is clean, modern and highly produced – focusing. Therefore, GemMart can display products of different stores beautifully. 

If you expect a more unique website, GemMart can still serve you well. It’s highly customized with numerous header and footer styles. 

With 36+ block elements, you can easily edit the CMS page at front – end. Also, you will be able to see what’ve you performed instantly

GemMart - Marketplace Multipurporse Magento 2 Theme

GemMart has the fastest AJAX Cart extension. Thus, this will ensure fast loading speed. There’s no need to worry about buggy or slow website

GemMart - Marketplace Multipurporse Magento 2 Theme

GemMart has the best extensions such as mega menu, lookbook, blog for Magento 2 and much more. Instead of spending $698 on these extensions merely, you only need $39 to get a great, well – functioning Magento 2 theme with all those extensions. During this limited promotion time, don’t miss the chance of getting this amazing Magento 2 theme with only $39

Get GemMart now!



Martfury is one of the best selling multi vendor Magento theme. Using white as the main color, Martfury can bring your website an elegant and fresh look. Moreover, this multi vendor Magento theme will highly focus on products. Its design is inspired by successful marketplace such as Amazon or eBay. Therefore, using Martfury, you will get a professional, modern and optimum websites

This Magento 2 theme supports RTL ( right to left), multi – maguage and multi currency. These are very helpful for the international marketplace. Also, Martfury is very flexible and highly customizable. Thus, you can easily create a unique and stunning website.



Coming to another great multi vendor Magento theme – TOPmarket. This is an out – of – the box theme for the marketplace. Instead of using neutral color and simple design, TOPmarket greatly utilize colors to create high contrast. Also, thanks to well and unique structure, your website will be different from competitors.

This multi vendor Magento theme is fully responsive. Then, your website will look great on every device, regardless of sizes. Moreover, TOPmarket is easy to customize and install. Above all, this Magento 2 theme promises to bring you a smooth, fast website. Thus, your website will be optimized for SEO

SM Market

SM Market by Magentech

SM Market is a fully responsive multi vendor Magento theme. It can fit in many types of business, especially marketplace, digital store or supermarket store. Moreover, it’s highly customizable. You can easily change colors, fonts or even layouts. 

There are 23+ stunning homepage layouts for you to choose. Every of them use white as the background color to bring out your products. 

SM Market can handle large traffic and inventory. Often, there are many products and goods on the marketplace. Thus, SM Market can serve you well. You hardly have to worry about slow or buggy website all the time.


Magento 2 Megashop Theme

Multistores is designed specifically for the marketplace. Therefore, it can handle large inventory as well as have optimum design. There are 6+ unique home layouts and 15+ pages for you to choose. They are all clean, neat and professional – looking. 

Also, this multi vendor Magento theme is highly customizable. You have many options to alter the default settings, from header, footer to theme settings. There’s no requirements for coding skills. 

Recently, Multistores have come up with a new feature – Multistore Core Theme. With this, you will be able to create much stronger and higher websites without the need for coding


BestShop Theme

Looking for an elegant, fresh and professional multi vendor Magento theme? BestShop will get you covered. Still using white as the main color, but BestShop has special layouts. Thanks to this, this multi vendor Magento theme stands out among many Magento 2 themes. Moreover, it greatly utilizes different colors to bring in high contrast.

BestShop also supports multi – language and multi – currency. Therefore, sellers from all over the world can sell on your marketplace. Furthermore, it offers unlimited color options, mega menu, Css Menu and Grid & List View



Destino claims to have the best creative design, and this is not merely a claim. There are 14+ unique and stunning homepage layouts for you to choose. Each of them is different and can fit in many types of business. Moreover, just one lick and all your demos will be imported

If you want to have a unique and distinct website, Destino will be a great option. This multi vendor Magento theme is highly customizable and easy to use. You can alter from colors, fonts to layouts

Destino offers many useful features for the marketplace. For instance, advanced mega menu, multiple listing layouts or multiple shop layouts.



Tired of the mediocre multi vendor Magento theme? Then, you can’t miss PrintShop. It supports large and full – width images. Thanks to this, customers will instantly pay attention to your products. Moreover, it’ll be a lot easier for them to browse through your website. 

PrintShop uses pastel color to bring customers fresh and elegant feelings. Moreover, this will make your website different from others

There are 6+ unique homepage demos and 20+ pages for you to choose. If you like, you can easily customize these demos. With PrintShop, you have total control over pages like product page, testimonial or about us.

Mag2 Antique


Coming to another great multi vendor Magento theme – Mage2 Antique. This Magento 2 has a neat and clean structure. Therefore, it will be easy for customers to find products on your website.  Moreover, Mag2 Antique has old and antique color mix. Therefore, if you pursue recommerce marketplace like eBay, this Magento 2 theme is for you

There are 3+ unique home page layouts and 20+ pages. Thanks to the powerful core theme, this multi vendor Magento theme can handle large traffic and inventory. This is so ideal for marketplace


revo magento theme

Last but not least, Revo is one of the stunning and unique multi vendor Magento theme. There are 8+ beautiful demos for you to choose. Each one is different, therefore you will have many options with this Magento 2 theme. Also, Revo supports large and full – width images. However, it has unique, exclusive yet professional layouts. Therefore, Revo will grant you distinct marketplace

Some highlights features of Revo include powerful admin panel, sample data and Ajax Layer Navigation

In conclusion

Above are your top best multi vendor Magento theme. However, keep in mind that our best might not be your best. You should consider your needs, visions and business to find out the best theme for your marketplace. 

Nevertheless, choosing the perfect theme might not be that easy. Instead, why don’t you contact ArrowHitech to get an exclusive, unique Multi vendor website easily. With more than 12 years in e commerce, we can grant you an outstanding and professional-looking web store on any eCommerce platform. Working with our decade-long experienced developers, you surely get your dream online shop. Also, our company sells and develops Magento themes and Magento apps. What are you waiting for? Contact us here or via email: or hotline + 84 243 7955 813



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