Online clothing store: 7 easy steps to make money


For many entrepreneurs, opening an online clothing store is quite a challenging task. After all, you need to satisfy these two things: stylish, yet seamless to users and profitable to your business. More than a decade ago, people surely faced a lot of difficulties such as finding space or making licenses. Now, these things are much simpler, because the internet is so easy to access.


Online clothing store using Supro theme

Of course, it still takes hard work to successfully set up, fund, and operate an online clothing store. In this article, we’ll break down 7 critical steps to setting up an online clothing store. If you follow the steps below, you’ll be selling clothes online in a matter of hours. The price of setting up an online clothing store is as much as purchasing a t-shirt, so you can be easily up and running at no time. Let’s go!

Step 1. Test and choose an online builder

Choosing an online website builder is indeed cost you some money. You’ll need to sign up for an e-commerce plan to connect to payment processors. This will allow you to take payments from customers when you start an online clothing store. As well as being easy and economical to use, online store builders will also take care of all the technical stuff so you don’t have to. You can start selling clothes online in no time without having to worry about security upgrades.


Choose an online builder for your clothing store

Also, a great online website builder will maintain and strengthen your website’s security. Hackers though love customers’ data, having a proper online website builder for your online clothing store will protect your business online. Your website will be safe, eventually.

Step 2. Decide which plan would suit best to your online clothing store

Whether you choose a free or a premium plan, this may depend on your site. Online store builder premium plans, like most things in life, tend to get better with the more you spend. The more you pay the more storage and templates you’ll have access to. When you’re able to host more products and show them off in more of a range of ways, your sales will increase.

With access to more templates, you’ll be able to pick one that really suits the tone, style and character of your online clothing store. With a paid plan, you’re also able to get rid of the builder’s logo. This is the key to truly give your online store its own, unique personality.

Step 3. Choose a domain name

A custom domain name makes your online clothing store look more professional and reputable. This, in turn, builds up trust around your brand which will ultimately incentivize sales. To purchase a domain name, there are some ways to do that. You can either go directly through your online store builder. You can purchase your own through well-known domain name registrars. It’s up to you.


Choose a domain name for your store

Choosing a domain name can be tricky if you don’t yet have a company name for your online clothing store. First, think of a company name and your domain name will evolve naturally from there. Try and think of something catchy, not too long or wordy and nothing too similar to an existing major brand.

Step 4. Choose and customize your template

Your template determines the look and feel of your online clothing store, so making the right decision is important. Of course, you can customize your template after having chosen it, but your choice does form the basis of your store’s design. Try and have your customer in mind when choosing your template. If you’re not sure who your target audience is, you should think about your customers first, and your own experience as a customer.


Online clothing store using Claue theme

Also, when you’re customizing it, make sure you really think about your target audience. Try and get into their mindset and design your online clothing store accordingly. When customizing your template, it’s really important to make sure you check out if it is responsive or not.

Step 5. Add product to your online clothing store

This is when the fun begins. Your product pages are the online version of the shop floor, and adding the products couldn’t be easier. However, it’s important to bear in mind your customers when customizing product pages. If you make them too busy then you may give people choice paralysis. If it’s too sparse, customers won’t have any choice at all.

When thinking about how best to showcase your products, we recommend asking yourself first. Who do my customers currently buy from? – that’s the question. Then research these stores by looking at how they show off their products, entice customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

Step 6. Set up a payment processor

In order to start making money selling clothes online, you will need to connect a payment processor to your store. Payment processors are services that allow you to take credit card payments from your customers. This will ensure your revenue and profit to continue on your online clothing store.


We recommend running a test order when setting up payments. This allows you to get a feel for how your customers will progress through the checkout stage. If any of the progressing sequence is not compatible with your store, you can make any changes and improvements. That way, you will ensure the best service that your website can give.

Step 7. Market your online clothing store

These steps are only the insurance of your first touch to the online clothing field. In order to make sure you start (and continue) selling clothes online, you will need to market your store. We recommend marketing your online clothing store on social media. This is a free and easy method of getting your brand name out into the world.


Market your online clothing store

Online stores, in particular, can make good use of email marketing apps and plugins. After all, you’ll have collected your customers’ email addresses when they made a purchase. You can send updates and promotions that will help you drive more sales.

These steps may sum up the best route to make money by online clothing store. Whether you’re just an amateur in the e-commerce field or being an expert, these tips will be of great help. Making money by online clothing store integration has never been so easy. And it is even much easier, because we – MageSolution provides tons of themes and extensions that will definitely compatible with your store. For more information, you should visit our website here: MageSolution. Also, if you want to see our products’ showcase, you can check out our portfolio here: ArrowHiTech portfolio.

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