Product page: How they influence on buyer decision and ways to customize them in Magento 2


Nowadays, one of the most difficult tasks is getting our product page noticed by viewers. With so much competition, it’s hard for consumers to get your content on the hook quickly. Besides, whether viewers browse to buy or not is a completely different story! Since they’re exploring with money in mind, they’ll pay attention to detail, whether they realize it or not.

How product page influence on buyer decision and what to do? 

When a user visits your product page, you really dominate because now you have their attention. If you want to turn the browser into a buyer, you should have a right strategy and make human psychology a fundamental part of your design product page process.

Avoid clutter visual and keep things simple

Our vision is the main way we navigate our daily life. Listen to or read something, and three days later, you will remember about 10% of it. But if you add a picture view, you will remember about 65%.

Avoid clutter visual and keep things simple by implementing clean backgrounds, clear and high-definition images, and minimal text. You must display your products and their context neatly so that there is no distraction that could cause cognitive overload.

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Consumer electronics

GemMart – Marketplace Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

Choose a layout that takes advantage of existing templates so users can intuitively recognize and navigate your product journeys. Users have to know exactly what to do on your website without thinking about it.

product page

Different unique product page layouts of GemMart

This also means including clear instructions with the help of distinctly distinct buttons and a streamlined call to action. The purchasing process can involve multiple steps. So you must consider many things at once such as visibility into system status, error prevention, user control, consistency, and identity.

Make the user experience as realistic as possible by product visualization

All pages need visuals. And so do product page.

Product images are the best ways to represent your product values People, when visiting your sites, will pay attention to visuals first. If they are eye-catching enough, they will continue to read the text, and then decide whether to buy your products or not.

product page

GemMart has smoothly hover effects to make your pictures of products more attractive and realastic

Not only creating images beautifully, but you also have to ensure the quality, the suitable size, the concept, the uniqueness, etc. of your visuals. Also, it is better to include some features buy downloading extensions, namely, product zoom, 360° rotation, etc. for images.

Moreover, today you can go a step further by incorporating augmented reality into your images. If you have the resources available, you should definitely do it. It also includes cross-selling techniques to reveal more options to your users and allow them to explore similar products with ease. By suggesting alternatives, you are giving them the space and opportunity to adequately compare your products until they can make an informed decision.

Responsive on mobile devices


Responsiveness is now extremely crucial for any e-commerce website since people are all multi-devices users, especially mobile devices.

It is not difficult at all to create a mobile responsive site. There are several things you need to pay attention to:

  • Optimize buttons for mobile: You can make use of several buttons, such as add to cart, payment, etc., on mobile devices.
  • Use Magento mobile responsive themes: Rather than designing on your own, using available and responsive designs will save your time.

Pay attention to your SEO score

Besides, browsing your website between different product pages can have a positive impact on your SEO score. As long as they don’t leave the page because they are lost or disinterested, you still win.

Continue to implement user’s behavior studies

You must continue to implement user behavioral research if you want to continue to adapt and succeed. Think of human behavior as a science and combine what you learn from it with your understanding of emerging trends and technological innovations. And you will create real product page. The product is both attractive and highly effective.

Content also plays an important role of product page design

Content has a paramount influence on the buyer’s decision, so refine your layout design until it includes all the important information your users need to know.


For more realistic and faster view, Quick view feature of GemMart theme contributes to push viewers buy your products

In other words, it is any fundamental value that encourages viewers to buy.

To Sum Up with Product Page

In a nutshell, constantly research, test, analyze and improve, put yourself in the shoes of your viewers to turn viewers into the most buyers possible. It would be better to let the experts help you, with a much greater efficiency promise than your budget.

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