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Product tags – The incredible #tags

With the stable growth of information on the Internet, it comes more difficult to sort it out by various features. While menu tabs or a category can enclose a wide range of the topics, the tags are smaller and more specific in scope. They concentrate on the specialized topics or features of the products then navigating online shoppers directly to things that they are desiring and looking for. When using product tags, Customers are going to describe their desired product with any character that they can think of, add keywords or phrased that help to determine products and their features.
Moreover, Magento Product Tags does not require too much admin and customers’ energy because they work absolutely independent. So you will not meet difficulty in terms of control or management.

What are Product tags’ benefits?

  • An easy way for customers to find out their desirable items:  There are many similar products, that makes it hard for searching. By adding product tags, customers can save time to get what they want.
  • Boost sales: In each tag, there are numerous products in same type but different colours, appearances and from multiple producers. When customers click it, they will access to plenty of products that have same tags as the want they need and thus, motivate them to buy more.
  • Predict shopping trends: By adding product tags, admin will be easily aware of the transaction of each color, size, etc. that assist them on predicting which kind of products will be sold well, especially when these items are new and there is no report about it before.

In this article, we would like to introduce to you Top best Magento 2 Product Tags extensions  which are chosen from hundreds of modules based on criteria such as reviews & rating, price, highlight features, and support period. This list will help you pick up the perfect Magento 2 personalized product recommendations to stimulate spontaneous purchases and boost revenue as well.

Magento 2 Product Tags | BSS Commerce $59.00

You can miss a huge opportunity to keep customers stay longer and make the purchase if there are no product tags on your store. With Magento 2 Product Tags, you are provided a ideal tool to encourage your clients to purchase impulsively more. In fact, whenever clients click to a tag, a large number of products having same tags as the one they choose will be displayed. And since these items are what they are concerned, the likelihood that they place another order will be higher.



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Highlight features:

  • Encourage customers to make impulse purchase
  • Easy-to-see position
  • Give customers “a full plate of choices”
  • Tag one or multiple products by Tags management
  • Tag one product right from Product details page
  • Use meta keywords as tags
  • Customize tags to different store views

Product tags for Magento 2 | Envato $34.00

Developed by Envato, this extension offers customers another ways for searching products: using product tags. It will assist your clients in seeking products by filters created by each tags. As a result, a lot of time will be saved and thus enhance customer satisfaction. Besides, it enables to stores to attract customers to order in different ways: when they select a tags, all the goods with the same one will be displayed to convince them to buy.



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Highlight features:

  • Search by tags in the frontend area. If module Product Tags is enabled, your customers can narrow the search results by tags.
  • Search by tags is available as an advanced search option.
  • Support for SEO effectively.
  • Supports Magento API.
  • Easily add new, update or remove tags in management area.
  • Multi-language support.
  • They will automatically be translated on the product pages of admin and customer area, if this language is selected.

Magento 2 Product Tags | Landofcoder – Free

This is the newest and most updated version in hundreds of Magento 2 Extension for Product Tag. It has essential and up-to-date functions needed such as quickening seeking process for customers by tag.

It is no more difficult for customers in search of products by tags with tag sidebars appearing right on the left side of the screen. Online shoppers can add or remove tags lighting-fast in looking for goods. Besides, on-page of product details, it is easy to see all tags relating to those goods you are buying. Moreover it is equipped with REST API which is a middleman between a programmer and an application. Anytime a request is made by that computer programmer and accepted by the application, a right data is sent back. When purchasing this Magento 2 product tag, admins is provided REST API if asking for. With back-end, LandOfCoder supplies 5 different extensions including REST API to create new tags, Update Tag Info, Delete Tag by ID, Get list tag, Get list tag by ID.



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Highlight features:

  • Lightening your products for customer
  • Narrow the search results by tags.
  • Display product tags on product detail page.
  • View product tags on the sidebar.
  • Frontend controller to view a page of filter products by tag.
  • Frontend REST API for the extension
  • Easily add new and update tags in the management area.
  • Flexible delete product tags in bulks
  • Manage Tags In The Backend
  • Backend REST API for the extension

Product Tags for Magento 2 | Webinse $25.00

This modern and easy-to-use extension allows you to extend the capabilities of your store and add tags for products. Product Tags – allows you to assign one or more tags to your products and improve navigation for your customers, which can narrow the search results by tags in product filters or, conversely, view all products with the same tag .

Enjoy quick import and export of Tags Default Magento functionality doesn’t allow admin users to add new product tags to the tag cloud themselves. They can only moderate the ones offered by customers. Import Product Tags enables admin to easily import and export the list of all necessary Magento product tags in CSV format just in a few clicks.



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Highlight features:

  • Search by tags in the frontend area.
  • If module Product Tags is enabled, your customers can narrow the search results by tags.
  • Easily add new, update or remove tags in management area.
  • Using MetaKeaywords if tags are not set

In short, the above are 4 best Magento 2 Product Tags extensions we would like to recommend to you to help you boost sales and enhance the communication in business. Coming from various providers, the Product Tags extensions for Magento 2 are sold with different price ranging from free to pretty high. We hope that from this list, you can take the price and the special features of the extensions into consideration and choose the most appropriate module  for your eCommerce stores.

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