Product page: Tips to optimize it for Magento 2 to boost conversion


During the past few years, Magento is step by step becoming one of the most powerful tools for creating an e-commerce site. However, while the site itself is fantastic, there is much work that goes into making sure that users pay attention to the site. Usability of your Magento website product page is the most important element to pay attention to. This will convert more visitors to paying customers.


Product Tabs for Magento 2 extension

However, most business owners report only minuscule rates of conversion on their site, and the reason is that their spending on conversion optimization is tiny as well. As a result, a lot of site owners fail to understand the importance of this and choose to focus more on things like SEO and PPC. However, if done well, product page optimization can nearly triple your revenues and make them incredibly better. Here are some tips to optimize the product page for Magento 2 to boost the conversion rates.

1. Show your best product images

On the product page of your Magento store, always show the best product images. The images of the product are the main part of product details which attract all the customers. With the right images, you can sell your products even without any description of it. The best images would be high resolution and best quality.


Product images on Claue – a Magento 2 theme

Include multiple different angled images with zoom capabilities as well, to make sure users understand it even better. However, when you show high-resolution product images, make sure that the images are fully optimized. This will make your pages loading much faster. Get help from Magento e-commerce developers to optimize product images you use.

2. Product description is included in your product page

A detailed description of the products is very important. The main point is to provide the users with enough information to make sure they are informed. As a result, they can convince themselves that yours is the correct product to buy for them. Full descriptions should have both short and long versions.


Product description on Supro theme

The short version should have the essence: who’s the product for, what it can do & why it’s good. The full description should provide enough information that users do not have any questions unanswered. If the visitors read the product description and they don’t understand, you have the risk of losing a potential customer.

3. Bombarding with videos

The point of the product is to make sure a need is satisfied and to sell one online. And product videos are essential as it’s the future and it’s here. Showing photos only have their own limitations, while video is closer to actually touch and feel of your products. Videos show users how handling the products is and how to use them. It can also lead users to trust the products even more. This will help to convince your customers to trust your products.

4. Personalize your product for your customers

Customers love to personalize stuff. It’s very fun with game-like elements and it creates ownership feeling. Once you’ve spent a few minutes on a product configuring, it starts to feel like it’s your own product. Also, if your product is customized, your customer will eventually buy it no matter the cost. They always want their purchases are worth the money.


Product page customization

Based on the type of products you sell on your Magento 2 webshop, you can try implementing some personalized functions that make your product stand out. You will need to hire Magento 2 developers from a reputed agency to make this happen for you. Or you can check our theme on our portfolio, we have tons of themes that’s customized for your product page. For more detail about our portfolio here: ArrowHiTech portfolio

5. Reviews and ratings implemented

Reviews and ratings significantly affect conversions and sales. Many buyers today trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Buyers want to hear the experience of other buyers. A study stated, 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. Another study revealed that around 18% the increase in online sales is lead by reviews.


Feedback from customers

Magento platform provides default review and rating functionality for the product page. There, your customers can provide their opinions about your products even without login or register. Showcase your best reviews aligned with the products on top. For your website’s registered customers ask them to log in and give product reviews. This will increase the reliability of your products.

6. Clear pricing and shipping charges

List the pricing and shipping information more transparently. Let know shoppers about your charges in the first place. Show your shipping charges and the total cost of the purchase right on the product page. Adding the shipping and VAT charges, later on, can put-off your shoppers. You can also offer free shipping to your shoppers to win more trust.

People want free shipping without any surprise costs. The fact is that orders of free shipping included are valued 30% higher than a few bucks charged for transportation. This makes more sense in business. A surprised shipping fee charged at the end on checkout affects your sale big time. A recent study dictates 47% of the consumers drop the item if the price is ship-included.

7. Wise CTAs (Call-to-action)

Your CTA is one of the keys for customers purchasing your products. Including a catchy, straightforward CTA on your product page can greatly affect your conversions and sales. Avoid fancy CTAs. You can use a primary button such as “Add To Cart”, “Buy Now.”, or “Get It.”. Secondary CTA buttons such as “Add To List”, “Add To Registry”, “Add To Compare”, or “Add To Wish List” is also recommended.


Clear, wise CTA on your product page

You should also separate primary and secondary call-to-action. Use a color that makes your call-to-action button highly visible on your product page. Use more contracting dominant color for the main call-to-action button and more neutral for the secondary.

8. Offer live chat & show contact info on your product page

Good and timely communication should be a must-have on your product page. In order to achieve what most visitors would expect from your store, you need to ensure you cover all the bases. A small thing, but it is known to boost conversions powerfully.

Offering live chat to answer quick questions is part of good communication. 77% of e-retailers that use live chat consider it a very critical communications method, according to a recent survey. Highlighted and showcased email along with phone number for direct contact is a must. This will ensure you’re a real and established business which builds initial trust for your new website visitors.

9. Integrated social media

The integration of social media can result in the boosted conversion rates of your online store. The key to using social media for your product page is to decide which feature to use and vice versa. Showing Twitter feed and Facebook page timeline is being used in the past few years.


Social media integration

Social logins are also one of the most important features to be considered for your Magento 2 website. You can try to exclude or include these features on some of the products. Then, compare it to conclude which feature enhances the user experience to boost the conversion rate of your Magento store.

10. Display return policy

The return policy is of utmost importance for your e-commerce store. Outlines your return policy on the product page to be as transparent as possible with your buyers. This helps them know the steps that they may need to take if they wish to return the product.

To conclude, product page optimization is no joke. It is an essential part to make sure customers buy the product from your website. This will increase your conversion rates and boost sales. By implementing these tips, your e-commerce website will be flourished as it should be. We – MageSolution offers tons of extensions and themes that can help you optimize your product page. For more information, you should check it out at: MageSolution.

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